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This Month’s Update!


Fiction Updates

  • Invoker by maxmystical

    Chapters: 9Average Views: 1067ongoingLast Update: 42.9 minutes ago

    An excellent gamer in the virtual world, but an absolute klutz in the real world. Julius is completely besotted with the school’s prettiest flower, Vanessa, and has racked his brains dry on how he is to even get a chance to talk to her, but to no avail. One day, the Game of the Millenium, RoyalRoad, has finished its Beta phase and was finally going public. People were talking about it, and almost everyone was starting to play the game. Julius overheard from his friends that Vanessa was not only a player, but was also one of RoyalRoad’s first few Beta testers, which meant only one thing to him. Julius was going to meet his first love in the game of RoyalRoad.

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  • The Toys of the Fool by lin4t

    Chapters: 45Average Views: 1290.4ongoingLast Update: 4.4 hours ago

    Sequel to ‘The Unfortunate Fool’, 20 years; a century has passed in the world of Royal World and things have changed quite a bit. The game now even more popular than before having several billions of users online at a time is at it’s peak, the continent united as one as the Ahreupen Kingdom under the rule of Emperor Weed. In the mist of this, six new players have joined this game under the request of an old man to find his granddaughter who is hiding in this game with no return. Soon enough they catch the attention of a certain Independent Guild under the leadership of a certain person.

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  • Age Of Adventure by keikokumars

    Chapters: 14Average Views: 1238.79ongoingLast Update: 5.9 hours ago

    “Kingdoms may fall and fail, but I do not."
    A story of a guy who want to find money for his mother treatment and enter the world of virtual reality. The story tells of his life, his tribulation, his failure and his triumph. It is in Brave World he began to shine. It is the story of his legend, and how he became known as the greatest strategist in Brave World.

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  • Winds of Change by nobody

    Chapters: 3Average Views: 342ongoingLast Update: 9.2 hours ago

    Years of being detached from others causes a temporary lapse of judgement, and our “hero” saves the life of another on a whim. Now, unwillingly accompanied(stalked) by a stubborn swordsman and noob adventurer determined to repay a life debt and serve the “Great Magician” that saved him, the unlucky mage must find a way to pursue answers while trying to keep in any homicidal tendencies. But the path of power lies through dangerous realms. Can these two survive everything the four realms throw at them? Unfortunately, there’s always something more powerful out there, and sometimes magic isn’t enough to save you. And that’s if you even want it to.

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  • Yggdrasil Online by s3gur0

    Chapters: 14Average Views: 1031.86ongoingLast Update: 9.4 hours ago

    Albert is a man who never had a proper childhood. Ever since he was a child he took care of his little sisters because of his parent’s priorities in life. After High School he decided to join the military to earn money, so he could give his sisters the life he never had growing up. But everything changes when he gets into a horrific event that can only happen in times of war which he then somehow ends up inside a VRMMORPG( Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). Follow Albert’s adventure as he plays Yggdrasil Online. Will he the best? or become just another player?

    Fiction pageLast Chapter
  • The path He chose by Kurogane

    Chapters: 17Average Views: 1842.06ongoingLast Update: 10.3 hours ago

    A man who seeks the strongest, one who is rivaled to no one.
    Thrust into a world of unbelievable myths of forgotten tales.
    A past he must discover as a descendant of a god that is forsaken by the heavens.
    A world where he seeks the strongest yet becomes so weak and torn.
    The man who is known to be the smartest yet most heartfelt person.
    A true heir to unrivaled riches and treasure troves of gold.
    This is the story of the man who is recognized only by his family but not to the world, this is the path he chose.

    Fiction pageLast Chapter

    Chapters: 2Average Views: 261ongoingLast Update: 22.3 hours ago

    John Moto and his friends just graduated from college, and just as luck would have it the VRMMO Fantasy Road is released at the same time. Watch as John tries out things that just weren’t possible in the real world due to the fact that magic just doesn’t exist in real life. Someone is bound to have to fight tons of trash mobs, explore never before seen areas for who knows what? ore? sand? blood? watch as John with his mediocre knowledge in fighting improves or not… and slays epic monsters with his friends for the sake of loot! to more get even more loot! Maybe a kingdom will fall or two who knows I haven’t thought that far.

    Fiction pageLast Chapter
  • Tale of Adventure by Rulpra

    Chapters: 13Average Views: 2986.54ongoingLast Update: 23 hours ago

    Join the adventure of a young man that starts with the birth of a new life in a new VMMORPG only to be interrupted by an event. An event that will ignite the spark inside him and mark him.
    This mark will take him on a journey that will change the whole world.

    May contain MATURE elements.

    Fiction pageLast Chapter

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Volume 19 Chapter 9

After negotiating a deal with the penguin army, a Deadline(deathdate), has been set. and people were made to work. the penguin army slaid the monsters they were requested to slay. but,.. the guards of the penguin empire were delayed with their work. but finally, the chapter is released to the public, with only minor revolts.

Translator : Fundle
Proofreaders : Sieghard, ImitationKatana

<Seoyoon’s Arrival>

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Legendary Moonlight Sculptor – Volume 3

Note: Volume 3, Chapter 11 is an Extra chapter.
Volume 3, Chapter 1-4 Translated by An76685.
Volume 3, Chapter 5-11 Translated by Grisia.
Volume 3, Chapter 1-3 retranslated by Leollyn.
Volume 3, Chapter 5 proofread by Bzk3000.
Volume 3, Chapter 8 proofread by Cnichal.
Volume 3, was proofread by Chances.
Volume 3, was Re-proofread by 1stSlug.


Table of Content

Chapter 1: My Profession: Moonlight Sculptor
Chapter 2: The Stone that gathers Lightning
Chapter 3: Instruments and Intrigue
Chapter 4: Van Hawk’s Humiliation
Chapter 5: Return the Holy Relic
Chapter 6: A Bad Cold
Chapter 7: Ignorant Beginner
Chapter 8: True Blood Vampires
Chapter 9: The Great Sculpture
Chapter 10: Battle of The Black Castle
Chapter 11: Emergence of Poor Broadcasting

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Legendary Moonlight Sculptor – Volume 2

Volume 2, Chapter 1-3 were translated in the English Novel.
Volume 2, Chapter 4-10 were translated by Odd squad.
Volume 2, proofread by 1stSlug.


Table of Content

Chapter 1: The Land of Myth
Chapter 2: The Statue of the Goddess Freya
Chapter 3: The Lost Treasure of the Temple
Chapter 4: City of Heaven, Lavias
Chapter 5: The One Who Does the Worst
Chapter 6: The Meaning Behind Royal Road
Chapter 7: Nameless Statues of Lavias
Chapter 8: The Lost Treasure of Freya
Chapter 9: Princess’ Knight
Chapter 10: Mountains of Loot

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Legendary Moonlight Sculptor – Volume I

Volume 1 Chapter 1: Translated By Bonky
Volume 1 Chapters 2-10 : taken from the English Novel
Volume 1 Proofread by 1stSlug

Table of Contents:

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Volume 19 Chapter 8

The second part of the quest has been completed.
300 Categories have been catalogued
Chapter 8 is unlocked and is now free to be read.

Translation: Fundle
Proofreaders: ImitationKatana, Sieghard, Helagis,  DeadlyMT, Kanadaj, Curvinho, Tolack

The Sculpture’s Heritage

Weed found a cave to hide in with little difficulty. A cave that was not artificial, but natural. It was a hole that spewed lava when the tectonic plates collided.

If you went deep into the underground territory you could see lava flowing, emitting immense heat. Though there were monsters like dolphins and spearfish jumping out of the lava, Weed didn’t look for very long.

“No, who knows if just looking at them could burn me then there’s no way I’d want to fight with those guys!”

Golden Bird was confused and wondered why Weed was staring at him so intently.

“If I were as free as a bird, it would be a convenient way to scout. After all, flying would be much easier.”

Using Golden Bird as a reference, Weed created a new piece. Covered in volcanic ash; dark as night; a creature that blended with the current environment: he made a crow.

“Sculpture transformation!”

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Volume 19 Chapter 7

The first part of the quest has been completed. 200 Categories have been catalogued

Chapter 7 is unlocked and is now free to be read.


Translator: Fundle
Proofreader: ImitationKatana

Adventurer of Las Phalanx


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Chapter Release

Are you waiting for the next chapter? 

The chapter release rate depends on you!

Since we are almost done with the translation of the chapters, and since I need help with the category list -in order to have something epic and new soon- .

The chapter releases would be more like rewards for helping:

The schedule is like this :

200 fiction categories = Chapter 7 Posted  -UNLOCKED
300 fiction categories = Chapter 8 Posted
ALL fiction categories = Chapter 9 posted
Oct. 28 or Oct. 31  = Chapter 10


Fiction Categories:

State the correct categories for the fictions that you have read:  -do so as a comment, which would help me find out, what was newly added and add it to the database-

Categories available:

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Harem, Historical, Horror, Martial Arts, Mature, One Shot, Psychological, Romance, School Life, Sci-fi, Slice of Life, Sports, Supernatural, Virtual Reality [not RR], Royal Road, Crossover, Reader interactive, Original.





if you dont want to help, you dont have to.

all of LMS chapters will be released before 31/10 whether we have the categories or not .

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To make the Category search successful, we need to have all of the fiction’s categorised

If you check this doc, it would show some fictions without any category …

I would ask of you kind readers [or evil readers] , to add the category of the fiction you have read ..

something that is appropriate among this list :

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Harem, Historical,  Horror, Martial Arts, Mature, One Shot, Psychological, Romance, School Life, Sci-fi, Slice of Life, Sports, Supernatural, Virtual Reality [not RR], Royal Road, Crossover, Reader interactive, Original.

do so as a comment, so that I would know what is new and add it to the database we have.

Thanks for the help.


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Fiction Category


This messege is aimed at Seeker of Words/Fiction authors

Soon, will be implementing an improved search list for your
fiction works.
In light of such events, we would like to ask for your cooperation.
Please send a reply to [[email protected]] with the following details:

Name of the fiction:
Name of the author [forum username]:
Category: Choose from the category list below and separate the genres by
using commas.

Categories available:
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Harem, Historical,
Horror, Martial Arts, Mature, One Shot, Psychological, Romance, School
Life, Sci-fi, Slice of Life, Sports, Supernatural, Virtual Reality [not
RR], Royal Road, Crossover, Reader interactive, Original.

Should you have any enquiries about the categories, please send a reply
back to the email listed above.
Best Regards,


P.S. Original as in a fiction written by you that does not include
characters or specific plots/concepts from other series – [if you’re in
doubt, your fiction is not original.]

P.P.S if you did not recive an email similiar to this and you are a fiction author, then please update your email in the forum.

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