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  • To Get the Whole Sky by Oath

    Chapters: 38Average Views: 878.97ongoingLast Update: 32.9 minutes ago

    Sun Su Seung is the son of a wealthy business man. After they discover a way to cure his legs, he enters Royal Road to learn how to walk.

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  • All's Fair In Love And War by Tmbrakta

    Chapters: 5Average Views: 332.4ongoingLast Update: 4.4 hours ago

    Meet Adam, and get to know him as he goes through the hardships of Real Life and Royal Road. Circumstances force him to abandon all hope in people, but when he enters Royal Road, his heart ends up opening up to the new world and its occupants. His journey is long but so is life, so watch as he leaves his footprints not only in Royal Road but Real Life as well.

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  • New Roads by dlem00

    Chapters: 11Average Views: 553.09ongoingLast Update: 7.3 hours ago

    The story starts off with the end of Royal Road! Watch as a Cataclysm of epic proportions brings darkness to the virtual world. Also it seems that the former protagonist Weed is up to something with Unicorn and had a hand in the event. What does all this mean!?

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  • Seoyoon's Journey By lin4t

    Chapters: 5Average Views: 439.4ongoingLast Update: 7.5 hours ago

    We've seen the side of Weed and occasionally we see Seoyoon in his adventures. Have you ever wondered how Seoyoon's journey started and how she obtained her berserker class and everything in between? Then look no further as we dive into another journey.

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  • The Artifactor of Life by Zeth

    Chapters: 4Average Views: 528.5ongoingLast Update: 1.6 days ago

    Zeth Key is your typical nerdy highschool student with the exception of loving to build gizmos that always end up failing one way or another.He had just got done with his freshman year of highschool and got home and was surprised by his family to celebrate his birthday on a weekday instead of how they normally celebrate which is the weekend and gets Royal Road from his father and starts his adventure.

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Volume 19 Chapter 6

Translation by Fundle
TLC by Junkay
Proofreader Lastear

JunKay is our new TLC, he is speeding up our translation considerable! ALL HAIL JUNKAY!

NOTICE: When we have a chapter ready we post it! since Chapter 6 was done before chapter 5 please beware that you have not read chapter 5 yet! however it is undergoing the final steps, hopefully soon it will be.

Today is Curvinho’s birthday!! so happy birthday to our mighty wizard! may the penguins be always with you!

 DeRon’s Aurora



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Dear FanDom

Congratulations! We have now grown and expanded as we have never before.

We now have more cool upgrades waiting to be added to the site, and the visitor rate has

grown exponentially over the past few months.

A few months ago we had the same issue and we upgraded our servers, but here we are again,  growing even more.

Since we were asked, we shall explain: on our last request for financial support we received enough donations to get a plan for 3 years. Since now, we once again upgraded our server to a cloud server that can handle us, the plan is now for a one year term. This is subjected to change as we keep growing, but fear not, for we have learned from our mistakes. Next time we grow to more than the server can handle, we simply upgrade the plan and everything continues smoothly, [because that is how the cloud works]. Sure, we will pay more then, but the site won’t crash. YEPPY!!

You could support us, but not by donations, instead, you can help us do this through this amazing service provided by the new server: it is very simple, if you know someone or if you want to get a cloud server, then get the one we are having using our referral. That way we get credits, allowing us to use the server for free for a period of time, making our one year plan last even longer. [MORE INFO]

Okay, now to update you about what has been going on while the site was down.

We now have our own Facebook and Twitter pages,

RoyalRoadL Facebook page

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We have come to realize that over there, it is easier to get in touch with the fandom and for the fandom to contact us, so join us over there in order to stay in touch!

We have Volume 19 chapter 4 posted..  SUPRISE!

We also have a new fiction rating and reviewing system. Please take a moment of your time to go to the Fiction tab and rate the ones you read at the very least, and if you can, give them a review. [You must be logged in from the forum to do so].

This however, does not substitute the comments on each chapter, but it’s an addition to it, just go ahead and start voting, may the best fiction reach the top place.

P.S. The Language section is not working, but we will fix that shortly.


Developer’s comment:

1. Rating system isn’t fully implemented. The current organization take into account only Rate, Number of Votes and Total Views. That IS unfair and unbalanced, but that will be changed really soon, I’m just waiting for people to rate the stories they are reading.


2. Voting more than once means nothing.

Your vote and rating are bound to your forum account (and that’s the only way to vote), meaning we have no frauds. At least not one that doesn’t give you a lot of headache to do. Anyway, voting on the same Fiction WILL OVERRIDE YOUR OLD VOTE. Reviews work on the same way, meaning that if you want to edit or change it, you just have to write a new one.


3. Any bugs or suggestion can, and should be, made to me (Curvinho).

You can either PM me in the forums or talk to me in chat (Small black box in the bottom right corner). Just don’t be a prick and you shall be treated well … maybe.


K. Now enough of our ranting, I am sure you are too excited to wait, so go read!

May we conquer the world together,


Oh, and one more thing, The official rule list of Royalroadl is out

1. Cookies are law

2. We are penguins, in our hearts and in our souls.

3. We must further the penguin ideal to conquer the world

[If you need more clarification about these things, just join us in the chat, i am sure you will understand then]

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Volume 19 Chapter 4

 Translator: Fundle
Translation Checker: Gold2King
Proofreaders: Alt, SnowMeltss

Weed Divers

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Volume 19 Chapter 3

Translator: Fundle
Translation Checker: Gold2King
Proofreaders: Alt, SnowMelts, Key

A Ship’s Performance

At sunrise Weed walked east towards the Imperial Villa to meet with North Thira.

Hwaryeong, Bellotte, and Pale followed him along the beach.

Dain had left the party and gone somewhere others could not see her.

Weed turned to face the shimmering cold morning sea air.

“1,190 gold and 690 in prizes winnings went to Hwaryeong. I trailed behind by some because of drawing to the lower yen provocation. As far as I know of the current gold prices and sales market… I lost 810 gold in just a few hours?”

Weed accurately calculated the amount of money that changed hands in the few hours they played Go-Stop. Hwaryeong laughed.

“Hey, we were just playing cards, it can’t be that bad? Right?”

“No, that 1190 could have lead to a really good investment. I could have saved that money for the inheritance of my future children!”

The money lost while playing Go-Stop! Weed swallowed his grief and stopped walking east and instead headed west to the detached palace. Fortunately they were able to meet North Thira on the street.

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Volume 5 Chapter 1

Chapter Retranslated by Gold2King
Final check by SnowmMelts

The Tomb of the Great King

As Weed walked down the hall with the Knights, he thought deeply about the current problems at hand.

‘A legendary tomb that will leave a mark in history. One that is great and Majestic. A monument worthy of a King.’

It wasn’t going to be easy to build such a tomb while adhering to the King’s tastes. However Weed wasn’t known for giving up before even trying.

‘I have little talent in doing anything. But what if I combine what little talent I have with sheer effort and determination? Then, of course, I will succeed. Has that method ever failed me until now?’

No. Not even once was the answer.

In any business, hard work is the key to success. It’s a given that it is 99% hard work and 1% genius. No matter how talented you are, if you don’t put any effort in, you won’t reach your goal.

‘There’s nothing I can’t do!’

Weed was inspired.

The size of the tomb had to be overwhelming. Any flaws on its sculptural design would be compensated by its size. Similar to his greatest creation, the Ice Dragon, the bigger, the better.

‘I’ll build the most majestic royal tomb! And of course, I will succeed!’

Upon completion of this quest, Weed would receive a large amount of experience as well as a rare weapon. However, he didn’t know the answer to the biggest question; how should he build the tomb?

- Weed, did you finish your audience with the King?

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Volume 19 Chapter 2

Machine Translator: Fundle
Translation Checker (Korean): Gold2King.
ProofReaders: SnowMelts, Altrelo, FistsOfRage, DarkD.
(The may have been more proofereader, but no one sent me the list.)

Dinner on the island of Ipia

“The sea!”

“Alright! Then first, let’s start by building the foundation!”

Novice sailors starting in Ipia Island exclaimed from ashore. They were chopping wood to make a seaworthy raft. But a warning to all aspiring sailors in Ipia! The production of timber is actually quite costly. First you need to go to the forests in the mountains and chop down the trees yourself. Then you have to drag the lumber down the mountain to build your raft.

“Once you have the fishing skill, you can just eat whatever you catch. Later on I’ll be sailing the far seas.”

But many sailors had a different mentality.

“There’s been pirates on that island. If I find their buried treasure… fufufu.”

“If you’re going to have a large gathering, then of course it has to be by the sea!”

“If you’re going to go take a risk, it has to be in the sea!”

Novice users!
At first many set out in shitty boats made out of logs held together by knotted vines. They use a sheet of cloth for a sail as they begin their adventure!
(T/N: Every pirate’s first boat sucks.)

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Volume 17 Chapter 3

So many people worked on this chapter at separate times that I can’t be sure of who did it.
But here are some of the names.

Translator: Fundle and Rea (We used her summary as base).
ProofReaders: SnowMelts, Altrelo, CurvinhO, FistsOfRage, NoxInBox, Compass, Lastear.

Chapter 3 : Morata’s Lord

Yoon Nahee had high expectations.

‘I have the chance to meet him directly.’

To meet Lee Hyun face to face!

She still couldn’t contact him after 3 phone calls, so she decided to set a time to meet up. She wasn’t letting the opportunity pass, she intended to meet him, contract form in hand.

Lee Hyun had left a strong impression on her. Despite being the secretary of the president of CTS Media, just thinking about Lee Hyun made her heart tremble.

“He’s probably thinking of 3 billion won like chump change you’d find on the street.”

He had hung up on the first phone call, the one that informed him his account had a successful bid of 3.09 billion won!

The shock of that time was still fresh in her memories.

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Volume 17 Chapter 10

Translator: Fundle;
Proofreaders: Aryann, SnowMelts, Altrelo, CurvinhO, FistsOfRage, Dude, DarkD, Exninja and FateAwelkins

Bad Blood with Bard Ray

The Ruins of the Embinyu Church was a rank B-class quest.


“We are fighting the Embinyu forces?!”

“Maybe it’s too dangerous…”

“It sounds like fun.”

Weed earned a whopping 130,000 gold by selling the quest to numerous players.
At all hours of the day players were seen entering Morata, in the hopes of joining the quest. The city was filled with players and the money making business was thriving!

Yellowy was shaking his silky ass in a happy cow dance.


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Volume 17 Chapter 9

Translator: Fundle;
Proofreaders: Aryann, SnowMelts, Altrelo, CurvinhO, FistsOfRage, Dude and DarkD

Lone Ranger

The Geomchis were instructing players on the way of the sword in the Training Halls. They were spread all over the place, from the Rosenheim Kingdom to the Orc villages. The Training Halls were famous for their low prices and attracted many paying customers to them. Ever since the Geomchis had taken over management of the Training Halls, it wasn’t easy to get a spot anymore.

“All those who want to learn the sword, come to the Training Hall!”

At first, most of the users had reacted with skepticism.

“Training Hall? Isn’t that where you hit the scarecrow? Why would I bother doing that? When it comes down to fighting I can just learn sword skills myself.”

Geomchis all over the land were getting laughed at by beginners. Still, many beginners came out of curiosity, since they had nothing better to do anyway. With four weeks to kill before anyone could leave the city gates, meticulous exploration was called for.

“Hold back and swing only when you know you can get an accurate hit, it will be much more effective that way. Haphazardly swinging at what’s in front of you won’t always get results. Instead, watch the monsters behavior and wait for your chance. That’s when you strike.”

The Geomchis had a lot experience with dojos, so they were all very comfortable teaching beginners.

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Volume 17 Chapter 6

Translator: Fundle
Proofreaders: Aryann, SnowMelts, Altrelo, CurvinhO, FistsOfRage, Innotui

Sculpture of a Child

‘Weed is a real genius!’

Mapan had just driven twenty large wagons through the western river basin in order to trade with the barbarian village located on this side of it.

“Oh look! Fresh human prey!”

Many monsters had tried to attack the horse drawn wagons while they had been crossing the basin. However, every single one was wiped out by Phoenix and Bingryong. With their help, Mapan and the wagons were able to arrive safely in the town of Bear Hatchet.

All the citizens in the village, both young and old, gathered in the town square to buy goods.

“Come now, come buy! Cheap goods go fast. Get them while you still have the chance!”

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