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  • Chronciles of the Ruler of Rules by Akuman

    Chapters: 54Average Views: 1111.02ongoingLast Update: 59 minutes ago

    This is the story of a possible legendary player of Royal Road (me) who simply disappeared without a trace... had I not succumbed to my stupid notions of friendship.... today the world would be singing praises of me and not Lee Hyun....instead here I am reporting to you about a game no one heard about...."Ruler of rules". Curious to know what this game is about?

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  • The path He chose by Kurogane

    Chapters: 3Average Views: 466.67ongoingLast Update: 4.8 hours ago

    A man who seeks the strongest, one who is rivaled to no one. Thrust into a world of unbelievable myths of forgotten tales. A past he must discover as a descendant of a god that is forsaken by the heavens. A world where he seeks the strongest yet becomes so weak and torn. The man who is known to be the smartest yet most heartfelt person. A true heir to unrivaled riches and treasure troves of gold. This is the story of the man who is recognized only by his family but not to the world, this is the path he chose. [Mature]

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  • Tale of Adventure by Rulpra

    Chapters: 4Average Views: 703.25ongoingLast Update: 5.7 hours ago

    Join the adventure of a young man that starts with the birth of a new life in a new VMMORPG only to be interrupted by an event. An event that will ignite the spark inside him and mark him. This mark will take him on a journey that will change the whole world. May contain MATURE elements.

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  • Edenawe by Rulpra

    Chapters: 16Average Views: 2756.31ongoingLast Update: 5.8 hours ago

    A young man, after finishing his everyday routine,a powerfull headache, a blinding white light and hearing a creepy voice suddenly get's transported into another world that has similar rules to an RPG. After arriving in this new world he finds himself naked, in a strange bed, in a strange room, with a strange old man running into the room grinning. "What is going on, who is this old man and more importantly WHY AM I NAKED?!"

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  • Black Kingdom By CallMeDeliverUs

    Chapters: 2Average Views: 392ongoingLast Update: 7.3 hours ago

    Its terrible how a few words can topple Kingdoms and shatter families. But thats life. Read the story of young man who broken beyond repair and how he escapes using the newest VRMMORPG, Black Kingdom.

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  • terra viventium By TrinitySMQA

    Chapters: 2Average Views: 213.5ongoingLast Update: 9.3 hours ago

    This is the story of Donantes. Trying to figure out who he is and where.

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  • Atlantis by Blancq

    Chapters: 6Average Views: 596ongoingLast Update: 10.6 hours ago

    More than 14 million individuals have received a mysterious Virtual Reality console allowing them to dive into a fantasy world. No one can make heads or tails of these devices and nobody knows the real purpose behind the device. Is it really only for fun? Or perhaps is there more to it than meets the eye?... Witness the journey of the adventurers and their goal towards the truth!

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  • The New Start By Sudar

    Chapters: 14Average Views: 1379ongoingLast Update: 10.6 hours ago

    I wanted to write about something similar to re monster (a other light novel about reincarnation its my main topic) it will be about a guy called Blue who dies at the beginning of the prologue and gets reincarnated into a world of swords and magic born as a half demon half elf he realizes that he remembers his past life and tries to do better in his new life. the story i wrote pretty much 4 chapters on paper and have more ideas so far i am completely new to this and wanted to have some fun writing i never wrote a fanfiction before other then just writing aimlessly since now i pretty much only read novels books and fanfiction Mature it will depend

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Volumen 4 Capitulo 2

[Spanish Translation]


As De Todos Los Trabajos


[Traducido Por: Leisercom]

[Editado Por: TheHypnoticCat]


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Volumen 4 Capitulo 1

[Spanish Translation]

Llanuras De La Desesperación


[Traducido Por: Leisercom]

[Editado Por: TheHypnoticCat]

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Volumen 3 Capitulo 11

[Spanish Translation]

Pobre Emergencia De Transmisión


[Traducido Por: TheHypnoticCat]

[Editado Por: TheHypnoticCat]

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Volumen 3 Capitulo 10

[Spanish Translation]

La Batalla Del Castillo Negro


[Traducido Por: Leisercom]

[Editado Por: TheHypnoticCat]

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Volumen 3 Capitulo 9

[Spanish Translation]

La Gran Escultura


[Traducido Por: Leisercom]

[Editado Por: TheHypnoticCat]

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El hombre abandonado por el mundo, el hombre esclavo del dinero y el hombre conocido como el Dios legendario de la guerra en el muy popular MMORPG CONTINENTE DE MAGIA. Con la mayoría de edad, decide decir adiós, pero el débil intento de ganar un poco de algo por su tiempo y esfuerzo se convirtió en algo que nadie podría haber imaginado… A través de una serie de coincidencias, su legendario avatar se vende por₩, trayéndole mucha alegría, sólo para hundirlo en la desesperación por la pérdida de casi la totalidad del dinero gracias a los usureros despiadados. Con la revelación de ganar dinero a través del juego, el se eleva desde el abismo con una nueva resolución encontrada y se adelanta a la nueva era de los juegos encabezados por el primer MMORPG de realidad virtual, Royal Road… Esta es la leyenda de Lee Hyun en su camino a convertirse en emperador con sólo su corazón lleno de amor por su familia, su deseo sin límites por el dinero, su mentalidad inesperada, su cuerpo forjado con diligencia y el talento de trabajo duro que lo respalda.

Volumen 1

Volumen 1 Capitulo 1: El Nacimiento De Un Jugador Oscuro

Volumen 1 Capitulo 2: La Bestia Salvaje Aparece

Volumen 1 Capitulo 3: La Peticon Del Instructor 

Volumen 1 Capitulo 4: Weed El Espantoso

Volumen 1 Capitulo 5: La Chica Que Perdio Las Palabras

Volumen 1 Capitulo 6: Sobre Una Barbacoa

Volumen 1 Capitulo 7: Maestro De Batallas

Volumen 1 Capitulo 8: La Profesión Destinada

Volumen 1 Capitulo 9: La Ciudad Del Cielo

Volumen 1 Capitulo 10: El Papel De Weed En La Fuerza De Asalto

Volumen 2

Volumen 2 Capitulo 1: Tierra De Los Mitos

Volumen 2 Capitulo 2: La Estatua De La Diosa Freya

Volumen 2 Capitulo 3: El Tesoro Perdido Del Templo

Volumen 2 Capitulo 4: Lavias La Ciudad Del Cielo

Volumen 2 Capitulo 5: Aquel Que Hace Lo Peor

Volumen 2 Capitulo 6: El Significado De Royal Road

Volumen 2 Capitulo 7: Las Estatuas Sin Nombre De Lavias

Volumen 2 Capitulo 8: El Tesoro Perdido De Freya

Volumen 2 Capitulo 9: El Caballero De La Princesa

Volumen 2 Capitulo 10: Montañas De Botines

Volumen 3

Volumen 3 Capitulo 1: Mi Profesión: Escultor De Luz De Luna

Volumen 3 Capitulo 2: La Piedra Que Recolectaba Los Relámpagos

Volumen 3 Capitulo 3: Instrumentos e Intriga

Volumen 3 Capitulo 4: La Humillación de Van Hawk

Volumen 3 Capitulo 5: Devolver La Santa Reliquia…

Volumen 3 Capitulo 6: Un Fuerte Resfriado

Volumen 3 Capitulo 7: Principiante Ignorante

Volumen 3 Capitulo 8: Vampiros De Sangre Real

Volumen 3 Capitulo 9: La Gran Escultura

Volumen 3 Capitulo 10: La Batalla Del Castillo Negro

Volumen 3 Capitulo 11: Pobre Emergencia De Transmisión

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Ein Mann, von der Welt im Stich gelassen, vom Geld versklavt und bekannt als der Legendäre Gott des Krieges im populären MMORPG Continent of Magic. Als er erwachsen wird, entschließt er sich, sich von der Welt der Online Spiele zu verabschieden, doch sein Versuch ein wenig extra Geld zu verdienen löst eine Welle von Ereignissen aus, welche er so niemals erwartet hätte. Durch eine Verkettung glücklicher Zufälle wird sein alter Account für 3,1 Milliarden Won verkauft, doch seine Freude währte nur kurz, da ihm beinahe das gesamte Geld wieder von Kredithaien genommen wird. Mit der Erkenntnis, dass er durch das Spielen Geld verdienen kann, entschließt er sich, in eine neue Ära des Spielens einzutreten, mit dem neuen MMORPG Royal Road in der Virtuellen Realität.
Dies ist die Legende von Lee Hyun mit seiner Liebe zu seiner Familie, seiner unbegrenzten Sehnsucht nach Geld, seiner unerwarteten Schläue, seinem sorgsam trainierten Körper sowie seinem Talent für harte Arbeit.


Buch 1 Kapitel 1: Die Geburt eines Dark Gamers

Buch 1 Kapitel 2: Ein Wildes Biest

Buch 1 Kapitel 3: Die Quest vom Lehrmeister

Buch 1 Kapitel 4: Grausamer Weed

Buch 1 Kapitel 5: Das Mädchen ohne Stimme

Buch 1 Kapitel 6: Zu Besuch zum Abendessen

Buch 1 Kapitel 7: Meister des Kampfes 50% fertig


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How to rate and review a Fiction

Hello ladies and gentleman.
This one who talks to you is the mighty Archmage of RoyalRoadL, Curvinho.
A few weeks ago I created the rating/reviewing system for fictions that was an instant success.
However, I decided to make this to help people understand how it works.
Without further delay, here is what you need to know to become a reviewer master.

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Volume 19 Chapter 6

Translation by Fundle
TLC by Junkay
Proofreader Lastear

JunKay is our new TLC, he is speeding up our translation considerable! ALL HAIL JUNKAY!

NOTICE: When we have a chapter ready we post it! since Chapter 6 was done before chapter 5 please beware that you have not read chapter 5 yet! however it is undergoing the final steps, hopefully soon it will be.

 DeRon’s Aurora



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