Okay you poor little penguins, it’s time to start the events for this the site’s 3rd birthday!

While the fact that the Soon™ hides something still holds, the 31st will be a huge turning point for RoyalRoadL and as such, we want to make it big. Please note that the password game some of you found is from last year’s Halloween and as such we won’t give any rewards for it (they’ve been given last year).

To commemorate this event, we’ll be holding several competitions over the next week. These competitions are not just for show: we will reward all participant, and each winner will get additional rewards. The planned competitions (with details following the links) are:

  • Mini RPG – to prepare the community for the upcoming forum RPG, we’ll be holding a smaller, simple RPG to see who is the best roleplayer on the site! We’ll be judging the players based on how well they play their role, and how well made their character is.
  • Icon Drawing – We want to see you expand on your artistic abilities, and show us what you’re capable
  • CYOA Writing – Create the best Choose Your Own Adventure. Create a new topic for your own CYOA, then you can keep updating the first post until the deadline.
  • One-shot writing – We didn’t forget about our (fan)fiction authors either: create a short story for the competition, either original or LMS based. If you follow the link, you arrive to the forum where you should post a new thread with your one – you can keep updating the first post until the deadline.
    Original one-shots will receive bonus rewards as we love to see the imagination of the little penguins bloom to the fullest!
  • Scenery creation – While browsing the web, we’ve seen some awesome creators by both artists, modders and game designers. Create the most beautiful scenery – you can draw it, use 3d tools or a photo and touch it up in Photoshop, or even create a scenery in a game’s editor or Unity, maybe touch it up in Photoshop and show it to
  • Map creation – With the growing activity over the RP, we’ve recently seen some extremely nice maps popping up here and there. To make the competition fair, the task is making a map for either an existing original Fiction on the site (LMS FFs don’t count) or for [WORLD], the site’s own RP
  • Animation – create the best, most enjoyable short animation – it can range from stickman fights to narrative storytelling, or whatever you feel up to.
  • Halloween costume contest – To satisfy your desires, oh mighty penguin nation, we’ve also added a costume contest since it’s nearly Halloween! Dress up, show us what you have for Halloween!

The competitions start now, and will end on the evening of the 29th of October; we will hand out some prizes on the 30th, while the rest will be given on the 31st. Late submissions may or may not be eligible for the final rewards.

Also note that we have plans for more competitions later on with various prizes, so even if you can’t truly finish your submission, you might be able to submit it later, so starting out now is definitely worth it!

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This Month’s Update!


Fiction Updates

  • Tale of Adventure by Rulpra

    Chapters: 15Average Views: 2970.87ongoingLast Update: 8.8 minutes ago

    Join the adventure of a young man that starts with the birth of a new life in a new VMMORPG only to be interrupted by an event. An event that will ignite the spark inside him and mark him.
    This mark will take him on a journey that will change the whole world.

    May contain MATURE elements.

    Fiction pageLast Chapter
  • A Teenage Time User In A Post Apocalyptic World By Sudar

    Chapters: 2Average Views: 334ongoingLast Update: 3.2 hours ago

    -It is cold and freezing…

    Sitting in a tiny wooden hut in the middle of a forest i sway my head around to look outside it was winter currently
    the cold was really bad but nothing to worry for now i look more carefully out of the window and see 2 people going in
    the snow half naked


    -they are dead (sigh)….

    I closed the window and blocked the door i pulled the covers and lay down the ground around me there is only my bag
    with everything i need food water and other thinks such as tools and a shortsword for my protection i close my eyes
    and dream dream about the past how everything started…

    Fiction pageLast Chapter
  • The New Start By Sudar

    Chapters: 30Average Views: 2761.8ongoingLast Update: 4.8 hours ago

    I wanted to write about something similar to re monster (a other light novel about reincarnation its my main topic)
    it will be about a guy called Blue who dies at the beginning of the prologue and gets reincarnated into a world of
    swords and magic born as a half demon half elf he realizes that he remembers his past life and
    tries to do better in his new life. the story i wrote pretty much 4 chapters on paper and have more ideas so far
    i am completely new to this and wanted to have some fun writing i never wrote a fanfiction before other then just
    writing aimlessly since now i pretty much only read novels books and fanfiction

    Mature it will depend

    Fiction pageLast Chapter
  • Questioning the Basic by LikoPilio

    Chapters: 6Average Views: 758.33ongoingLast Update: 5.8 hours ago

    As children grew up to became adult, they learnt to accept reality and the law of physic who governed them. Fascinated by fairy tales and role-playing game since it were ever told. A person partake great length in defying the revered, most-holy, and absolute truth of "Science" in dreaming to become a Wizard verself. True, you could simply put glowing phosphorus to illuminate your hand, but how fun it would be if your very hand could glow by itself?
    Isn’t magic just a perfectly controlled fusion and fission?

    Fiction pageLast Chapter
  • LMF = Legendary Midnight Farmer by PhantomKaizer

    Chapters: 1Average Views: 368ongoingLast Update: 10.1 hours ago

    This is a fanfic of LMS. The story is about a 16-year old boy who aims to be the greatest farmer on the world and succeed his grandfather who passed away. His dream is crushed by his parents because they want a different future for him so he decided that if he can’t do it in real world he will do it in the Virtual one! This will be set on Royal Road 20years after it launched and will contain things that are totally new with other things from the original that are retained, changed, modified…It’ll be set on a new Continent, will occasionally return on Versailles but most of the story will be on the new Continents…There are 4 Continents on my Fanfic

    Fiction pageLast Chapter
  • The path He chose by Kurogane

    Chapters: 18Average Views: 1907ongoingLast Update: 10.4 hours ago

    A man who seeks the strongest, one who is rivaled to no one.
    Thrust into a world of unbelievable myths of forgotten tales.
    A past he must discover as a descendant of a god that is forsaken by the heavens.
    A world where he seeks the strongest yet becomes so weak and torn.
    The man who is known to be the smartest yet most heartfelt person.
    A true heir to unrivaled riches and treasure troves of gold.
    This is the story of the man who is recognized only by his family but not to the world, this is the path he chose.

    Fiction pageLast Chapter
  • The Egotistical Ruler by Vocaloid

    Chapters: 26Average Views: 1050.46ongoingLast Update: 11.3 hours ago

    Lynford wishes to rule the world but alas it’s impossible in real life so he decides to settle with the new game called "Fantasy Chronicles" where not only is his goal possible it’s the objective of the game. Join ‘Emperor’ on his journey to ruling "Fantasy Chronicles". Note: Most of the main character’s life outside the game will only be short snippets or in short stories.
    Warning : Mature

    Fiction pageLast Chapter
  • Winds of Change by nobody

    Chapters: 4Average Views: 419.75ongoingLast Update: 13.3 hours ago

    Years of being detached from others causes a temporary lapse of judgement, and our “hero” saves the life of another on a whim. Now, unwillingly accompanied(stalked) by a stubborn swordsman and noob adventurer determined to repay a life debt and serve the “Great Magician” that saved him, the unlucky mage must find a way to pursue answers while trying to keep in any homicidal tendencies. But the path of power lies through dangerous realms. Can these two survive everything the four realms throw at them? Unfortunately, there’s always something more powerful out there, and sometimes magic isn’t enough to save you. And that’s if you even want it to.

    Fiction pageLast Chapter

More Updates | Check out the Fiction list

Submit a Fiction 

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Volume 19 Chapter 9

After negotiating a deal with the penguin army, a Deadline(deathdate), has been set. and people were made to work. the penguin army slaid the monsters they were requested to slay. but,.. the guards of the penguin empire were delayed with their work. but finally, the chapter is released to the public, with only minor revolts.

Translator : Fundle
Proofreaders : Sieghard, ImitationKatana

<Seoyoon’s Arrival>

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Legendary Moonlight Sculptor – Volume 3

Note: Volume 3, Chapter 11 is an Extra chapter.
Volume 3, Chapter 1-4 Translated by An76685.
Volume 3, Chapter 5-11 Translated by Grisia.
Volume 3, Chapter 1-3 retranslated by Leollyn.
Volume 3, Chapter 5 proofread by Bzk3000.
Volume 3, Chapter 8 proofread by Cnichal.
Volume 3, was proofread by Chances.
Volume 3, was Re-proofread by 1stSlug.


Table of Content

Chapter 1: My Profession: Moonlight Sculptor
Chapter 2: The Stone that gathers Lightning
Chapter 3: Instruments and Intrigue
Chapter 4: Van Hawk’s Humiliation
Chapter 5: Return the Holy Relic
Chapter 6: A Bad Cold
Chapter 7: Ignorant Beginner
Chapter 8: True Blood Vampires
Chapter 9: The Great Sculpture
Chapter 10: Battle of The Black Castle
Chapter 11: Emergence of Poor Broadcasting

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Legendary Moonlight Sculptor – Volume 2

Volume 2, Chapter 1-3 were translated in the English Novel.
Volume 2, Chapter 4-10 were translated by Odd squad.
Volume 2, proofread by 1stSlug.


Table of Content

Chapter 1: The Land of Myth
Chapter 2: The Statue of the Goddess Freya
Chapter 3: The Lost Treasure of the Temple
Chapter 4: City of Heaven, Lavias
Chapter 5: The One Who Does the Worst
Chapter 6: The Meaning Behind Royal Road
Chapter 7: Nameless Statues of Lavias
Chapter 8: The Lost Treasure of Freya
Chapter 9: Princess’ Knight
Chapter 10: Mountains of Loot

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Legendary Moonlight Sculptor – Volume I

Volume 1 Chapter 1: Translated By Bonky
Volume 1 Chapters 2-10 : taken from the English Novel
Volume 1 Proofread by 1stSlug

Table of Contents:

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Volume 19 Chapter 8

The second part of the quest has been completed.
300 Categories have been catalogued
Chapter 8 is unlocked and is now free to be read.

Translation: Fundle
Proofreaders: ImitationKatana, Sieghard, Helagis,  DeadlyMT, Kanadaj, Curvinho, Tolack

The Sculpture’s Heritage

Weed found a cave to hide in with little difficulty. A cave that was not artificial, but natural. It was a hole that spewed lava when the tectonic plates collided.

If you went deep into the underground territory you could see lava flowing, emitting immense heat. Though there were monsters like dolphins and spearfish jumping out of the lava, Weed didn’t look for very long.

“No, who knows if just looking at them could burn me then there’s no way I’d want to fight with those guys!”

Golden Bird was confused and wondered why Weed was staring at him so intently.

“If I were as free as a bird, it would be a convenient way to scout. After all, flying would be much easier.”

Using Golden Bird as a reference, Weed created a new piece. Covered in volcanic ash; dark as night; a creature that blended with the current environment: he made a crow.

“Sculpture transformation!”

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Volume 19 Chapter 7

The first part of the quest has been completed. 200 Categories have been catalogued

Chapter 7 is unlocked and is now free to be read.


Translator: Fundle
Proofreader: ImitationKatana

Adventurer of Las Phalanx


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Chapter Release

Are you waiting for the next chapter? 

The chapter release rate depends on you!

Since we are almost done with the translation of the chapters, and since I need help with the category list -in order to have something epic and new soon- .

The chapter releases would be more like rewards for helping:

The schedule is like this :

200 fiction categories = Chapter 7 Posted  -UNLOCKED
300 fiction categories = Chapter 8 Posted
ALL fiction categories = Chapter 9 posted
Oct. 28 or Oct. 31  = Chapter 10


Fiction Categories:

State the correct categories for the fictions that you have read:  -do so as a comment, which would help me find out, what was newly added and add it to the database-

Categories available:

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Harem, Historical, Horror, Martial Arts, Mature, One Shot, Psychological, Romance, School Life, Sci-fi, Slice of Life, Sports, Supernatural, Virtual Reality [not RR], Royal Road, Crossover, Reader interactive, Original.





if you dont want to help, you dont have to.

all of LMS chapters will be released before 31/10 whether we have the categories or not .

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To make the Category search successful, we need to have all of the fiction’s categorised

If you check this doc, it would show some fictions without any category …

I would ask of you kind readers [or evil readers] , to add the category of the fiction you have read ..

something that is appropriate among this list :

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Harem, Historical,  Horror, Martial Arts, Mature, One Shot, Psychological, Romance, School Life, Sci-fi, Slice of Life, Sports, Supernatural, Virtual Reality [not RR], Royal Road, Crossover, Reader interactive, Original.

do so as a comment, so that I would know what is new and add it to the database we have.

Thanks for the help.


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Fiction Category


This messege is aimed at Seeker of Words/Fiction authors

Soon, will be implementing an improved search list for your
fiction works.
In light of such events, we would like to ask for your cooperation.
Please send a reply to [[email protected]] with the following details:

Name of the fiction:
Name of the author [forum username]:
Category: Choose from the category list below and separate the genres by
using commas.

Categories available:
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Harem, Historical,
Horror, Martial Arts, Mature, One Shot, Psychological, Romance, School
Life, Sci-fi, Slice of Life, Sports, Supernatural, Virtual Reality [not
RR], Royal Road, Crossover, Reader interactive, Original.

Should you have any enquiries about the categories, please send a reply
back to the email listed above.
Best Regards,


P.S. Original as in a fiction written by you that does not include
characters or specific plots/concepts from other series – [if you’re in
doubt, your fiction is not original.]

P.P.S if you did not recive an email similiar to this and you are a fiction author, then please update your email in the forum.

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