April 22: Volume 17 Chapter 10 - Translation
April 21: Volume 17 Chapter 9 - Translation
April 19: Volume 17 Chapter 6 - Translation
April 18: Volume 17 Chapter 5 - Translation
April 07: Soul Land – Prologue (A RRL co-project)
April 05: Volume 2 Chapter 2 – Rework
April 01: Volume 16 Chapter 6 – April’s fool

Japtem Activity:

March 13: Volume 16 Chapter 6
March 30: Volume 16 Chapter 5
March 16: Volume 16 Chapter 4
March 2: Volume 16 Chapter 3

RoyalRoad International

Mar 29 [French] Tome 3 Chapitre 1
Mar 15 [German] Volume 1 Chapter 6

FanFic Updates

  • Tec Mage by TenFap

    Chapters: 19Average Views: 1150.37ongoingLast Update: 4.7 hours ago

    Knowledge, what is its true worth, power, wealth or maybe pride. Ben may find the answer in Royal Road

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  • New Roads by dlem00

    Chapters: 4Average Views: 225.75ongoingLast Update: 9.9 hours ago

    The story starts off with the end of Royal Road! Watch as a Cataclysm of epic proportions brings darkness to the virtual world. Also it seems that the former protagonist Weed is up to something with Unicorn and had a hand in the event. What does all this mean!?

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  • Temporary Activity by Selfi3000

    Chapters: 6Average Views: 312.33ongoingLast Update: 14.6 hours ago

    Will i be able to find something that will keep me interested for more than a while? When this game, game which i have been waiting for, is finally out, maybe i can feel something for more than a while. I hope this will happen, in this Fantasy world of Royal Road. Warning : may contain mature themes and language.

    Fanfiction pageLast Chapter
  • The Necromancer of Justice By Fishy

    Chapters: 8Average Views: 1048.13ongoingLast Update: 21.2 hours ago

    Brian, an antisocial high school student who prefers fantasy over reality, seeks the ultimate fantasy in the virtual reality game Royal Road. What he finds there is much more fantastic than he ever imagined.

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  • The God of Versailles by jellededraak

    Chapters: 9Average Views: 422.56ongoingLast Update: 1.5 days ago

    This story begins in the Netherlands It’s not based on the real story, because an OP character like I am going to make is too powerful to not disturb the story of someone else and weeds

    Fanfiction pageLast Chapter

More Updates

Check out the Fanfic list

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Volume 17 Chapter 10

Translator: Fundle;
Proofreaders: Aryann, SnowMelts, Altrelo, CurvinhO, FistsOfRage, Dude, DarkD, Exninja and FateAwelkins

Bad Blood with Bard Ray

The Ruins of the Embinyu Church was a rank B-class quest.


“We are fighting the Embinyu forces?!”

“Maybe it’s too dangerous…”

“It sounds like fun.”

Weed earned a whopping 130,000 gold by selling the quest to numerous players.
At all hours of the day players were seen entering Morata, in the hopes of joining the quest. The city was filled with players and the money making business was thriving!

Yellowy was shaking his silky ass in a happy cow dance.


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Volume 17 Chapter 9

Translator: Fundle;
Proofreaders: Aryann, SnowMelts, Altrelo, CurvinhO, FistsOfRage, Dude and DarkD

Lone Ranger

The Geomchis were instructing players on the way of the sword in the Training Halls. They were spread all over the place, from the Rosenheim Kingdom to the Orc villages. The Training Halls were famous for their low prices and attracted many paying customers to them. Ever since the Geomchis had taken over management of the Training Halls, it wasn’t easy to get a spot anymore.

“All those who want to learn the sword, come to the Training Hall!”

At first, most of the users had reacted with skepticism.

“Training Hall? Isn’t that where you hit the scarecrow? Why would I bother doing that? When it comes down to fighting I can just learn sword skills myself.”

Geomchis all over the land were getting laughed at by beginners. Still, many beginners came out of curiosity, since they had nothing better to do anyway. With four weeks to kill before anyone could leave the city gates, meticulous exploration was called for.

“Hold back and swing only when you know you can get an accurate hit, it will be much more effective that way. Haphazardly swinging at what’s in front of you won’t always get results. Instead, watch the monsters behavior and wait for your chance. That’s when you strike.”

The Geomchis had a lot experience with dojos, so they were all very comfortable teaching beginners.

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Volume 17 Chapter 6

Translator: Fundle
Proofreaders: Aryann, SnowMelts, Altrelo, CurvinhO, FistsOfRage, Innotui

Sculpture of a Child

‘Weed is a real genius!’

Mapan had just driven twenty large wagons through the western river basin in order to trade with the barbarian village located on this side of it.

“Oh look! Fresh human prey!”

Many monsters had tried to attack the horse drawn wagons while they had been crossing the basin. However, every single one was wiped out by Phoenix and Bingryong. With their help, Mapan and the wagons were able to arrive safely in the town of Bear Hatchet.

All the citizens in the village, both young and old, gathered in the town square to buy goods.

“Come now, come buy! Cheap goods go fast. Get them while you still have the chance!”

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Volume 17 Chapter 5

Translator: Fundle.
Proofreaders: Aryann, SnowMelts, LaDenouement, Altrelo, CurvinhO, FistsOfRage

First off, thank you Fundle for Machine Translating this when all of the rest of us have failed.
We want to provide more regular translations of LMS.
We are NOT following Japtem’s exacting standards.
While this will allow us to release chapters more often it also means the quality might drop a bit, but we hope the general meaning of the chapter will come across.


Seoyoon’s Home Visit

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Easter Event~

Hello readers,
As you guys noticed already, it is almost Easter time~
And Easter time calls for Easter eggs and bunnies~
Well, I suggest is submitting a short story regarding Easter and LMS to share with others. To participate in this event, please submit your creation(s) to [email protected]



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Volume 16 Chapter 6

Black Dragon

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Why Donate?

Following the last few weeks after dealing with the terrible service from Ipage,, has changed servers.   

we are now hosted on Hostgator and so far, with hostgator everything is working fine.

However, excluding what is used for the domain name and related things,  the WebHosting itself costs a lot.

for now, i have purchased a WebHosting plan for three years,  for a total of $142.56.  

therefore i’m asking, in case anyone here has the ability to financially support the site, to donate. Even with the smallest amount, it’ll be a great help.

for now, and for the years to come..


Thank you,

RoyalRoadl Admin


We have Accomplished Our Goals,



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French Translation!

Hello all!

When I started school again, I decided to revive the French translation of LMS. Although it won’t be called LMS in French. The french translations will follow the redone version of LMS meaning volume 2 chapter 1, volume 3 chapter 1-4, volume 4 chapter 1 as well as later volumes translated by Japtem, those which are PRed only.

The french translation does NOT have a fix schedule, but there should be 2-3 chapters coming out per month. Looking forward to it and thanks our dedicated French translators who agreed to work with me on this project! Thanks for your attention and have a great time reading!
*By the way, I will start on volume 17 chapter 5 as soon as I finish my exam and assignments…

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Volume 17 Summary

Chapters in this volume covered by the summary:

*This summary is done by Rea with some help from RRL and Japtem here and there and PRed by forum PRers. The schedule for release summaries is decided solely by Rea.

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