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  • Ragnarök By Jinxmon

    Chapters: 26Average Views: 1508.73ongoingLast Update: 4.2 hours ago

    Jinx and his friends are typical everyday high school students; Fooling around in class, making teachers cry, chasing skirts, jerking... You get it. When RoyalRoad came out, it was the chance for them to make mischief on a whole new scale, in a whole new realm. Furthermore, NO HOLDS BARRED. Little did they know, just 4 students who loved to have fun would be the catalyst which inspired one of the biggest events ever in RR history that changed the future of the game forever. This is their mischief, their legacy. Rated M for mature due to occasional jokes which involves strong language and/or sexual references.

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  • Amalus by sensitiveears

    Chapters: 4Average Views: 459ongoingLast Update: 6.4 hours ago

    "[...] You cannot make sense of it either right? Neither can I. How dare these sons of women-who-sells-themselves-on-street-corners-to-sweaty-pig-like-financial-tycoons-only-to-be-left-with-slightly-awkward-and-nasty-offspring stab me? Now I admit that I might not have been the best person in the world, but surely, there are other people they could have stabbed besides me?! And what the hell is this?! One second ago, I was laying on the ground barely able to think, creating my own pool of blood for insects to bathe in, and now I am in this dark space!!!!!!" This is the story of a man unjustly killed in his own world, only to be transported to a new.

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  • Dark advisor by ghostpeople

    Chapters: 8Average Views: 588.25ongoingLast Update: 8.1 hours ago

    An retired old man, with an incurable illness even with all the advances in medicine, retreats to virtual reality to escape the coming pain, and is willing to do as much as he can to avoid to going back to the real world.

    Fiction pageLast Chapter
  • Arcadia by AlleniusRegius

    Chapters: 5Average Views: 262.4ongoingLast Update: 9.1 hours ago

    Alexandra Sanders, Alex, is a normal 18 year old girl with her own insecurities and concerns. Her parents, concerned about her well being, decide to have her play Arcadia to help her overcome her problems. This six year old game is the most advanced virtual reality game of its kind. Will she be able to move forward despite her fears, or will she succumb to the pressure? P.S. I might have over-exaggerated the "normal" part.

    Fiction pageLast Chapter
  • Trinpik by Eli

    Chapters: 14Average Views: 1083.57ongoingLast Update: 12 hours ago

    About a boy who struggles to find out who he is and where he is from. With the only way out of the Virtual World is by beating the game. Once the game was beat he would have to overcome new and more sever challenges in Real Life/ Sci-Fi/Fantasy location.

    Fiction pageLast Chapter
  • A Recollection of Arkken's Past By ArkkenBB

    Chapters: 2Average Views: 121ongoingLast Update: 12.6 hours ago

    A collection of memories or short stories of Arkken's past experiences or past lives.

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  • Lady Bunny by Androg

    Chapters: 9Average Views: 984.78ongoingLast Update: 19.3 hours ago

    Alan was a model student, good grades, good at sports, leader of the student council and admired by his peers. His avatar Lance was a lv113 Knight, strong, honorable and respected by both the players and NPCs in the city. Alan wanted his online-life to be different from his real one; He sold 'Lance' and created a new avatar 'Bunny' Author's Notes: I don't have much clue as to which direction this would go, but lets just find out together.

    Fiction pageLast Chapter
  • Evil Dragon Against the Heaven Online by iatneh

    Chapters: 5Average Views: 704ongoingLast Update: 20.9 hours ago

    A story about a young teenager who posses a dragon soul that walks a path against the heaven. Dragon soul explosion, the Heaven's crack, flowers bloom and bloom and already its past a Millennium. Fate of the previous of life, love of the afterlife, incarnating as the evil dragon against the heaven.

    Fiction pageLast Chapter

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Fiction Category


This messege is aimed at Seeker of Words/Fiction authors

Soon, will be implementing an improved search list for your
fiction works.
In light of such events, we would like to ask for your cooperation.
Please send a reply to [[email protected]] with the following details:

Name of the fiction:
Name of the author [forum username]:
Category: Choose from the category list below and separate the genres by
using commas.

Categories available:
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Harem, Historical,
Horror, Martial Arts, Mature, One Shot, Psychological, Romance, School
Life, Sci-fi, Slice of Life, Sports, Supernatural, Virtual Reality [not
RR], Royal Road, Crossover, Reader interactive, Original.

Should you have any enquiries about the categories, please send a reply
back to the email listed above.
Best Regards,


P.S. Original as in a fiction written by you that does not include
characters or specific plots/concepts from other series – [if you’re in
doubt, your fiction is not original.]

P.P.S if you did not recive an email similiar to this and you are a fiction author, then please update your email in the forum.

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For some reason, a few of you penguins were wondering if we stopped translating LMS or not and we wanted to tell you that we didn’t. Also we never made an announcement that we would stop, so we thought the best way to announce it is to post a chapter.

Other announcements include:
By 31/10 we plan to have all of Vol 19 translated and released for everyone to read…. what happens after shall be announced on 31/10

The Mighty Author of Legendary Moonlight Sculptor has released another series [Dawn Traveler]

We are going to make an announcement about that as well on 31/10


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Volume 19 Chapter 5

Translator : Fundle

TLC: Ryan

Proofreader : Lastear, ImitationKatana


The Lost Pirate Fleet

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Support Us.


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The contents reads:


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Volumen 4 Capitulo 2

[Spanish Translation]


As De Todos Los Trabajos


[Traducido Por: Leisercom]

[Editado Por: TheHypnoticCat]


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Volumen 4 Capitulo 1

[Spanish Translation]

Llanuras De La Desesperación


[Traducido Por: Leisercom]

[Editado Por: TheHypnoticCat]

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RoyalRoad :

The Unfortunate Fool By lin4t

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Virtual Reality


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Many Fiction’s Category are not defined, becouse the Fiction author, didnt bother to say what it was upon submission [or after].

these are some of these series :



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RoyalRoad System

“The” Titles


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