April 19: Volume 17 Chapter 6 - Translation
April 18: Volume 17 Chapter 5 - Translation
April 07: Soul Land – Prologue (A RRL co-project)
April 05: Volume 2 Chapter 2 – Rework
April 01: Volume 16 Chapter 6 – April’s fool

Japtem Activity:

March 13: Volume 16 Chapter 6
March 30: Volume 16 Chapter 5
March 16: Volume 16 Chapter 4
March 2: Volume 16 Chapter 3

RoyalRoad International

Mar 29 [French] Tome 3 Chapitre 1
Mar 15 [German] Volume 1 Chapter 6

FanFic Updates

  • Claret by Innotui

    Chapters: 8Average Views: 616.63ongoingLast Update: 15.8 hours ago

    Aren isn't a hero. He is not famous, has no special power, and he is unwilling to sacrifice himself for others. Yet, something within him won't let him play the coward’s role. With his hemophobia, and his best friend the infamous LRG, Aren is about to face a world under a different set of rules. BEGIN, Tui's Fantasy FF of spectacular amazement and horror!

    Fanfiction pageLast Chapter
  • The Unfortunate Fool By lin4t

    Chapters: 45Average Views: 1189.47ongoingLast Update: 21 hours ago

    A man forced to play a game that he ignored. A man forced to complete a quest of extreme difficulty. A man forced to fight creatures that are overly overpowered. A man trolled by fate. This is the story of a man that wishes for peace in his meager life, but fate has other plans for him. Even in death he still lives...or does he?

    Fanfiction pageLast Chapter
  • Harry-Stu Gamer by Zed019

    Chapters: 33Average Views: 356.36ongoingLast Update: 2 days ago

    OC ends up in a crazy ride when he dreamt of zelretch one day. Gary-stu had never had so much fun before. Gaming OC, Gary-Stu, Self-insert. Multi-X-Over.

    Fanfiction pageLast Chapter
  • The Loner? by Loop1

    Chapters: 20Average Views: 825.25ongoingLast Update: 2.1 days ago

    The fifteen-year old and sixteen-year-old brothers have recently discovered the existence of the virtual reality massive multi-player online role playing game (VRMMORG) known as Royal Road. These two brothers have very different personalities. Shawn, the older brother who has a dual personality between social life and family life. Outside the house, one would view him as a inferior being and a shy, reluctant-to-talk introvert, but at home his true nature shows. The younger brother, Stanley, is the son that the parents cherish deeply. His gregarious attitude at school gained the respect of many teachers and friends. Is their brotherhood stronger than what fate has in store for them?

    Fanfiction pageLast Chapter
  • The Legend of the Overlord by RavenKing

    Chapters: 6Average Views: 707.83ongoingLast Update: 2.3 days ago

    The story is about a young man. He became a millionaire after winning the lottery. At the age of 19 he earned his masters degree. His life, however, was filled with boredom. Being an avid reader, he had already run out of books to read. Games weren't real or immersive enough. That atleast, lasted until he heard about Royal Road and decided to give it a try. so with the capsule ordered, he gets to start playing 24/7 the world of ROYAL ROAD

    Fanfiction pageLast Chapter

More Updates

Check out the Fanfic list

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Volume 17 Chapter 6

Translator: Fundle
Proofreaders: Aryann, SnowMelts, Altrelo, CurvinhO, FistsOfRage, Innotui

Sculpture of a Child

‘Weed is a real genius!’

Mapan had just driven twenty large wagons through the western river basin in order to trade with the barbarian village located on this side of it.

“Oh look! Fresh human prey!”

Many monsters had tried to attack the horse drawn wagons while they had been crossing the basin. However, every single one was wiped out by Phoenix and Bingryong. With their help, Mapan and the wagons were able to arrive safely in the town of Bear Hatchet.

All the citizens in the village, both young and old, gathered in the town square to buy goods.

“Come now, come buy! Cheap goods go fast. Get them while you still have the chance!”

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Volume 17 Chapter 5

Translator: Fundle.
Proofreaders: Aryann, SnowMelts, LaDenouement, Altrelo, CurvinhO, FistsOfRage

First off, thank you Fundle for Machine Translating this when all of the rest of us have failed.
We want to provide more regular translations of LMS.
We are NOT following Japtem’s exacting standards.
While this will allow us to release chapters more often it also means the quality might drop a bit, but we hope the general meaning of the chapter will come across.


Seoyoon’s Home Visit

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Easter Event~

Hello readers,
As you guys noticed already, it is almost Easter time~
And Easter time calls for Easter eggs and bunnies~
Well, I suggest is submitting a short story regarding Easter and LMS to share with others. To participate in this event, please submit your creation(s) to [email protected]



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Volume 16 Chapter 6

Black Dragon

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Why Donate?

Following the last few weeks after dealing with the terrible service from Ipage,, has changed servers.   

we are now hosted on Hostgator and so far, with hostgator everything is working fine.

However, excluding what is used for the domain name and related things,  the WebHosting itself costs a lot.

for now, i have purchased a WebHosting plan for three years,  for a total of $142.56.  

therefore i’m asking, in case anyone here has the ability to financially support the site, to donate. Even with the smallest amount, it’ll be a great help.

for now, and for the years to come..


Thank you,

RoyalRoadl Admin


We have Accomplished Our Goals,



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French Translation!

Hello all!

When I started school again, I decided to revive the French translation of LMS. Although it won’t be called LMS in French. The french translations will follow the redone version of LMS meaning volume 2 chapter 1, volume 3 chapter 1-4, volume 4 chapter 1 as well as later volumes translated by Japtem, those which are PRed only.

The french translation does NOT have a fix schedule, but there should be 2-3 chapters coming out per month. Looking forward to it and thanks our dedicated French translators who agreed to work with me on this project! Thanks for your attention and have a great time reading!
*By the way, I will start on volume 17 chapter 5 as soon as I finish my exam and assignments…

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Volume 17 Summary

Chapters in this volume covered by the summary:

*This summary is done by Rea with some help from RRL and Japtem here and there and PRed by forum PRers. The schedule for release summaries is decided solely by Rea.

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Christmas event!

Latest News!

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Royal Road New Look!

Well, if some of you have not noticed yet…RRL is taking a whole new look!
And as you see there is a temporary logo/banner for RRL.
It is not that I am not satisfied with how it looks…but it could be better.
So, as a contest, I would like people to submit their version(s).
Anywhere it seems that there are some people who had submitted already…but I would like more choices and perhaps make a poll to choose which one is better.
Anyway, for whoever is interested…go here:

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