The Nebula (dropped)

by FicFanatic

Original Action Adventure Sci-fi Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
After 20 Years from the release of the famous Second Life by Virtual Work, numberous games appeared by when the VW announces a new game with the theme being space and not fantasy how will the world react to the game.

Follow Noah as he travels through the galaxy searching for adventure and freedom in space

AN: I marked with Mature because space being an unexplored and dangerous place you dont know what kind of crazy thing will happen and i might (will) try to add gore and more mature content(my first try with this so dont expect much)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue The Nebula (proofread) ago
Volume 1 Start of a Legend Chapter 1 The First Flyer (proofread and edited) ago
Volume 1 Chapter 2 Top Miners (PR and edit) ago
Volume 1 Chapter 3 The Fighter (pr and edited) ago
Volume 1 Chapter 4 The Derelict Carrier ago
Idea/Suggestion thread ago
Volume 1 Chapter 5 Manning the Ship ago
Volume 1 Chapter 6 The Plan in Motion ago
Volume 1 Chapter 7 Mission Preperations ago
Volume 1 Chapter 8 Asteroid Battle Field ago
Volume 1 Chapter 9 Base Takeover ago
Volume 2 Rebuilding Chapter 1 Power, Shield and Life ago
Volume 2 Chapter 2 Tanks and Radio ago
Volume 2 Chapter 3 Contact ago
Volume 2 Chapter 4 Provisions and Water ago
Volume 2 Chapter 5 Back to Space ago
Volume 2 Chapter 6 The Conqueror ago
Volume 2 Chapter 7 Top Five Interview ago
Volume 2 Chapter 8 Leaders Determination ago
Volume 2 Chapter 9 Everything starts with a Bang ago
Side Story The Death system and The Age of Chaos ago
Importent character and notes ago
Volume 3 Chapter 1 Long Year ago
Side Story Birth of the Kronan ago
Volume 3 Chapter 2 Human Experiment ago
Volume 3 Chapter 3 Hive King and Queen ago
Volume 3 Chapter 4 The Update and free time ago
Volume 3 Chapter 5 The Return ago
Robooting "The Nebula" ago

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This author is amazing!

FicFanatic has written over 4 different FF’s and each one has been better than the last! You can clearly see the growth of FicFan in this work when compared to some of his earlier stories.I believe this brand new series is a true step forward into scifi space virtual fiction. Despite his humble claims his lack of scifi knowledge I believe he has created a universe of his own.

As a story it is about as gramatically and punctually sound as a FF on this site gets. The MC isn’t the typical overpowered player but merely a step ahead of the other players simply for actually participating in the tutorial! As with every FF it is flawed as it hasn’t been through a series of editors and proofreaders who can help guide the story. I believe that if FicFan makes an outline in how he wishes to progress the story for the long term then this might become the first “Space fiction” to make top ten. I honestly can’t complain at all about this FF and can’t wait to see where it takes us!


If nothing else I believe FicFan is a pioneer who has set the bar for all FF writers who have considered delving into making a story about Space.

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There isn’t many ‘VR’ novels not based of worlds where swords&magic are primary components, I’m honestly relieved that there are a few people here and there trying something ‘unique’ (you).  I hope that the chapters don’t shorten!

Anyhow, very interesting and easy for the eyes.

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Interesting Sci-Fi Story

Well I want to start by saying that I like your story. It is refreshing to see a different kind of VR game and Sci-fi is always an attractive genre


That said there are some things which don't make much sense


 - The fact that everyone but the MC missed the tutorial


In general I find it a good thing there is one, but it makes little to no sense that no one besides the MC did it especially because the news about the release said there were tutorials that players could access while waiting for the official launch time


- The stat gain in the tutorial


The stat gain isn't exactly bad... but I think he gains a bit too much (between 20 to 30 points in every stat)


- The inability to fly from everyone

I get that the ones that did the tutorial can get a bonus and would be a bit faster taking off... but considering the MC learned it so easily in the tutorial and the given explanation of how to fly….

1.      Press the green ignition button

2.      Pull the handles to take off and then press the blue button to retract landing gear

That’s it because then the tutorial had him just fly around (which he did with no problems)…

So it doesn't make sense that so many people couldn't even take off and the few that did couldn't fly... even more the Station gives explanations to the players on basically everything...

I think it would have been better to have the players that did the tutorial have like 30 minutes or 1 hour head start over the ones that didn't


- The chosen skill set

While its not bad exactly.. it just doesn't add anything to his gameplay as he isn't doing anything with the skills (He has only used scrap weapon and scrap ship creation ). Also his crew has that same skill set and are better than him with it as they have experience in RL... so its basically a useless skill set if you consider his crew


- The crew

With this I just feel it would have been better to give players NPC crews as I think most players would like to be in command of their own ships and have their own adventures...


Well that's it for my review

I hope to see some more chapters soon and see how the story develops as it has great potential 


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I have trouble writing myself so I have to start with a thank you for the talented that give me my fix of new fiction. The following is more writing then I've done in at least a week:


Style- I'm enjoying the story, for the most part the story flows very well. I'm not very good at analyzing writing, it's more emotional for me. Every once in a while there's a stutter in the flow. like the transition between perspectives in later chapters. I'd suggest reading the Honor Harrington series by David Weber to see what you could do to improve that. Well, he's my fav. published author, so it might not be what you're going for(he uses 3rd person I think).


Story- Not much for me to say here, just keep up the good work.


Grammar- ugh not my strong suit, so nothing I can say will really help. your grammar is good enough I can't remember/notice any problems. I don't feel I should give full marks when I'm so bad at it, but I will anyways.


Character- The thing that's around all that cool tech that I read scifi for. Um, yeah, so characters are mostly fine, but I think naming crew when the active Char interacts with them would be good. You don't need a life story or description of eveyone the reader comes across, but having a name will help keep the faceless away. you can always keep a list of names on some random document. I'm sure there are several name generators one click from google that should keep you from wracking your head...


Overall: it's on my favorites list, I read it first as soon as I notice the update. 'nuf said.

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Need more space VR novels!

Thanks for writing about a si-fi story, its much to rare and such a great area to write in!  Also, your writing is pretty good, doesn't require much suspension of disbelieve for me which really adds to the story.

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I really like this rare sci-fi fanfic, for it is great. By any chance,  are you basing it off the Galaxy on Fire universe? I recognized the metals. Overall I like it. Can’t wait to see what happens next.  


By any chance, will Keith T. Maxwell be in the story of nah?

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personally I like stories about crafting and discovery much more then sotries about endless fights and quests. I like the setup of the sotry so far, having multiple people work togehter, so that they can survive in space.

And i like, that the MC actually visits the tutorial. I myself are allways tempted to skip those too^^


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Wow This is awesome

This is already one of if not my favourite story atm, well written refreshing and long chapters :D.

I don't even know what else to say, except write more please!

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Me likey space adventuring !

Out of all the FF FicFanatic has, I like this the most. It doesn't have magic, no medieval times with the same monsters and skills spells and classes. I really want this FF to take it's time and explore where no man has been before(lol). Keep up the good work and work more on the grammar!

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i want MC to get a gf...

MC has no gf in vol 1... i'm sad...


Story is interesting though. The pace of the progressions is really fast though... but since its about Space you have a lot of options for story and plot progression + world growth so that's good.