Show the battle
Yes; let me read how it was supposed to end
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No; skip to the aftermath
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The idea I had for the final battle consisted of the demons and the Kin combining their forces to fight the human army. Battling to a stalemate, the Fire Hive creates a Boss (Phoenix, Fire-Bird or Dragon) that rose from the top of the volcano and it would swoop down burning the humans. A combo victory for the Demons, Kin, and Hives.

After writing most of the battle, I came to the sad conclusion that it just wasn’t any good. It wasn’t funny, thrilling, or exciting. It was crap. I have to redo the whole scene for the book and hopefully come up with something better.

So I’m going to skip the battle and go straight to the aftermath of the battle which leads to the epilogue and setup the opening of Book 3. This requires a skip in the story and I’m sorry about this but I don’t want to finish writing a part of the story that I’m going to dump anyway. If readers want, I’ll put up what I had finished of the battle on RRL before going on to the aftermath but please be warned that it is pretty short and unedited.

Thank you.


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Dragrath @Dragrath ago

Well if that is how you see it I'll trust you there battles are hard and from the sounds of it it was just a wipe out more or less. The boss sounds interesting but lets be honest war is never funny it is always a serious topic due to the consequences at least for those involved. A description of the boss in detail is probably sufficent for me. Tongue

Jaudija @Jaudija ago

Oh, so a short summary and a aftermath. Good enough

Can'tBeSeen @Can'tBeSeen ago

If it's going to be changed, then better not show it. Just go on with the story.

zenla @zenla ago

Well epic battles are basic for good fantasy but... I guess some can be skipped with our scatterbrained hive. Like they were so absorbed in observing demons the battle ended without their noticing.

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