by Dumac

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
Paul Oaks was a promising hard working man with a loving girlfriend and a solid circle of friends, but he lost it all to his uncontrolled desire and VR(Virtual Reality) game. With the death of his parents he finally awakes from his nightmare only to be killed before he could regain what he lost. What will death ofter to this unfortunate person?

This story is about a personal struggle against ones own sins and wish to reunite with loved ones in heaven.

(Note: Mature sexual content will show only in later chapters, readers will always be warned beforehand)
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A refreshing reincarnation story

The Idea is nothing especially new. But I like the Reincarnation storys into games or game-like worlds. So give it a read and decide for yourself.

A more detailed review will come in the future when we know more.



I just got to chapter 6 and finally there is someone who things it is suspicious if a Child like the normal reincarnated MC shows up (Powerful, hardworking, high intelligence way above his age...)

So you still deserve my 5 Star rating and I hope to see more chapters soon.

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A fantasy world you can feel.

A rich lore, excellent character development, rapped up in a reincarnation story.

Attention to small details have made the fantasy world come to life.

The environment feels real and the people all have real personalities. I can't wait for more.

  • Overall Score

The story has been rather enjoyable so far.