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Chapter 93 – Crawling Darkness 3


Chapter 93 – Crawling Darkness 3

The masses started to tremble. The dimming of the world caused by the eternal darkness did not make anyone comfortable. The saintess was able to calm the people down by kindling the light on her. Without the Child of Light, the Saintess has walked to her tower and prepared to light herself as a beacon of hope. She has said before leaving, “Have you seen him? You know, that man named Serge?”

“What about it?” I asked.

“He looks like the person who saved me. He also wore the wooden bracelet. Clarisse, although I know that there are no arts that could revive the dead. I also saw him die before me, his soul ripped out. But even so, I wonder if it his soul really was taken. His hair is white and his eyes don’t sparkle when seeing me. But in my life, I will never forget the face of the person who saved me using his life. I will never forget him. But I also know that he wasn’t that man. I know that he was not that person who saved me. He is dead and I think I might soon meet him.

“What are you crying for Clarisse? Come on, don’t show me that face. I’ll be the beacon of hope and I shall be your sun for the darkest days ahead. So please don’t make a face like that, my friend. You’ve stayed with me and I know how hard it was. The City will rely on you as my right hand. And till the day you wither, you shall have to bear the burden of acting as my confidant. So for now, goodbye and I hope that I’ll be able to see you again.”

I hugged the saintess. My tears flowed with grief and sadness. I’ve heard the legends of what happens to the saintess once she turns herself into a beacon of hope. Her body will act as a catalyst and she would act like the sun in our darkest days. Like many of the saintess, she will suffer as the beacon of light. But that is her role, and knowing my saintess, she will not falter out of fear. That is why I can only step back and watch her become the kindle of the light. Her body formed a rotund orb around and she started to glow like the sun.

The palace has a lighthouse tower. And in that tower, the orb-like sun shined upon Argzon City and the rest of the area. The orb-like sun was bright enough to allow the surroundings to be cleared. The halo circled around the tower. This halo cleared dark skies and revealed the blue skies that were covered. The sun’s light entered through Argzon and spread around the area. The sun was bright and soothing. As if warming us up.

My tears flowed down my cheeks. My heart trembled as I could hear the pained moans of the saintess. My Knight stayed with and she cried too. My Saintess was bright as the sun right now. Like many of the Saintess, she had done her role and even though the Eternal Darkness has covered the whole world. The Saintesses acted as the sun for our darkest days.

“My Saintess, I will follow you forever,” I said solemnly.

My knight stood near me. She showed me a wary face. She too was afraid of this Eternal Darkness and without any child of light. We are only able to hope that humanity will be able to survive this storm. I do not know how many years this storm will last. I do not know if I will still live and see the sun clear again.

In the darkest days, one would think of a companion. To share the fear and have the courage to live on; I thought of someone. I thought of him who protected me twice from death. That man is nowhere to be seen in the city. He’s now protecting the people of Baile from the dangers. Hazan of Lezon told me,—

“That person has been sent to that nameless mountain. He and One-Eyed Olivia chased the cultists that tried seeking revenge. Jerne and the others have succeeded in bringing down the Old Waif. But with the cultist’s spiritual leader dead, they have grown crazy from anger and I fear for that poor man. And now that fear has doubled with this darkness that looms us.”

Hazan of Lezon shook his head. He left and tended to his own work. He had a grim expression like everyone. The people of Argzon saw the sun’s light. The world outside the area that covers Argzon was dim lit. The farmers could grow their crops near the area where the sun orb could shine.

I began to worry. Without the sun how will crops grow? With the darkness around how can we trade? We can travel around to trade but supplies would be soon limited. The grain and meat supplies will be gone before we know it. Winter is coming too. And knowing that, how many will freeze when the snow starts to fall? Without the sun how can they survive? Imaging the hundreds of rural villages dying as the sun doesn’t reach them. And imagining the beautiful world wither before my eyes, gives me pain in the heart.

I started to my feet and walked back to my office. My Knight stood before me and as I look at the barriers slowly rising up and protecting the walls of Argzon. I could only hope to take a deep breath and hope that I will be able to continue to live on. My days are going to be tiresome so I’ve sent some servants and guided the old man who sold meat skewers into the palace. I begged him to come to this palace and cook me some skewers. Indeed, it was an unreasonable request. But even so, in the darkest days ahead of me, I can only hope that those meat skewers would calm me down.

I am not that brave. I am not that strong. I am greedy and selfish. But for my dear friend, my saintess who has turned herself into our sun, I Clarisse can only steel my heart. Father, Mother, and my friends, please help me in this troubled times.


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