The Unfortunate Fool

by lin4t

Original COMPLETED Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Gender Bender Virtual Reality
A man forced to play a game that he ignored. A man forced to complete a quest of extreme difficulty. A man forced to fight creatures that are overly overpowered. A man trolled by fate. This is the story of a man that wishes for peace in his meager life, but fate has other plans for him. Even in death he still lives...or does he?
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
TOC, Information and other stuff ago
Prologue - The Beginning of unfortunate events ago
Vol.1 Chapter 1 - A New Beginning ago
Vol.1 Chapter 2 - Savior or... ago
Vol.1 Chapter 3 - The Training Begins ago
Vol.1 Chapter 4 - Failure ago
Vol.1 Chapter 5 - Hell Training ago
Vol.1 Chapter 6 - Born From Misfortune ago
Vol.1 Chapter 7 - Unknown Forest ago
Vol.1 Chapter 8 - The Explorer Patrick ago
Vol.1 Chapter 9 - The Hellish Tomb ago
Vol.1 Chapter 10 - The Gluttony of the Giant Purple Rabbit ago
Vol.1 Chapter 10.5 - Report 1 ago
Vol.2 Chapter 1 - The Return ago
Vol.2 Chapter 2 - Some Racial Issues ago
Vol.2 Chapter 3 - Cyclop ago
Vol.2 Chapter 4 - New Friends ago
Vol.2 Chapter 5 - Holy Quest ago
Vol.2 Chapter 6 - Darkness Falls ago
Vol.2 Chapter 7 - The Trap Witch ago
Vol.2 Chapter 8 - The Long Trip ago
Vol.2 Chapter 9 - Bandit Attack ago
Vol.2 Chapter 10 - The Envy of the White Butterfly ago
Vol.2 Chapter 10.5 - Report 2 ago
Vol.3 Chapter 1 - The Second Return ago
Vol.3 Chapter 2 - Three Perverts ago
Idea! I need Ideas! (Spoliers) ago
Vol.3 Chapter 3 - Negotiations ago
Vol.3 Chapter 4 - Revolt ago
Vol.3 Chapter 5 - As a Monster... ago
Vol.3 Chapter 6 - Into the Forest! ago
Vol.3 Chapter 7 - The Fairy Queen's Request ago
Vol.3 Chapter 8 - Capture ago
Poll: Should I release the Sequel Series? ago
Vol.3 Chapter 9 - Monster in the Forest ago
Vol.3 Chapter 10 - Memories from Distant Past ago
Vol.3 Chapter 11 - The Sloth of the Grey Clam ago
Vol.3 Chapter 11.5 - The 'Not the Report' Report 1 ago
Vol.4 Chapter 1 - Hot-Springs ago
Vol.4 Chapter 2 - Boring Training Begins Once Again ago
Vol.4 Chapter 3 - Divine Sword ago
Extra Chapter - April Fools Day ago
Vol.4 Chapter 4 - Might of Poseidon ago
Vol.4 Chapter 5 - Kraken Issues ago
Vol.4 Chapter 6 - City Of the North ago
Vol.4 Chapter 7 - The Beast ago
Vol.4 Chapter 8 - Holy Quest ago
Vol.4 Chapter 9 - The Pride of the Pink Phoenix ago
Vol.4 Chapter 9.5 - The 'Not The Report' Report 2 ago
Vol.5 Chapter 1 - The Separation of Three ago
Vol.5 Chapter 2 - Crossroad of Hate ago
Vol.5 Chapter 3 - Light and Shadow ago
Vol.5 Chapter 4 - On the Run ago
Vol.5 Chapter 5 - The Nightmare Begins ago
Vol.5 Chapter 6 - The Greed of the Blue Gyarados ago
Vol.5 Chapter 7 - Noble Ball as a Maid ago
Vol.5 Chapter 8 - The Slaughter of Nobles ago
Vol.5 Chapter 9 - Tunnel of Darkness ago
Vol.5 Chapter 10 - The Temple of Dragons ago
Vol.5 Chapter 10.5 The 'Not The Report' Report 3 ago
Vol.6 Chapter 1 - Chaotic Meetings ago
Vol.6 Chapter 2 - Recklessly Attacking a Fort ago
Vol.6 Chapter 3 - As the Villain and the Monster ago
Vol.6 Chapter 4 - The Tea-party and the Sage ago
Vol.6 Chapter 5 - Hellish Training ago
Vol.6 Chapter 6 - A fun....picnic....? ago
Vol.6 Chapter 7 - Alexandra and Linda ago
Vol.6 Chapter 8 - The Nature of a Destroyer ago
Vol.6 Chapter 9 - The Birth of a King ago
Vol.6 Chapter 10 - The Wrath of the Green Slime ago
Vol.6 Chapter 10.5 - Their First Meeting ago
Vol.7 Chapter 1 - To a Chaotic Future ago
Vol.7 Chapter 2 - Tunnel of Hell ago
Vol.7 Chapter 3 - The Nether ago
Vol.7 Chapter 4 - Portal Home ago
Vol.7 Chapter 5 - The Mercenary King ago
Vol.7 Chapter 6 - The Black Demon ago
Vol.7 Chapter 7 - The Sage ago
Vol.7 Chapter 8 - The Lust of the Golden Dragon ago
Vol.7 Chapter 9 - Risene ago
Vol.7 Chapter 10 - The Final Battle ago
Epilogue - One Story Ends, Misfortune Continues ago
Link to Sequel! ago

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As said in the title, this Fan Fiction is definitely worth the read if you have the time.
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loving story so funny :)
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Read it , and love it!
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What can i say? This FF is amazing!! I have many things i want to say but i don't know how to say it, so i will leave it in the rating. I definitely will read the sequel!!
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My Mixed feelings on an interesting story

Ok first of all I want to compliment you.  Even though it was frustrating at times I was impressed on how much you trolled the main character.  I get so tired of characters who get things easily so it was refreshing to see one that so often had bad things happen to him/her.  I didn't mind the gender bender though it just seemed like an extra thing to be mean to the main character and didn't have anything to do with the story.  I kept wondering if he was really a guy.  I mean he didn't even grope himself or try to reverse it.  He doesn't show the struggles of adapting to the body at all.  Though it didn't last too long I suppose.  

The main negative for me was the lack of any real emotion in the whole story.  You have a few spots where it seems like you are trying but it just isn't very convincing.  I mean none of the characters seem to care about each other.  It just felt kind of empty and hollow.

The story itself wasn't bad and had good pacing and interesting elements.  Still it felt like you killed him off in real life just to avoid having to write about the real world at all.  With people that powerful they would have been noticed by people more.  Like the last battle, others should have caught them on video.  It just seems really unlikely that they would be so unknown considering all the things they have done.  In LMS whenever he did a big quest or got a lot of fame the NPCs would talk about him so people would hear about him.  You don't have that happen to Eden and them and it should have.

Overall it was kind of fun to read but if the sequel is similar in feeling I might not read it.  I like to have more "feeling" in the stories I read.  However if the sequel is better in that aspect I might check it out.  Keep working on adding emotion and depth to the characters, you have a good base here.  

  • Overall Score
this FF lacks consistency.
  • Overall Score

good guantity but not quality

So far I've read 3 volumes...

I'm quite disappointed of this story. The MC doesn't care for anything or anyone. Most of the time he acts stupid and is lazy. The story is not much better. Everytime he just does what some other charakters or quests say he has to do without good reason at all. Most of the time when I read this I ask myself... why would he do that now? He is the target of racism but why is he the sole one? After reading this I'm realy frustrated.

Lucien of the Old Blood
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Long story short:


MC is a little bitch that can't stand up for himself. (It feels like I'm watching a slightly extra beta cuck MC in an anime)


So we have the beta cuck MC that is unable to express an opinion nor have the balls to go through with it, ever. We have a trap side character that is all over place as timid and shy to vicous and cold and downright evil. We also have a hot uber violent sadistic bitch that constantly tortures, abuses, and downright makes life horrible for the MC.

Meh. The story is fun, but it would be so much better if it was just the MC or had some basic cookie cutter side characters, the MC is too much of a bitch to relate to. The worst part is if the MC had just even the slightest amount of backbone then I would put this down as one of my all time favorite op novels, ever. 

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Decent but really annoying grammar issues.

The story and everything is mostly fine. The characters are kind of annoying but tolerable.


However, the sheer number of grammatical errors in each chapter make it a chore to read. Mixing up "your" with "your" and "there" and "they're" should not happen. Complete misspellings of words should not happen.

  • Overall Score

Excellent, very good story

Very good story, (but now is because (probably) of new forum hard to read from start because texts in game message are not visible.) Thanks for fixing that text.