Ein Gard

by Youngest

Original Action Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation Secret Identity Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

"Another chance, huh."

Averon, Knight of Astarian Empire, decided to gave his life much like his comrades, taking down a Demon Dragon and defend the last chance of his people to retain their ideal. His sacrifice did not go unnoticed, as he was given another chance to live his life, with his memory seemingly intact.

He was sent to another dimension, where the army of the demons have yet to invade...

"Better prepare while I still have time..."


====== Author's Note, 8th March 2017 ====== 

I apologize to all the readers for the long hiatus. I had lost my data, my passwords and a lot of things put me occupied these two years -- Things like personal relationship, health issues and significant soul-search.

I'm back on track now. Currently on a new project, but I did say I won't abandon this. Thus, I will continue Ein Gard. I'll also make some editing within previous chapters as I noticed serious flaws.

 I fully understand some of you might have lost trust. Hopefully I can gain that back from my actions in these future months and years.

 Thanks for reading, your interest, and your time.

 Yours truly,

Amit (Youngest)

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  • Overall Score

But seeing the demon army...



  • Overall Score

Great Potential with a Touching Background History

I see potential, keep it up in a nice pace.

Thanks for your work btw! I enjoyed the first 7 Chapters!

  • Overall Score

Love the main character and can't wait to see it continue.

  • Overall Score

although it's still up to chap 7, I've immensely enjoyed the story. can't wait for more

  • Overall Score

What do we have here?!

Keep them coming! Love it! I'll be keeping an eye out!

  • Overall Score

Hope you dont stahp writing bro....



  • Overall Score

Very interesting story

I’ll avoid in depth rating as author request


but what i already see is good enough to give it 4,5 stars


What i like especially is the past war scene, i really need more ff like this


the only drawback here is the slow update, but then again, if it makes a better quality so be it



Hiatus? or the author already dead?

  • Overall Score

Good grammar, plot and character development. Please continuee and update regularly.

One of my favourite fictions on this site!

  • Overall Score

I love this story, especially the creative perspective on an old theme.

The chants and spells are good too, very authentic while still being pretty unique.


Shuiko can go f*ck himself. 

  • Overall Score

This is a reincarnation story with a purpose. The whole reason the MC comes back makes sense and not just in a throw away 'you did enough good works to earn it' or 'we're sorry that you died to early, here have the next one on us'


There is a balance between the fun sense of OPness that reincarnation brings but it doesn't stop the story from advancing.


I'm sure that once you start reading, like me, you won't be able to put it down and will quite literally be praying for more