The Demon Of Song.



Chapter 2. The Seed of Betrayal


The sound of tears hitting ice cannot be heard as Mira continues to cry about her sister's wedding. She wants to kill everyone here and bring back Nova by force but she can hardly see, let alone commit mass murder. Mira tries to stop the tears but only more fall. The sound of people dancing, children laughing, and Mira's friends talking become as Nova's voice resoundes their Mira's cold and broken soul.

"I know it hurts sometime, but you'll get over it. You'll find another life to live, I swear you'll get over it."

Nova's sweet voice seeps into Mira's body as she listens to the words of his song. It is the song Mira's sister sang to Mira when she had troubles in life. The honey filled voice of her sister's had always soothed Mira but though Mira would not admit it, hearing Nova sing the heavenly song eased Mira much more.

Though Mira had not known where Nova had heard this song, she did not mind as all of her thoughts of committing a war crime is erased from Mira's being. Nova's voice was that of an angel and could make women swoon with just a few words and make men dance and sing during the chorus. This is what made him so deadly.

When he wanted to, Nova could be charismatic to convince anyone to do as he said and he was intelligent enough to flip any bad situation around and make it benefit him. These are some of the pros of being someone who was trained by the most elite assassins in to ever be known. This is why Lionel approached Nova so kindly and tried to appeal to Nova's kindness compared to getting the princess in danger from trying to capture Nova forcefully.

This is also the reason Lionel had left the princess to her own devices even though Lionel knows the princess will try to do something to get revenge on Nova. Lionel knew Nova would be able to stop her and most likely not harm her in the process so he doesn't have a harsher sentence with the King. Lionel would come to regret this though. As Lionel turns around on his hard wooden bar stool to see what the princess is doing, he is utterly surprised at what he sees.

The princess is not only smiling, but she seems to be dancing and singing along with Nova. Lionel hasn't seen the princess smile ever since her sister was killed so suspicion rose through Lionel's old and stiff spine. Lionel immediately gets up from his bar stool and knocks it over in the process. He knows he won't be able to defeat Nova if they would come into hand to hand combat but that is not what Nova was trying.

'Nova seems to be trying to attack the princess mentally!' Thought the old and hardened warrior.

There were very few ways to stop mental attack and Lionel knew what he had to do. Lionel picked up the bar stool he had previously knocked over and apologized to Mira under his breath as he moved his arm backwards. Lionel assumes he cannot make it to the princess before she is mentally broken and maybe even brainwashed before Lionel can run to her, so this was his last option.

As Lionel's arm is thrown forward, he lets go of the bar stool and sends it at high speeds at the Mira. Lionel had to knock the princess unconscious to stop the attack. It is Lionel's job to protect the princess, even if it means harming her.

The music in the area came to a complete stop and the sound of wood hitting something hard and splintering took its place. Mira looked to her left where the sound came from and could see Nova standing beside her with his back to Mira. In his extended hand is the bar stool that Lionel threw at the princess. Nova has a smirk rising in the corner of his mouth as his plan is beginning to come into fruition.

"Man, throwing bar stools at your companions while they dance and enjoy themselves is kinda fucked up, don't ya think?"

Nova sounds as though he is concerned for Mira's safety and saved her from the kindness of his heart but Lionel's eyes open wide as he realizes what has just happened. Lionel can sense that the kind and defeated tone from Nova before has now vanished and his tone now sounds as if Nova was in complete control now. The thing is Nova is in fact in control now.

Now that Lionel thinks about it, it was stupid to think throwing a bar stool at his princess would stop a mental attack from someone of Nova's caliber and even if Lionel did knock Mira out, Mira's group would lose their strongest fighter and would most likely be killed by Nova.

Lionel's teeth grind back in forth with extreme force as Nova had not only mentally attacked Mira to cause her to dance but had also mentally attacked Lionel to try and save Mira from nothing with extreme means. Lionel was now in a corner and Nova could use this opportunity to cause separation in the group. What he planned to do with it was beyond Lionel's capability of comprehending, but at least Lionel is able to identify what has happened.

Mira's betrayed voice is the first to speak up and break the silence that seems to be lasting forever.

"Lionel... What was that for?" Mira asked. She has known Lionel her whole life but he has never done anything to harm Mira so she is torn on the inside about what is going on right now.

"Princess! I am sorry! It was him! He forced me too!" Lionel says while pointing at Nova. The smirk on Nova's face has disappeared and it is now time for him to put up his facade. Nova puts on a betrayed face as he seems to have no idea what Lionel is talking about.

"What! Do not blame me if you failed your assassination attempt. Why would I save the princess if I had 'forced' you to throw the chair in the first place." Nova says confidentially. Lionel sees that Nova is making himself be the good guy so Lionel is going to point it out, but Mira speaks up before Lionel can.

"But Lionel, I placed a spell that made us impervious to mental attacks and completely nullifies all of his powers while using songs! Remember?!" Mira yells with a high pitched voice. Her eyes have just recently stopped crying and dried up but Mira already feels like crying again. Lionel realizes that he has been backed into a corner and begins to stumble on his words. The two guards that Mira had brought with her put their hands on Lionel's shoulder.

As Lionel turns his head to see what they are doing, a pair of magical handcuffs restrain Lionel's wrists. Bewildered and mortified, Lionel begins to yell.

"What are you doing! I am telling you that the Demon of Song is the cause of all of this! It has to be! I am innocent!" Lionel yells. Nova shakes his head and the crowd of people standing nearby boo at Lionel's words. Nova puts up his hand to stop the crowd and begins to shake his head.

"Since this 'madman' has been restrained, I would like to officially announce Christmas to be over! Thank you all for coming and I will be back next year! For now I will be going with these people to see what the King wants from me." Nova says as he waves to the crowd. The crowd disperses and soon it is just MIra's party and Nova.

Nova sighs and turns towards the betrayed looking princess. He sticks his arms out and Mira realizes what he is doing. She pulls out handcuffs and makes them extremely tight on his wrists. He might have a heavenly voice that Mira enjoys and he might have saved Mira from a flying bar stool, but that doesn't excuse him from what he has done and Mira will make sure Nova remembers that. Nova doesn't seem to care though.

As Nova and Lionel are dragged to the carriage in handcuffs, Lionel can't help but stare at Nova menacingly. Lionel wanted Nova to be taken in peacefully and even say goodbye to the ones he loved, but Nova took advantage of this and turned it around on Lionel. Somehow using magic to persuade the ones meant to capture him. This amazed and pissed Lionel off. Lionel did not know what was to become of him at the capital, but what he did know was that he loved the princess with all of his heart and would die to repay for what he has done.


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