Brave World Online

by zenihzwei

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Romance Sci-fi Tragedy Magic Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Revolving around a new VRMMO Game which was called Brave World Online at 2045, the game quickly stole the attentions of millions and was flooded with constantly increasing popularity for the past three years. It was a fantasy themed online game in which Players found themselves in a large floating continent called Daedalus.

And in this game too--a youth called Steve Westdale entered. A cowardice one both in real life and in game. Sunk deeply after so many malice directed to him, he stayed submissively and pessimistic as if neither alive nor dead. What kind of thing will await the Greatest Coward in this brand new world he escaped to?

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Spiraling Madness

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - At the Recess of Chaos ago
First Shift Chapter 1 – The Devil's Whisper ago
First Shift Chapter 2 – The Shadow of Light ago
First Shift Chapter 3 – Unforgiving Reality ago
First Shift Chapter 4 – The First Mistake ago
First Shift Chapter 5 – Cold Intention to Kill ago
First Shift Chapter 6 – Blood Magic ago
First Shift Chapter 7 – Advent ago
First Shift Chapter 8 – A Hunch ago
First Shift Chapter 9 – A Vain Hope ago
First Shift Chapter 10 – Banquet Invitation ago
First Shift Chapter 11 – Dream ago
First Shift Chapter 12 – Death Sentence ago
First Shift Chapter 13 – Denial ago
First Shift Chapter 14 – The Price of Knowing a Truth ago
First Shift Chapter 15 - Outburst ago
First Shift Chapter 16 – Forest's Wrath ago
+++++Upcoming Content+++++ ago
First Shift Chapter 17 – A Harsh Decision ago
First Shift Chapter 18 – Resolve ago
First Shift Chapter 19 – Difference of Power ago
First Shift Chapter 20 - He Who Destroys ago
First Shift Chapter 21 – The Beginning of End ago
End of a Shift - Heavy Resolution ago
=====First Shift Author's Notes===== ago
Second Shift Prologue ago
Second Shift Chapter 1 - Dawn Arrived ago
Second Shift Chapter 2 - Town Raid ago
Second Shift Chapter 3 - Oddity ago
Second Shift Chapter 4 - Into the Darkness ago
Second Shift Chapter 5 - Losing Control ago
Second Shift Chapter 6 - Inside the Spiraling Chaos ago
Second Shift Chapter 7 - Threats ago
+++++++++A Sudden break++++++++ ago
Second Shift Chapter 8 - Inteference ago
Second Shift Chapter 9 - Crossing Path ago
Second Shift Chapter 10 - Death ago
Second Shift Chapter 11 - Change ago
Second Shift Chapter 12 - One Inquiry ago
Second Shift Chapter 13 - The Demon's Howl ago
Second Shift Chapter 14 - Aftermath ago
Second Shift Chapter 15 - The Light Seen by the Darkness ago
========Brief Announcement====== ago
Second Shift Chapter 16 - Tear ago
Second Shift Chapter 17 - Meddlesome ago
Second Shift Chapter 18 - Unavoidable Descent ago
Second Shift Chapter 19.1 - The Blazing Night ago
Second Shift Chapter 19.2 - The Blazing Night ago
Second Shift Chapter 19.3 - The Blazing Night ago
Second Shift Chapter 20 - The Path He Chose ago
Second Shift Epilogue - Crusade ago
=====Second Author's Notes===== ago
Third Shift Prologue - The Weight of Hope ago
Third Shift Chapter 1 - The Demon and the Hero ago
Third Shift Chapter 2 - Outcome ago
Third Shift Chapter 3 - Voice From the Abyss ago
Third Shift Chapter 4 - Downfall ago
Third Shift Chapter 5 - A Forkroad ago
Third Shift Chapter 6 - Passing of an Era ago
Third Shift Chapter 7 - The Underlying Truth ago
Third Shift Chapter 8 - Realization of a Dream ago
Third Shift Chapter 9 - Fate of the Envoy ago
Third Shift Chapter 10 - Regret, Reawakening, Revision of Plan ago
Third SHift Chapter 11 - The Only Way Left ago
Third Shift Chapter 12 - The Second Waxen Wing ago
End of a Shift - The King of the Abyss ago
Another End of a Shift - Fulfilled Wish ago
==========Afterword========== ago

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This story is full of cowards. The mc who whines and bi**hs and moans every few paragraphs. The mc's parents who don't kick their worthless 20 year old shut in son out of their house. The mc's brocon sister who is afraid to hurt his feelings,although she is the main reason why he is like he is by "betraying" him and saying he isn't her brother anymore because the mc changed in "THE EVENT". Seriously tho,that whole "after the event I did this" or "after the event I saw the world like a 5 year old emo keep d on steroids" thing gets really annoying. Also,the mc is named Steve. His sister is named Angelica. Those sound like American names to me(besides Angelica,someone was on crack when they named her) The mc picks the name of yuuya for all his characters. The sister picks minisuki for all her names. The mc is very self conscious about weather people bow or use honorifics. Author is blatantly mixing cultures and that really ruined the story for me. Either pick one or the other,not both. The mc speaks in riddles( or extreme gibberish). Here is what he said to Alice before he starts to choke her---"You said you wanted to kill me? You didn't even try to see people's hearts. You never even know what humanity could do when greed overlook them..."  Ok what?? This is what he says in chapter 16. I have read and re-read that whole segment and still can't get it. Aside from that,and the stupid thinking of our emo mc to "let's kill everybody cause somebody hurt me(in "THE EVENT") and I want to be them instead of the one bullied" and the author not doing his research (chick getting choked and she's talking all calm like)(nun blaspheming and saying her god is ok with nuns falling in love) and blood magic. Oohh blood magic. So awesome!!  It uses blood not mana. The mc makes all of these cool stuff and attacks.......BLOOD IS NOT INFINITE!!!!! So to sum it all up,don't bother wasting your time unless you like pointless slaughter,emo mc,unnecessary drama,and no actual real facts, then by all means,waste your time. 

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Caution: this is not your typical anti-hero fiction where the hero is a somewhat irascible rogue or a just-minded individual who chooses to work from within the shadows. The "hero" in this story is nowhere close to what a lot of people think of an anti-hero, a category we might refer to as Chaotic Good, but instead leans towards at best Lawful Evil, something rare amongst the fictions I've read so far. His mentality is well fleshed-out and not just some sort of deus ex machina, happy-go-lucky ninny or cuckolded ball of emotion resulting from a single action, but is instead someone who, upon realizing the depth of humanity's depravity, came out broken but strong. This is an individual who gazed into the abyss and had the abyss gaze back. This alone makes this fiction well worth attention.

What's more, while the rest of the story has yet to progress terribly far, the story to-date and the unhurried, quality development of our main character and sub -characters herald great things to come. I look forward to seeing where the author goes with the story. The only caution I would grant the author is that there can be no darkness without light for darkness itself is a contrast.

A+ so far.

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Complete madness with no purpose other than destruction


I read all the chapters until now (18.08.2015) and it all is about a mc, that is too much of a coward to kill himself, and now that he got power he wants to kill everyone else, just because of his past.

He can KILL peaople for real in a VR game, the company apparently is killing all the people they do not like, and generally it looks like the story is one whole huge slauhter, with no purpose other than killing all people in the game. And the best is that noone notices it. Hundreds of real players die by the hand of the mc for real and nothing is reported about that.

This story just seems to be there to satisfy the authors desire for blood and carnage.

I cant't bring myself to call this a serious story, because a story needs a thought out plot, but this is just pure carnage from minute one.

But that is only my opinion.


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Hell of a job bro..keep it up..never ever stop.


Been searching for a while now for a MC like this :)


Found it and in love with it hahahaha

  • Overall Score

A incoherent story about whiny emo mc

Poor character development and a story that has gone nowhere slowly.

Kept at it because I wanted to find what the “tragic event” that happened in the past was and who “they” were that did terrible things…


After 30+ chapters, when you are still hiding the backstory and reason for your emo characters actions, you are not being intriguing, just annoying. Tell a damn story or  get out.


“you don’t know me, you don’t know what I’ve been through”

– whiny emo kid (i.e. mc)

  • Overall Score

I am really interested in how this plays out.

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It might just be because Im a sadist but I absolutely Love your vivid descriptions of the battles and the gore scenes. Keep up the good work

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This author understands how it is to be truly alone. This work resonates with me because he understands the lack of energy to leave bed, he understands how it is to be overshadowed to the point of desperation, he understands the numbness and pain that comes that comes to those who feel alone in a crowd.

I don’t know if the author has dealt with depression personally or has witnessed its affects up close. But this story unlike any other has truly spoken to me.

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I love it (it has only started but it should really be a 5 star)

The reason i gave it 3.5 stars is because its in the starting stages. This book has potential, lots of potential. The development of the character has just started. He should have problems controlling his anger causing harm or danger from attracting others until he finds like a monk or something. But man it’s your story go where your thoughts take you.


Keep dreaming, writing, and living. 

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I have read untill : Second Shift  Chapter 4 - into the darkness.

so far i really enjoy the story and the grammar is easy to read. the MC is cool,  I like 'Devil' Best :3 

Keep up the good work.