Songs of Legacies: Cavaron [Complete Draft]

by Gyfera

Original Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
Cavaron follows the story of a man as he travels worlds* or gets kidna-- er, summoned against his will on multiple occasions.

As Cavaron travels or gets kidna-- summoned, we will see his fairly chaotic life.

*Yes, WORLDS. As in many and not just one. Ever wonder what would happen if a summoned """"hero"""" gets kid-- summoned multiple times? Will they ever get tired of it?

***I re-read the first 16 chapters and figured I should rewrite it when I get a new PC.
Yes, I'm not writing this on a PC, but on my mobile. Everything on mobile, so pardon the quality since my thumbs are bigger than the keys, and will be bound to have quite a lot of mistakes.

***Getting lazy to fix the first 16. If you want to PR them, PM me with your edits.


KaosChild is my previous name. I now go as, Gyfera.
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Chapter 0 - Prologue(?) ago
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Chapter 10 ago
Chapter 11 ago
Chapter 12 ago
Chapter 13 - Ladenras Epilogue + Belfron Prologue ago
Chapter 14 ago
Chapter 15 ago
Chapter 16 ago
Chapter 17 ago
Chapter 18 ago
Chapter 19 ago
Chapter 20 ago
Chapter 21 ago
Chapter 22 ago
Chapter 23 ago
Chapter 24 ago
Chapter 25 ago
Chapter 26 ago
Chapter 27 ago
Chapter 28 - Belfron End ago
Compendium ago
Chapter 29 - Memories Start ago
Chapter 30 ago
Chapter 31 ago
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Chapter 66 ago
Chapter 67 - Edeortha Finale/Epilogue ago
Chapter 68 - Terra (Earth) Prologue Rewrite ago
Chapter 69 Rewrite ago
Chapter 70 Rewrite ago
Chapter 71 Rewrite ago
Chapter 72 ago
Chapter 73 ago
Chapter 74 ago
Chapter 75 ago
Chapter 76 ago
Not a chapter. Characters so far ago
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  • Overall Score

Love this story....

Other than a few holes in the MC this story is awesome:)

  • Overall Score

Very interesting premise that reminds me  of Moorcock's eternal champion.
The grammar is fine much better that I'm used to.

For the author.
The story , world and characters need a little more description as things can get somewhat confusing.

  • Overall Score

Really enjoyed this so far. The repeated summoning allows to pack stories more densely and leaves no time for filler-chapters.

I do find it a bit strange however, that Cavaron's strenght seems to vary quite a bit.

  • Overall Score

Ain't no rest for the wicked

This is a fun story.  The author puts out chapters of decent length.  The story is well written, the few minor grammar mistakes and errors in word choice issues don’t detract from the enjoyability.  Purposefully swithches between first and third person narative at times and maintains a distinct “voice” in each perspective.  If this were a book, I’d recommend buying it.

  • Overall Score

Hi!! Are you not going to make Cavaron a little bit happy in his life?? All i read are maidens lost in love. Too bad for him. 

  • Overall Score
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Like it, please keep it up!

Just fix a few problems with the characters, if you really know where you are going I'm happy.


  • Overall Score

Good story so far, easy to read and with decent grammar. Would like for the characters to be made a bit more in depth, they feel kinda shallow, but it's not exagerated. Working a bit more on the character development should be a bit more in depth. 


In short keep up the good work.

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

Really really really Liking this!!

This is one great story!  I don’t care what anyone thinks about an OP MC, I just like this one!

I salute every authors on this site and this is one story that I really like. Although I’m not really cut out to give an advanced review (sorry I’m lazy :p ), I like the concept of getting summoned to multiple worlds. I hope for a better development with the story and more characters. Hopefully another “Love one” for Cavaron besides Aisha.


Overall I seriously recommend this story as it’s one of the few “Hidden Gems” here in RRL.


Kudos Gyfera! Keep it up! ?

  • Overall Score
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This story has very badly balanced pace.

"Plot" is done in 1-2 chapters and then we get 4 stupid chapters where NOTHING REALLY HAPPENS (and thats how cycle continues)


example: 2 chapters how MC kills evil king... then 4 stupid chapters of how MC is trying to sell gem to make some money (so goddamned annoying!) ... then 2 chapters of "plot" (rebellion suppresion)... then 3 irritating chapters of politics and changes of POV to useless characters we will never ever hear about again!! 


I cant recommend this.

  • Overall Score

its descent enough for a novel but i cant really say i enjoyed it ... i just cant find something that will make wow... or something that will attract readers ...  well this will do for pass time