Ouroboros (Dropped)

by BurningBookworm

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Horror Psychological Romance Tragedy
Warning This fiction contains mature content
An old man dies, satisfied with his life. Yet he does not find himself descending into either oblivion nor hell fire as expected. Instead he find himself facing a man in a top hat.

Follow his tale as the old man now lives countless lives, trying to honor the last wish of his long lost love.

This is my take on a reincarnation tale, and is meant as a break from my more heavy and plotted story. As with many other authors I have found that I need a break from my main story every once in a while and it will therefore have a highly irregular schedule.

This story will be very mature, including both sex and graphic violence.
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Just putting up a reviw

I might be a bit biased because i like this category, but i thought that this was pretty good. There were no real glaring grammatical errors, and i the whole mother of learning style fiction.