Original Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
Civilizations rise and fall. Battles are fought with the fate of the whole continent on the line. Each day is a battle for survival, a battle against creatures so vile they corrode the air itself.
Swords clash, Magic is cast, powers clash, weapons break and there is blood.
So much blood it paints the ground with the memory of desperation and death. Cities burn down to the ground, their ashes scattered in the wind.

The creation of this world, this Virtual Reality took years of Research and commitment. The people of the modern age are bored, lazy. There is no thread to them so they create their own conflicts and finally create a world full of it.
Conflict against beasts and Monsters, conflict amongst sentient races, battles and treasure… and unimaginable dangers.

That is NeoPangea. A continent where beasts unseen by the modern world roam.

Follow the players in this world as a cataclysmic event challenges everything they knew about the world and a never seen before crisis befalls the planet.

EDIT: I'm currently in my exam phase and very busy studying. Therefore I'm putting this novel on hold for now! But despair not! I shall be back!
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The Summary contain spoiler, but i like your story. Just hope to remake interesting summary cuz i'm almost skip these awesome story

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I know nothing yet, but knowing of the last fiction this author made I have high expectations of its quality, I only hope updates are not very slow, for now ill follow!

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First fiction like this I ever read :3!

Uhm.. o.o I like the story and for now I'll just follow it to  give a better review!

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I wish people would not drop light novels like this when there is no ending