The tales of the Arch-necromancer

by chaosmik

Original Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Martial Arts Supernatural
Fujiwara Hikage was your average student. With one exception he could see and talk to ghosts and spirits! One day,while trying to save a woman who was about to be raped, he died. However that was not the end. When he opened his eyes, he was in a white and empty space and there he met a strange but gorgeous woman claiming to be a Goddess of death! Apparently, because of a clerical error, he was born on Earth when he should have been born in a different world. A world of swords and magic, of heroes and demon lords, the fantasy-like world of Gaeia. Now, reincarnated in this new world as a member of the dark elves race, known for their longevity and enormous power and talent for the dark arts, he must brave this world. Luckily, he has been put in is new world possessing abilities that far surpass those of the average individual, a true cheat-like character. Well, not everything can be solved with power alone, as he will learn.
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Will you continue writing? The story and setting is pretty interesting in my opinion and I would be happy to read more.

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Could you write some more chapters?

It seems very interesting, i would like to see how the story continues. Oh, and my compliments to whoever did your cover art, he looks very sexy. ; )

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Good please write more, nice op MC

please write more im interested to see how this works out