The Secret Chronicler

by BlazingKyogre

Original Fantasy Sci-fi Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
In 2041, the very first virtual reality game has been released and a VRMMORPG at that. Many waited for it since 3 years. The story focuses on a young man, whose excuse goal is to search for friends while playing the game. His ultimate goal is actually to have fun with the game and exploit as much as possible. While his adventure start by falling from the sky then easy he realized that he has been given a one-time very difficult secret class. A class that plegdes him to write the history of the game's universe. Follow his adventures or rather misadventures as a main or side character in the past,present or future histories of the game as he sees more and manipulates the game world to his liking. But I don't know whether he'll develop.

Note: Added Mature tag because I'm not sure if describing murdering rabbits is tame.
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