Long Island

by TwoFeet

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Virtual Reality
Long Island was not the first virtual reality game or to say a VRMMORPG. Not the one which changed the world and became a legend. No, it was made when there were lots (quite a few) of virtual reality games already on the market. Each game had its own unique AI feature, its own unique adventure, promising everyone a chance to become King, if not a God. In such a time Long Island was made. Just a little different, just a little unique.

A normal guy was starting his own adventure, in life and in game.

Note - Adding a cover made by someone I connected through wattpad: @DameCarnelian. Just a warning, it is not an accurate representation. The ship is not Raka's ship so avoid any confusion in that regard.
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Leader of Penguins
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1: Beginning - I ago
Chapter 2: Beginning - II ago
Chapter 3: First Step! ago
Chapter 4: Starting School ago
Chapter 5: Training Begins! ago
Chapter 6: On top of the hill ago
Chapter 7: Rabbit and..... ago
Chapter 8: Return ago
Chapter 9: Wating... ago
Chapter 10: Magic Institute ago
Chapter 11: Burning! ago
Chapter 12: Learning some more! ago
Chapter 13: A step forward! ago
Chapter 14: The Hunt! ago
Chapter 15: The Clan! ago
Chapter 16: Thelmova ago
Chapter 17: Old and New! ago
Chapter 18: The Good, the Annoying and the Irritating ago
Chapter 19: Calm before the storm ago
Chapter 20: Bon Voyage! ago
Chapter 21: Dance of the Kraken ago
Chapter 22: The Interview ago
Chapter 23: Back Again... ago
Chapter 24: Experiments and Results ago
Chapter 25: The Fight! ago
Chapter 26: Preparations ago
Chapter 27: Fellon ago
Chapter 28: Sea God ago
Chapter 29: A Storm and a Boat ago
Need a ship name ago
Chapter 30: Captain ago
Chapter 31: Fate ago
Chapter 32: Understanding ago
Chapter 33: Coincidence ago
Chapter 34: A long journey's end ago
Chapter 35: Hya'cinth ago
Chapter 36: A new beginning ago
Chapter 37: Confusion ago
Chapter 38: The conference begins ago

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Don't forget this ff! This is one of the best stories here!

Even though this story is on rank 25+, this story deserves more than what it is now.   The story is carefully written, the grammar is good also. If you, the reader, want something that takes step by step then you should read this. The MC in this story is not so OP, he makes his way through the game by using hard work and his intellectual abilities.   If you still haven't read it yet, go read it cause it's one of the best. :3
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Quite good and shows hard work and spirit and also a story that combines two worlds: our and Long Island.
  • Overall Score
What can I say? The story cast a line and somehow it hooked a fish. I was sold.
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My review. First 'proper' review that I feel is needed.

This, so far (I am only on chapter 17 as of this review), has been one of the better stories I have read on this site. Frankly..A lot of the others are seemingly written by children at best and horny teenagers. Harem harem harem wherever you look, but that's a whole other rant I wont go in to. This is my review for THIS story.. And I have to say, it is definitely top notch. I wont however give it 5 stars for everything, but it is damn close.


Style-wise, it is good but not perfect. I found some things I couldn't quite grasp at some points where things just don't flow as well as they could.. It's hard to explain and I feel like it might just be a personal issue I have with it since for the 'most' part, the style is quite good. Especially in comparison to some other series on RRL.


Story is great. Personally though..This story could be an original. The author could remove the parts regarding to Royal Road completely and add his own flair without taking away from this series at all. In fact I think it would ADD to the story if the author made it his own completely. This "game" and the story and characters surrounding it are so much BETTER than Royal Road (LMS) in so many ways. And there is so much potential for it if that link was broken entirely. It is unique in so many cool ways.I really feel the author should consider revamping the story somewhat, cutting ties with the whole'fan-fiction' aspect of it and making this in to an original work. As it is there are barely any links to LMS/Royal Road, so it wouldn't take too much to do it either.. Only a bit of editing to the backstory.


Grammar. I found next to no flaws in this. As someone who prides myself in my own personal works, I tend to be a bit meticulous when it comes to grammar. This author has done a great job considering each chapter length as we get further in to the series and how much effort is put in to it. Obviously there is the occasional flaw or typo and sometimes a few lines that don't really fit well.. But overall this has some of the best grammar I have seen by far.


Character. Not much to say for this..But I'm definitely a fan. Not sure how I feel about the MC submitting to his parents so much though. It doesn't really fit his character at this point, especially the more her gets in to his college and paying the game. I believe he should definitely be trying more to split away from such controlling people. He has such high willpower everywhere else, it should bleed more into his daily life and interactions with people in my opinion. Especially his parents. They are the worst type..Over protective and controlling in so many ways, but also very caring. Too caring unfortunately. The MC needs to work on changing and toning it down while also doing it in a way that keeps them close.


Overall I give the series 5 stars, with a bit of variation on the advanced ratings. Keep up the good work man..Definitely worth continuing the series so hopefully you don't go dropping it randomly like many other authors on this site.. And please don't turn it in to a harem or anything like many idiots on here probably want. There's no need for it at all. All it will do is detract from the story and character development. IF there is to be a relationship, make it monogamous.. It fits so much better, and keeps the actual story on track.

  • Overall Score

There's something special in this story

There's something special in this story, a kind of magic that just want to be unraveled. Maybe not the best story, because there's no clear goal and the pace is a bit slow, but it is a good read nonetheless. Not the best, but far from the worst. The writing quality is good and the grammar too. The world building is different enough from the usual LMS-type to be enjoyable. In the end it mostly not match my personal preference closely enough. Definitely try it out, maybe you'll like it.
Keep up the good work author-sama!!

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Love this NON-Love story

First of all, I like this story so I’ll post a review.


Style- I like the style, it’s neither demeaning nor condensing.

Story- A very good story, perhaps one of the best out there, but I always point out what I feel so, I can’t quite put my finger into it, but there’s honestly something missing in the story. I’ll explain later.

Grammar- Good most of the time, some mistakes here and there but if your not vigilant enough I doubt you’ll notice it.

Character- A good character, That’s it…. He’s a good guy, which is actually very rare in FF’s I’ve read so far.


Summary: A very good story, no need to rewrite.


What  I feel about the story: I honestly like this story, but I feel like there’s something missing.

On popular FF’s I notice they always have some sort of strong drive or goal to fulfill.

Here are some examples:

Weed/ARK- their drive is money, their goal is to support their family.

Zhan Long- His drive is to protect someone, also it’s his job which he really likes.

Sword Art Online(1st Ark)- their drive is to struggle and survive.


But as far as I can see(mind you no offense), the drive of the protagonist is basically Playing an interesting game to be able to fulfill his school requirement by having a good topic to discuss. Now don’t get me wrong, I like the story but it would be great if finishing school isn’t his goal but a means to his goal.


But whatever, still following this FF cuz it’s interesting….

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It has good potential and the plot is nice.
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an interesting world with an unique mechanismen for gaining skills love it!
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One of my favorite ! A must read ! I have great hope for the MC, it's an amazing world, amazing plot, and really like your style ! In a few world, i'am a fan =D Thanks for the sharing this story with us =)
  • Overall Score
Its fun at the beginning and gets even more fun to read as the story progresses. Can't wait for more