Reincarnation: First Monster

by Alzeroth

Original Action Adventure Fantasy Harem
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
Names. To most humans and other savory and less savory creatures, they are important–-an integral part of whom they are. To me, however, it is quite trivial, especially so when you have a strange ability to reincarnate. But that's the least of my problems, considering the life-threatening training and tribulations I have to go through as a baby. Did I also mention that my current mother is a dragon?

Warning: Can get quite bloody later on and an indifference to killing and sexual content in the future
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Volume 1 (Chapter 1-6) ago
Volume 1 (Chapter 7-12) ago
Volume 1 (Chapter 13-15) ago
End of Volume 1 (Chapter 16-18) ago
Volume 2 (Chapter 1-3) ago
Volume 2 (Chapter 4) ago
Volume 2 (Chapter 5) ago
Volume 2 (Chapter 6) ago
Volume 2 (Chapter 7) ago
Map of Valian Continent and Character List ago
Volume 2 (Chapter 8) ago
Volume 2 (Chapter 9) ago
Volume 2 (Chapter 10) ago
Volume 2 (Chapter 11) ago
Volume 2 (Chapter 12) ago
Volume 2 (Chapter 13) ago
Volume 2 (Chapter 14) ago
Volume 2 (Chapter 15) ago
Volume 2 (Chapter 16) ago
Volume 2 (Chapter 17) ago
Volume 2 (Chapter 18) ago
Volume 2 (Chapter 19) ago
Volume 3 (Chapter 1) ago
Volume 3 (Chapter 2) ago
Volume 3 (Chapter 3) ago
Volume 3 (Chapter 4) ago
Volume 3 (Chapter 5) ago
Volume 3 (Chapter 6) ago
Volume 3 (Chapter 7) ago
Volume 3 (Chapter 8) ago
Volume 3 (Chapter 9) ago
Volume 3 (Chapter 10) ago
Volume 3 (Chapter 11) ago
Volume 3 (Chapter 12) ago
Volume 3 (Chapter 13) ago
Volume 3 (Chapter 14) ago
Volume 3 (Chapter 15) ago
Volume 3 (Chapter 16) ago
Volume 3 (Chapter 17) ago
Volume 3 (Chapter 18) ago
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  • Overall Score

C'mon, people lacking discernment ...
I always saw him as the Alzeroth wanted to pass as an MC unemotional and often wondered how he was well and with a divine curiosity.

Now because of you that have given identity 'friu' and 'heartless', it is gone forever.

It goes my favorite ff ...

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Great Story. Been reading other reviews..

 I wont give 5 stars mainly because nothing is perfect! :D However i see some reviews that supposedly talk about in depth to the character and story that is "lame". Which is not true! Each chapter brings out more Verath's personality and traits as an ex-human and (SPOILER) now a dragon fused with other souls. Yeesh the MC's "indifference" is what makes him more interesting instead the intellectual and more street common sense. He reincarnates into a dragon what do you think? He's not gonna be a weak MC but rather still learning about more of the world that still hold secrets. The adult Verath gives perspective that he is alone right now besides the half-vamp and makes the reader question "Why is he just chilling there? Where is everyone else? what happened?" Its the journey and not the Destination as they say that gives more meaning. 


Grammar is excellent and wide variety of vocabulary.


Story is mostly Original and has a uniqueness to it. Mind it he does become a dragon really obvious he will become one of the more top predators in the world. Perhaps there are even more OP monsters and beings that hasnt been introduced yet. I dont know.. and that what i like because there is a sense of mystery to it and more than meets the eye scenarios. Little subtle hints here and there.

Character: An inhabitant of the original world  and so no he doesnt have other worldly knowledge. But thats the attractive part to it. His character will only develop more and show more emotion or less sympathy. Afterall he is a Dragon. 


If one turned into a dragon permanently then of course they will develop quirks that comes with the body. 

Also to the reviewers that are giving a negative review dont know how expansive this story is going to be. It seems enormous. I like it! :D

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I am an avid reader of this novel and I really loved it.

Hence I felt that I should write an advanced review that reflects my honest views.

This is my first advanced review. Do pardon my limited vocabulary.

Firstly, I think most readers can agree that the grammar for this novel is amazing and definitely of high standard for a ff. (4.5 stars) 

Secondly, as others have pointed out, there are some unaddressed loose ends with the story. Though they do not seem very important, it kind of feels pointless and somewhat redundant to include them in the story in the first place. But other than that, the world building and lore is highly detailed, carefully planned and in my opinion, very well-done. The story line is definitely intricately carved with surprises at every turn. (4 stars)

Next, I do not have a clear definition for style but I must say that I like the way Alzeroth writes. Specifically, I like how Alzeroth can mercilessly kill off characters and sacrifice them to develop the main character. I also like his battle scenes which are exciting and coherent enough to make me actually read them word for word instead of finding it tiring and skipping it. I think this is Alzeroth's strong point and I would gladly give him 5 stars for style.

Finally, I know that there are large disagreements regarding the characters in this novel. However, in my humble opinion, Verath (the MC) is definitely not boring or cannot be connected with. In fact, I feel that Verath is actually a highly complex character capable of feeling conflicting emotions, masked by indifference. Note that the author did say that Verath has dampened emotions, not zero emotions. Verath definitely can feel sadness and even fear, as exemplified in some of the scenes. Sometimes I think that Verath himself is denying these emotions. Do consider that the novel is written in the first person POV. That is why I think the recent contract with the fire elemental is a brilliant way to further develop Verath's character. I think that character development also justifies the killing of side characters that we become attached too. In fact, I think that it is a highly effective method to achieve character growth and Alzeroth can surely improve upon this aspect, by making the growth slightly more obvious to the readers. Thus, I would also give 5 stars for characters. 

Overall, this novel has definitely been highly entertaining and has so much potential to become even better. Even if you do not like it, one cannot deny the fact that Alzeroth has definitely put in a lot of time and effort to write this novel.

Therefore, thank you Alzeroth.

I'll definitely continue reading your works!



  • Overall Score

This is by far one of my favorite fanfictions or LN out there. I really enjoy the plot and I really like the idea of a MC who isn’t too emotional and is more calculating, who starts to get some emotions (not to the point of basing all of his decisions on emotions lol). Anyways, I hope that the rewrite goes well and that you don’t change too much.

  • Overall Score

Seriously, i miss this fiction soo much.............. :(

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In regards to style it is somewhat varied. With some arcs being dramatic and entertaining, whilst others are somewhat mellowed. A nice way to add a bit of contrast though make sure to stay consistent. Story is flawless. Its a unique exciting idea. I can imagine the world which is always a tick. I click on the "next chapter" button eagerly. + a piece of me died when I realised I had caught up to your writing(update soon please :3 ). So nothing I can complain about here. Grammar is near perfect. With a few repeated words as stated by a previous review. And sometimes you mix a word up with something else. However this is by no means a criticism. Because I know how hard it is to make a piece grammatically perfect. I suspect this review alone will have several......Dozens. Character is perhaps my only........not really a word for what I want to say. What I mean is that your main is non relate able. I understand that your story doesn't really allow that but I sometimes feel that your character just accepts things too easily. However you have explained this by dulling his senses. So all in all I can understand it. Which is why you got such a high score. Even if it is the lowest of the 4. (advanced review sections) OVERALL: AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Don't let my slight critiques get you down. Keep writing and entertain me please. I have enjoyed every minute of it. So keep updating because I will be following!  
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There really isn’t anything bad to say about this story. the character starts off pretty empty but the series of events that happen to him start to fill him up with emotion, though not as powerful of emotions as a normal person might have. Thats just his overall character type. 

The story is far better planned out than one would expect, in fact it’s good enough to be a published work. there are some deaths that stand out and some time skips but overall it just adds to the depth of the story and shows the reader just how much the writer has thought about his work. there are odd spelling mishaps but they aren’t there because they didn’t know how to spell, but because they probably typed too fast and over looked it, professional writers make to same mistake. 

I guess i’m trying to say that this was well done, far exceeds the work of a novice writer and is an all together good read. I’d buy it.

  • Overall Score
Nothing to add except that I will be waiting for more of this awesome work.    :)
  • Overall Score
      i like this one.      
  • Overall Score
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I really like this ff.