The Soul of MorningStar

by maia

Original Adventure Drama Slice of Life Virtual Reality
MorningStar is a player in a virtual reality game and a mystery some people will pay a lot of money to unravel. He got the world in an uproar when he appeared in the middle of a war and single-handedly change the tides.
He looks just like an angel with his feathery red wings and his gorgeous face. But wait! he says that he isn't an angel. Then, What is he?
Read as he tells the story of his life and the many hardships that led him to become who he is.

Beware! strong language, maybe mature content in the distant future.
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue When the impossible becomes possible ago
Chapter 2 Curisosity killed the cat but changed the elf ago
Chapter 1 First connection to the Soul ago
Chapter 3 Revenge is a dish best served in public ago
Chapter 3.5 A teacher's job ago
Chapter 4 An absence can cost a lot ago
Chapter 5 And here comes the new plague of my life ago
Chapter 5.5 A friend's wish ago
Chapter 6 Finally some training ago
Chapter 7 The first group activity ago
Chapter 8 The graduation gift ago
Chapter 8.5 A master's duty ago
Chapter 9 Broken ago
Chapter 10 The path of Evolution part 1 ago
Chapter 11 The path of evolution part 2 ago
Chapter 12 To new companions and troubles (not edited) ago
Chapter 13 It's a secret ago
author's notes, questions, answers, announcement and ramblings ago
Chapter 14 The best day so far ago
chapter 14.5 A stalker's resolution ago
Chapter 15 A new game ago
Chapter 16 Lesson to learn and mishaps to avoid ago
Chapter 17 The start of the end ago
Chapter 18 The new acolyte of Althasia (not edited) ago
On hiatus ago
Chapter 19 Demons and assorted troubles part 1 ago
Chapter 20 Demons and assorted troubles part 2 ago
Chapter 21 Well, obviously ago
Chapter 22 Isn't something missing? ago
Chapter 22.5 Five wolves in the town ago
Chapter 23 Rescue in smoke and fire (not edited) ago
characters list ago
Skill list ago
Chapter 24 Gods and assorted troubles part 1 (not edited) ago
chapter 25 Gods and assorted troubles part 2 ago
Chapter 26 To quote the Plague “It's a secret.” (not edited) ago
Chapter 27 Decisions, decisions ago
Chapter 28 Down the rabbit hole... ago
Chapter 29...daddy's waiting ago
Chapter 30 His name is MorningStar ago
Chapter 31 The last straw ago
Chapter 32 Meltdown ago
no chapters this week (Updated) ago
Chapter 33 Family affairs ago
Chapter 34 Therapy ago
Chapter 35 Welcome to TownCity ago
Chapter 36 I want answers, now ! ago
not a chapter but some explanations ago
Chapter 37 What they want ago
Chapter 38 Options (not edited) ago
Chapter 38.5 A psychiatrist's work part 1 ago
Chapter 38.5 A psychiatrist's work part 2 ago
Chapter 38.5 A psychiatrist's work part 3 (Not edited) ago
Chapter 39 What I want ago
Chapter 40 News better left unknown ago

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I quite like it so far.  Most of the fanfics on this site seem to either forget that the MC lives in two separate yet connected worlds, or they just choose to throw the "real" world out the window with reincarnation or something of that nature.  On the other hand, you are keeping that dual-life in the forefront so far.  My main worry would be that the two worlds you are creating seem to be diverging in the latest chapters, so if you aren't careful this could just become two separate stories shoved into one.  That isn't necessarily a bad thing though as one could be showing the societal pressure to assimilate while the other could be the window to the MC's soul (doesn't have to be specifically that, but you get my point I hope...). Other than that, some of the minor characters need some fleshing out.  I'm betting that will come with more chapters though as you already showed you are willing to pursue that with the late teacher/best friend PoV chapters.  So both my critiques aren't really things that are wrong, they are just my worries over what could go wrong in a story that has barely begun!  I'll just shut up now and wait to see where you go with this...
  • Overall Score

wow how could i have miss this great piece of epic story

i have read almost all the readable story on this site beside this one. i am so surprise how good of a job you did. keep it up please
  • Overall Score

 I don't know what it exactly is since i am forgetting why I find this so interesting (uploading speed is a bit too slow for my memory to keep up), but since we already know where the story is heading, is this making me very excited for the future. Even though the story is pretty random so far, but this also means that you never know what to expect.

  • Overall Score
The prologue and the first chapter got me interested. Then i read the next few chapters, and all i could think was: WTF did i just read? It wasn't bad, actually it was quite funny. But the extent of the humor was so much that throughout i had a tough time keeping a straight face. my only comment on this could be: WTF did i just read??????
  • Overall Score
Great prologue. When I read it I was instantly interested and eagerly waiting for more. The MC seemed cool and the plot was fairly unique, which is a nice change. But after the prologue things, for me, went downhill. Every chapter after the prologue included more and more drama from the 'real world'. I wanted to see the MC in the VR world, personally I could care less about his 'real world' problems and I'm not one for a bunch of drama either, no offense. So I'll be skimming through the chapters until the story really gets started.
  • Overall Score
I love your story, it's so unique and interesting, the character is intriguing and makes me laugh. I love your work, by the far the my favourite fanfic. Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
  • Overall Score



Definitely liked it.

  • Overall Score

Too much nonsense unrealistic drama (in RL) just to build up a revenge plot(just so reader can get on the MC side..==). The MC suppose to be smart right? Since he getting good grade and stuff but he just give in on everything? Don't want to beat a dead horse but I think most people expect to read more VR since this site started from LMS and all. I can't read pass ch6...but good luck to you all the same! 

  • Overall Score

Even with the HIatus, i noticed that my love did not decrease so i submited a review! i hope for moar... please!

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My favorite ff on this site

I have read dozens of novels on this site and am following 15 of them. Og all the ones I am reading this is my favorite.

The story is great. The characters are great.

I love the idea of showing the end at the beginning. It reminds me of star wars the force unleashed, you get to see how powerful he will become.

I also love the ability to load you characters from game to game.

Some people don’t like how we see in and outside the game. But I love it.


Thank you for this novel it is great.