Empire at War

by Meakashi

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

From the ashes of strife heroes will rise to glory and immortality. The Eternal Empire of Zenter is torn in a civil war in the wake of the Mad Emperor Eugeios Ohm Zenter's bid to engrave his name in history by unifying the entire continent of Yggdra under human rule. This results in a civil war between those who oppose the extermination of the peaceful mythical races inhabiting Yggdra, and those loyal to the empire. The Mad Emperor's death from a sickness he kept hidden all his life years later, with his endeavor unfinished, sets the stage for an era of chaos. Ambitions awaken not only within court officials and local feudal lords, but also in common soldiers, who see the opportunity to rise to power and glory. Lahya Eventyr, one of two only surviving members of the royal family of the Ljosalfar, the Light Elves, resurfaces after years of slavery, and sets out to find her younger brother. Her actions set destiny in motion and will shape the fate of the entire empire.

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RRL Rating Trolls at its finest.

OK. What the hell. This story isn't that bad to warrant 2.5. Honestly I would rate it 3.5. Not exactly my cup of tea but still a good enough to try.