Original Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
A demon lord addresses a crowd in his final moments. A crowd consisting of family, friends, enemies and curious bystanders. However he is killed moments before he can name a successor, leaving those he once thought as loyal, grasping at the fragments of his dying kingdom.
Apparently reborn the demon lord is raised by a loving but powerless couple in a fractured world created by those he once considered his retinue. Where he learns the horrors that befalls those without power.

Starts off slow though will speed up in the future.

Contains mature themes. Tags, especially the mature tag are there for a reason.

10,000 - 25,000 word chapters.
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Author is good at expressing

The first chapter of the story are full of expressions , it feels like im the MC right there and then. I'll follow this ff and make this ff my favorite. Thank you for sharing your writings "bows"
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New and Exciting Title

I'm always pleasantly surprised when I find a really good ff before it has become popular.


The author makes good use of the reincarnation genre by having the MC reincarnate in the same world after his death threw the kingdom into chaos.  I enjoy the change of perspective and the change he undergoes by having a loving family.  


Keep writing this.  It's really good.

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Style: You write well with each scene flowing well to the next. Story: The definite selling point. Resurrection is popular right now and I'm glad it is because  its my favourite. From what I have seen so far its pretty unique, keep it up. Grammar: No real problems except for perhaps the spacing. But you pretty much fixed that. Character: I gave this a four because  you have only just started. Though be sure to flesh out the character as he grows older. Overall: Perhaps i should have given a 4 but you have only just started and this story has a potential to be really good. Hope to see more soon.
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Solid story, good read.

Full member of The Group.

I wrote this review a few days ago, but forgot to post it. 

Though the premise of the story, the reincarnation of a demon king, is not a new one, it’s done fairly well. Anybody who likes Re: stories or overpowered protagonists will probably enjoy it.


As far as style goes, there’s some room for improvement. The author often tells, more than he shows us what happens. Additionally he uses the passive voice quite often. Those are very common mistakes (especially for amateur writers) and are present in many fictions on this site, but they also diminish the reader’s enjoyment.


Sometimes it seems the author isn’t sure if he wants to write casual or more formal. Deliberate or not, it’s irritating at times.


A quick tip for the author here. If you want to explain something, don’t use phrases like “a quick interjection”, it rips the reader out of the world you create and feels out of place. Additionally it gets pretty annoying because you use the same phrase over and over again.


The story itself is solid and interesting. The pacing is rather fast and sometimes there is simply too much information in a short amount of time, which makes it feel rushed.


The quality of dialogue fluctuates, but it’s generally good, although there are chapters with hardly any conversation.

There are a few mistakes in grammar and spelling, but it rarely interferes with the flow of the story, which makes it easy to overlook them.


What’s more frustrating is the inconsistencies in the main character. One moment he has more power than his demon king self, then he is scared of some soldier. He kills off an army and then almost gets killed by a mere, maybe strong, demon.

[spoiler] Btw: “Forgetting” and then “remembering” is just lazy writing.

He cares enough for his family to totally black out when one of them is dying and to slaughter everything around him, but then he can’t be bothered to go looking for them although he supposedly has the strength to do so (probably, it’s not well enough explained for us to know).


So either the MC changes personalities or he is not presented very well, so we, the readers, can’t understand his current position.


Apart from the main character there exist a few supporting ones, but they don’t have very much depth to them, though that could be attributed to the fact, that so far this fiction isn’t very long.


All in all it’s a good read, it doesn’t stand out too much as it has clear flaws, but its story is interesting enough to let you hope for further releases. It’s written well with few mistakes and if you can overlook some issues, you’ll have fun with this.

As of now 6 chapters have been released and they are rather long, so it’s worth a look for all fans of reincarnation stories. [S]


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Five star Characters

Do you ever wonder what “true five star characters” are like? These are character that feel more real than the people around you.  They move and behave in a natural way that you believe their world is real.  This author has an godly talent in creating “demons” and “humans”.  As the self appointed leader of the demon genre fan club,  I can see this is one of the best stories in the genre.  The chapters are extremely large for royalroadl so I except everyone will enjoy. Thanks author for bringing this world to life.


Truly a beautiful story that I recommend to the masses.especially those demon fans


Extra Tags: Demon King, ReBirth, Magic School, Military School, Nobles, Royalty, Family

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It's good and will probably get even better

First chapter is quite good, I like your style of writting and didn't see much to the grammar except for some spacing here and there and a 's after a word that shouldn't be there. The character... can't really rate that much but he used to be a Demon King, that is good, and it looks like he's learning how life was for other people as well, that's also good, I'll give 3,5 just because there isn't that much development right now but I think you'll have much more later!   About the story, I only rate three because I don't like rebirth stories that much, and of course because the demon king setting is used quite often, I don't read much rebirth stories because I usually don't like them that much as I said but I still gave you a 3 because I think it could get better later, besides... the part of the Jinn sure made me cringe myself at the character, that means you described the situation quite well! I thought he was really badass at that moment and could get much better later!   I'll follow, keep updating please :D
The Iron Dragon
  • Overall Score

When i started reading it I was like *oh another reincarnation story...* ... but hell I didn't expect it to be so interesting.It has a few unique touches and once you start reading you can't let it go :D

A must read for the reincarnation fans out there

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I really like this ff please contunue to REGURLY update . As for the chapters the longer the better , more, more , MORE !!!!!!

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This fiction revisit the theme of the reincarnation of the demon lord, but gives it a surprising depth.

This story isn’t about some cheat playing around with his power

The main character is strong, aloof and learn about just life, something that he hadn’t known before.

But, he also learns the pleas of the weak, among them his loved ones.

Join us, watching him grow, slowly finding in himself the resolution to just change the Demonic Ways

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A really really touching story

This is a very well written story.
It has good grammar and a very nice story.
The author does a brilliant job in touching the emotions of readers…
You can really sympathize with the characters and I feel that this is what makes a ff great.
Please keep up the good work! :D