Kairos & the Snowdrifts

by Alan Tang

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Male Lead Martial Arts Secret Identity Strong Lead Xianxia

NOTE: This book is still in its first draft.

Which means, it has not been fully edited especially for the starting chapters.

This is a cultivation novel. Book 2 is complete.

*Update frequency: Hiatus until May for editing/rewriting purposes*

An exciting 武侠 story

修仙in a magical world

This is a light novel about Eastern-Inspired martial arts in a Western-styled magical world~ The protagonist is a poor student in an Empire that is running a caste system with an elitist mindset. When he discovered a new method of martial arts cultivation and shown amazing potential, he started to change the world around him. As Kairos becomes stronger, he unravel more from his past than he imagined possible.

Excerpt from book: “With blinding speed, the two clashed once more. The shockwave of their strikes lifted the dust in a circle around them and then blasted off into the surrounding. The small pebbles from the dust flew violently away from the two and into the bystanders forcing both Kairos’ team, and the further away Calculus’ team to defend themselves. Although they all manage to block the flying pebbles, the clash was exceedingly loud and overbearing, all the bystanders were sent reeling backwards from the sound. With 1 strike, the battle finally ended. At the conclusion of their final clash, Kairos kneeled down as blood poured down from his mouth. His shattered Swallow lying on the ground by his side as he held the ground to keep himself from falling. Calculus stood upright at a short distance away from Kairos and two deep tracks on the ground between them can be seen because he was forced backwards by the might of the clash”

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
(Prologue) Chapter 1: Saint Empire ago
Chapter 2: The Original Source ago
Chapter 3: Pure-Self Cultivation ago
Chapter 4: Fire Rune ago
Chapter 5: Of weapon Of self ago
Chapter 6: George of the mountain cat clan ago
Chapter 7: Show-Hand ago
Chapter 8: First Assignment ago
Chapter 9: Traps ago
Chapter 10: Orc Village ago
Chapter 11: The Warcry ago
Author notes: Please enjoy the story and expect chapters added frequently! ago
Chapter 12: Report ago
Chapter 13: Horde supression ago
Chapter 14: Heavenly Path ago
Chapter 15: The Ambush ago
Chapter 16: Formation of the bagua array ago
Chapter 17: The Front-line Archer ago
Chapter 18: The Berserker's pill ago
Chapter 19: D rank ago
Chapter 20: Northern Star Array ago
Chapter 21: The duel against Calculus ago
Chapter 22: Extraction Team ago
Chapter 23: Stopping the Orc march ago
Chapter 24: Starfire formation (玄火星辰阵) ago
Chapter 25: The herald of fury ago
Chapter 26: The unstoppable War Chief ago
Chapter 27: New friends ago
Chapter 28: Brothers ago
Chapter 29: The recovery(?) ago
Chapter 30: Mission report ago
Chapter 31: Martial arts ago
Character data and other information ago
Chapter 32: To take East hill ago
Chapter 33: Luciette's raid ago
Chapter 34: The dragon's strategy, the phoenix's tactics ago
Chapter 35: A duel for the kitty ago
Chapter 36: Secret Arts ago
Chapter 37: Nearly bald ago
Chapter 38: The scent of War ago
Chapter 39: Editing your own martial arts? ago
Chapter 40: A grim situation, a grim reminder ago
Chapter 41: A prelude to the siege ago
Chapter 42: Can we settle this by talking? ago
Chapter 43: Probably not a good idea after all ago
Chapter 44: True Holy Dragon ago
Chapter 45: Soul Slips ago
Chapter 46: Jim's battle ago
Chapter 47: A Siege with strategy, fierce combat, and fun ago
Chapter 48: On the path towards conquering the 9 heavens! ago
Chapter 49: First room ago
Chapter 50: Soul Resonance ago
Chapter 51: The 10 days siege ago
Chapter 52: Duel for Honor ago
Chapter 53: War under the canopy ago
Chapter 54: Blood feud ago
Chapter 55: 5 sided battle ago
Chapter 56: What genius means ago
Chapter 57: Calculus must die! ago
Chapter 58: One exits ago
Chapter 59: 5 Secret arts ago
Chapter 60: Hide & Seek ago
Chapter 61: You are our benefactor! ago
Chapter 62: Overturn the tide and secure victory ago
Chapter 63: The Origin manual targeted! ago
Chapter 64: The new soul force user ago
Chapter 65: Temper the flesh, refine the blood! ago
Chapter 66: The award ceremony (Part 1) ago
Chapter 67: The award ceremony (Part 2) ago
Chapter 68: Lets join the trade fair! ago
Chapter 69: Body tempering ago
Chapter 70: Behind the scenes ago
Chapter 71: Xuan Xian ago
Chapter 72: A closure and a new beginning ago
Chapter 73: Towards a future he wants ago
Chapter 74: Which faction? ago
Chapter 75: Trade fair (Part 1) ago
Chapter 76: Trade fair (Part 2) ago
Chapter 77: Trade fair (Part 3) ago
Chapter 78: Trade fair (Part 4) ago
Chapter 79: Trade fair (Part 5) ago
Chapter 80: Preparation for the holidays ago
Chapter 81: Trade federate ago
Chapter 82: Those from the North (Part 1) ago
Chapter 83: Those from the North (Part 2) ago
Chapter 84: Pet shop (Part 1) ago
Chapter 85: Pet shop (Part 2) ago
Chapter 86: Pet shop (Part 3) ago
Chapter 87: The contract beasts (Part 1) ago
Chapter 88: The contract beasts (Part 2) ago
Chapter 89: Testing crystal (Part 1) ago
Chapter 90: Testing crystal (Part 2) ago
Chapter 91: Combat Room (Part 1) ago
Chapter 92: Combat Room (Part 2) ago
Chapter 93: Combat Room (Part 3) ago
Chapter 94: Unprepared ago
Chapter 95: Because you called me your brother ago
Chapter 96: On the way home ago
Chapter 97: Yes I created those. Why? ago
Chapter 98: Counteract the poison ago
Chapter 99: Double agents ago
Chapter 100: Creation ability ago
Chapter 101: Friends with B rank ago
Chapter 102: The Carry's Mansion ago
Chapter 103: Lost Business Opportunities ago
Chapter 104: Viscount ago
Chapter 105: Home (Part 1) ago
Chapter 106: Home (Part 2) ago
Chapter 107: Home (Part 3) ago
Chapter 108: Home (Part 4) ago
Chapter 109: Home (Part 5) + Prelude [End of book 1] ago
Book 2, Chapter 110: The news from two brothers ago
Chapter 111: Aisa's gifts ago
Chapter 112: Discipleship (Part 1) ago
Chapter 113: Discipleship (Part 2) ago
Chapter 114: The Carry Mansion (Part 1) ago
Chapter 115: The Carry Mansion (Part 2) ago
Chapter 116: The Carry Mansion (Part 3) ago
Chapter 117: The Carry Mansion (Part 4) ago
Chapter 118: Returning to the mansion (Part 1) ago
Chapter 119: Returning to the mansion (Part 2) ago
Chapter 120: Dissecting the enemy ago
Chapter 121: War without blades ago
Chapter 122: Ling Er ago
Chapter 123: A present for the Devilhearts ago
Chapter 124: The ploy ago
Chapter 125: The Solitary Blades ago
Chapter 126: A game ago
Chapter 127: Cubic fruit ago
Chapter 128: Tiny Town ago
Chapter 129: The Adventurer's Guild ago
Chapter 130: The black forest (Part 1) ago
Chapter 131: The black forest (Part 2) ago
Chapter 132: The black forest (Part 3) ago
Chapter 133: The black forest Return (Part 1) ago
Chapter 134: The black forest Return (Part 2) ago
Chapter 135: The black forest Return (Part 3) ago
Chapter 136: The black forest Return (Part 4) ago
Chapter 137: The black forest Siege (Part 1) ago
Chapter 138: The black forest Siege (Part 2) ago
Chapter 139: The black forest Siege (Part 3) ago
Chapter 140: The black forest End (Part 1) ago
Chapter 141: The black forest End (Part 2) ago
Chapter 142: The black forest End (Part 3) ago
Chapter 143: The black forest End (Part 4) ago
Chapter 144: To the Silent Lambs Empire ago
Chapter 145: Flame art ago
Chapter 146: The border town incident ago
Chapter 147: Rielon, King of Thieves ago
Chapter 148: The Phrixus ago
Chapter 149: Vox Shalua ago
Chapter 150: The gamble (Part 1) ago
Chapter 151: The gamble (Part 2) ago
Chapter 152: The Treasures Pavilion (Part 1) ago
Chapter 153: The Treasures Pavilion (Part 2) ago
Chapter 154: The Treasures Pavilion (Part 3) ago
Chapter 155: The Treasures Pavilion (Part 4) ago
Chapter 156: Spirit Core ago
Chapter 157: Breaking in ago
Chapter 158: Syriong ago
Chapter 159: Battling the Guardian (Part 1) ago
Chapter 160: Battle the Guardian (Part 2) ago
Chapter 161: Raiding the Palace (Part 1) ago
Chapter 162: Raiding the Palace (Part 2) ago
Chapter 163: Raiding the Palace (Part 3) ago
Chapter 164: Indra Diethus Sovereignty ago
Chapter 165: The start of the chase ago
Chapter 166: Lost chase ago
Chapter 167: The Ghost Maw ago
Chapter 168: Enki (Part 1) ago
Chapter 169: Enki (Part 2) ago
Chapter 170: The Ghost Maw incident (Part 1) ago
Chapter 171: The Ghost Maw incident (Part 2) ago
Chapter 172: The Ghost Maw incident (Part 3) ago
Chapter 173: The Ghost Maw incident (Part 4) ago
Chapter 174: The Ghost Maw incident (Part 5) ago
Chapter 175: The Ghost Maw incident (Part 6) ago
Chapter 176: The soul lanterns ago
Chapter 177: Escaped ago
Chapter 178: Unable to flee ago
Chapter 179: Stratagems ago
Chapter 180: The Crystal Valve ago
Chapter 181: The 3 Curses ago
Chapter 182: Mana ago
Chapter 183: Lightning Pillar ago
Chapter 184: Mid grade B Rank ago
Chapter 185: Back in Aurolia ago
Chapter 186: The Phantoms arrive ago
Chapter 187: Duel ago
Chapter 188: Challenging the Phantoms ago
Chapter 189: The pill ago
Chapter 190: Martial Techniques (Part 1) ago
Chapter 191: Martial Techniques (Part 2) ago
Chapter 192: The Practice (Part 1) ago
Chapter 193: The Practice (Part 2) ago
Chapter 194: The return ago
Chapter 195: The Natural Laws ago
Chapter 196: Parting from Jones ago
Chapter 197: Flashback ago
Chapter 198: First move (Part 1) ago
Chapter 199: First move (Part 2) ago
Chapter 200: The ball (Part 1) ago
Chapter 201: The ball (Part 2) ago
Chapter 202: The ball (Part 3) ago
Chapter 203: Star Metal Insignia ago
204: The return ago
Chapter 205: Counterattack (Part 1) ago
Chapter 206: Counterattack (Part 2) ago
Chapter 207: Securing the bases ago
Chapter 208: True motive ago
Chapter 209: Assassination ago
Chapter 210: The First Prince ago
Chapter 211: Return to Saint Cadets Academy ago
Chapter 212: Earth [End of Book 2] ago

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  • Overall Score

Good story lacking background infomation

I found that the only problem with this story is the lack of background information of the main characters, maybe add a small backstory about then with their family's. Some people might complain about how the main characters understands a powerful and unique technique but i personally found no problem with that.  Other than that i found no issues. The story itself is good, the grammar and pace of the story is done well.


I am very interested to see how this turns out. please keep up the good work.

  • Overall Score

Found the story and binge read everything in 1 day lol love the series keep up the good work :)

  • Overall Score

hope always continue it like this...

thx for your hard work

  • Overall Score
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I don't really dislike this history, in truth, i loved it. But after 14 chapters i simply can't overcome this and continue reading. Maybe on a later date i will come back and finish, but not now. Spoiler*:






It just bugs me, how can a group of kids, 12 years old, with 6month worth experience  on the school (military academy? ) be so experienced on their unique roles, be it fighting, scouting, planting traps and baiting enemies, when 10days earlier they were just nobodies who could not even put a fight against anyone? Nobody on their 300 12 years old group knew their infamy of being lower then J rank, and puff. A five man group(five? dont remember very well, the characters have the same depth as my study table[at least until chap 14!]) suddently appears and they are all specialists on their on roles! And to not forget, with 6 months worth training with themselves and losing some battles against other teams. 

The other thing that bugs me: ' Alan Walker...(some other famous names)... Calculus, Alucard...'  It not brings humour to the history, just brings one thought to my mind: 'Is the author trolling us and planning to kill them all on a later date?' i thought the same reading 'Warlock of the Magus World' and all the troll names disappeared from the history. but seriously, on this one they are all alive and overcoming their age mentality of 12. It leaves a bad taste reading... A really bad taste.


Just to finish, by what i saw of the other reviews, if you dont mind those 2... no, just the first disturbing topic on the spoiler, this might be a really great history( i just stoped at chapter 14 so i can't really say, the style just seemed to be so good but...).

So... My main language is not english, forgive my any erros spotted.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Yet Another Cultivation McStory

The MC is a cookie cutter bore. The narrative style would be dry even for a textbook, while the dialoge style is slapstick and mechanical. Universe exposition is tedious and vague. The grammar is halfway decent assuming the author is learning English, but probably (hopefully?) wouldn't receive a passing grade in any native high-school level course.

Contrary to what some other reviews have remarked, it is not "immaginative" to suddenly add in new elements into the mix, in a repetitive, schizofrenic, deus-ex-machina fashion.

In short, I'm left at chapter 6 entirely uninterested in where this is going, wishing I could have the last few minutes of my life back.

I would be less harsh, but somehow a few people have rated this fic highly, and that dreadfully unrealistic assesment needs to be balanced out.


The author apparently didn't like my negative review, but instead of improving the story, complained to an admin about it that I didn't read enough to have a review. So, now at chapter 40, I hope I have satisfied whatever sadistic urge drove the author to insist that I torture myself through more of this drivel.


Addendum 2:

Having given more specific details about the failings of this story, it was deleted by an admin after what I can only assume was further meddlings by the author for violating some unspecified rules. I'm reposting my original review, which apparently did pass muster. Beware censorship, and long live the penguins!

  • Overall Score

Only time will tell, but promising so far.

Strange how low the rating is, considering that there is no other review.

I have yet to read the entire fic, so i have no constructive feedback.

When there are more chapters i will make a full review, since the set opp for the world and characters take time. Therefor i shall return at a later date, if the fic is not cancelled by that time.

The reason for this review is to highlight that i will withhold my judgement.

If you don`t like the story or find fault, please, tell the author, don`t just give him a low rating. 

  • Overall Score

Should be in the top 5

I have been following this story for a while now i believe since chapter 30. I am up to date on the most recent chapter and i just cant help refreshing the page daily like i do for doulo dalou and lls. It so far is very well written but needs a proofreader. Since I have experience working as an editor and proofreader it dosnt bother me as much as it used to. Anyways its a great plot but the roll out of his way of thinking feels likes its taking forever, but i guess that is why it keeps me at the edge of my seet. Chapters are released daily so its not inactive. 

  • Overall Score

My review summed up in one word: Meh

It was quite enjoyable in the start, but then it just died on me at when the MC and his friends got super op animal companions.

  • Overall Score

all i can say is please get a proofreader

this series needs an editor so bad. while it might be interesting it reads like a google translate most of the time

  • Overall Score

Much better than the raiting

If you can get past the not so good grammar (I for example read the google translation for I shal seal the heavens, so I am pretty much immune to such cancer now.) then there is a good story here.

Give it a chance.