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  • Sexual Content
One day Noel finds out that there is indeed an afterlife, she's also given a second chance. While keeping her eye on the prize our heroine journeys through this strange new world causing various minor shenanigans and chaos, enjoy!

Based off of and inspired by Re:Monster, I will be taking liberties as I please. By that I mean this is not completely accurate, enjoy.... I hope someone enjoys this... please don't hate me... I love you guys!

Rating: M 18+ Strong Language, Innuendos, and cookies...*cough* Sexual Content *cough*

Edit: Some guy said I should point out that there is lesbian sex in here. Basically, if you don't like seeing that sort of thing, don't read on. I'm completely fine with people who just don't want to read that. I am not fine with people who are homophobic, seriously, go away if you are. I don't want you here.
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Re:Lovely: Prologue ~Hell of a Ride~ ago
Chapter 1: Days 1-5 ~The Most Legendary Stick~ ago
Chapter 2: Days 6-12 ~Misadventures~ ago
Chapter 3: Days 13-16 ~Narcissistic Jester~ ago
Chapter 4: Days 16-18 ~Reality Check~ ago
Chapter 5: Days 19-20 ~Freckle~ ago
Chapter 6: Days 21-24 ~What a shame...~ ago
Chapter 7: Days 25-29 ~Vol.6~ ago
Chapter 8: Day 30 ~Shivers~ ago
Chapter 9: Day 30 ~Humble~ ago
Chapter 10: Days 31-40 ~Devour~ ago
Chapter 11: Day 40 ~Worthless~ ago
Chapter 12: Day 41 ~Open Book~ ago
Chapter 13: Days 42-46 ~Consequence~ ago
Chapter 14: Days 46-48 ~Alibi~ ago
Chapter 15: Day 48 ~Acting Out~ ago
Chapter 16: Day 49 ~Choices, choices, choices...~ ago
Chapter 17: Day 50 ~Library~ ago
Chapter 18: Day 51 ~Shameless~ ago
Chapter 19: Days 52-53 ~Focus~ ago
Chapter 20: Days 53-61 ~With great power...~ ago
Chapter 21: Days 61-62 ~Oh snap!~ ago
Chapter 22: Day 62 ~K.O.~ ago
Chapter 23: Day 62 ~Bonding~ ago
Chapter 24: Days 63-64 ~Target Practice~ ago
Chapter 25: Day 65 ~Identity~ ago
Chapter 26: Day 65 ~Good Job~ ago
Chapter 27: Days 66-69 ~It isn’t easy~ ago
Chapter 28: Days 70-71 ~Truth and Reconciliation~ ago
Chapter 29: Days 72-73 ~Heirloom~ ago
Chapter 30: Days 73-74 ~Coercion~ ago
Chapter 31: Day 75 ~Playing with Fire~ ago
Chapter 32: Days 76-82 ~A lost art~ ago
Chapter 33: Days 83-85 ~Myrmidon~ ago
Chapter 34: Days 86-92 ~Messy business~ ago
Chapter 35: Days 93-94 ~Good Tasty!?~ ago
Chapter 36: Days 94-96 ~The Power of Three~ ago
Chapter 37: Days 96-99 ~Caterwauling~ ago
Chapter 38: Days 100-102 ~Ole ball 'n chain~ ago
Chapter 39: Day 103 ~Jimmy~ ago
Chapter 40: Day 104 ~Hannibal~ ago
Chapter 41: Days 104-109 ~Thank you very much~ ago
Chapter 42: Days 109-111 ~Ma Gear~ ago
Chapter 43: Day 112 ~Transmogrification~ ago
Chapter 44: Days 113-115 ~Balance is Key~ ago
Chapter 45: Days 115-116 ~Chop, chop~ ago
Chapter 46: Days 116-121 ~Greed~ ago
Chapter 47: Days 121-122 ~Sleeping Beauty~ ago
Chapter 48: Days ??? ~Curiosity Killed the Cat~ ago
Chapter 49: Days ??? ~Jolly Cooperation~ ago

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  • Overall Score

Assemble the cultists! Prepare sacrifices! Our God has returned!!

This is the most ecchi amusing and hilarious ff I've had a chance of reading.

And one of the few, that can easily be reread a few times.

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I can’t praise this enough, because I don’t have words.  This is possibly a little biased, as this title was sent (forgive me for appropriating this) straight into the center of my strike zone, whereupon I shattered a metal bat on it.


I enjoyed Re:Monster.  I am still enjoying it, but Re:Lovely has surpassed the original in my mind.  Call me a radical, call me a cultist, but I pledge my allegiance to this series.  Rea is a character formed of self and circumstance.  She is, in my mind, better constructed than Rou, and certainly more challenged by her circumstances, in this world and the next.  LovelyHippy has become my favorite, as far as style goes.  It remains similar to the original, but with much more color and substance.  No grammar mistakes that I have noticed, but let’s be real, would I have noticed?  If you think I missed story, I didn’t.  I just have no words.


Home run, NaughtyHippy, home run.

  • Overall Score
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The Goddess Rea is here!!!!

really awesome reincarnation story that I've read so far...


Dear Author-sama,


Oh great and benevolent author-sama your servant Mistletoe welcomes you here in RRL... hope you spread more of gratefulness and beauty of our goddess Rea!!! and grant thee tis servant to read more of her life and adventure.


Your humble servant,



  • Overall Score

I been waiting so dam long just to be able to read this story again. Was kinda surprised when you took it off of japtem. Well all your fans shall be waiting for chapter 31. 

  • Overall Score

Great Reincarnation Story!

 Was reading this over at Japtem. Nice to see you move over here, one of my Favorite FF, Can't wait to read more!

  • Overall Score

Great so far but the storytelling is getting repetitive.

 {plz forgive this lowly peon for doubting your story telling skills! This one may or May have not read the new updates.... ( penguins! Bird brained the lot of em!) keep up the good work disregard my review I now know your on top of things.}

I really enjoy this I really do, however I don’t see where this is going.  While the heroines sexual escapades are really refreshing the fact that she’s basically more or less telling or in her case showing everyone that she’s a monster sort of irritates me. Not much of a secret if the whole bloody town knows about it now is it.I fail to see how she can be so “trusting” to basically random strangers. While Her nightly adventures were and somewhat still are quite amusing, after over a dozen chapters of the same paced “oh I’m going to set the foundations ready for the arrival of my daughter but first lets just sleep with everyone and put my neck out there.” I read her back story and I assumed she would have wised up and understand that she needs to get her priorities straight in this second life of hers. but i guess she apparently doesn’t  give a damn. I didn’t mean to ramble your a great story teller and all I just find the main  protagonist to be shallow  not to mention very self destructive. I’m sure you’ll prove me wrong but our little protagonist is dropping the ball she needs a reality check. She’s in hostile  territory her, she needs to remember that her life isn’t her own, and that if she screws up she’s going to lose her last chance of being able to be with her daughter. Second chances don’t come easy she needs to wake up and smell the roses. Once again sorry for rambling, I have much respect for your storytelling I just feel like the story is stagnating. (5/5 so far)

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Close to, if not the best FF on the site.

A well written story with fun ideas, very stoked to continue reading.

btw pls dont read 3 chapters into a currently 37 chapter story and think that warrants enough to right a poor review. 

  • Overall Score
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I started reading this at Japtem . I was actually the first person to comment on the prologue. I enjoyed your story from start to finish and i am happy that you are continuing with this albeit on a different site. 

  • Overall Score

The beginning was good.

I don't have much to say, the beginning was interesting but later on the extremely freqent sex just bored me. like from the moment she enters the town until she goes to the academy is just sex sex sex train sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex. Had enough of it so stopped reading. Don't mind sex but as some of the other reviewers said, it's just too damn much.  

But well the grammar is good (not that i'm an expert) and it had me hooked until...you know what I mean. Too bad author had to ruin such a potentially good story. In MY opinion.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I really enjoyed this story so far and I registered just to say that. The "Everyone has lots of sex" trope is certainly used to it's full extent ;) Other than the Ero I really like the world-building there's some good, coherent universe-history, characters always behave true to their personality and I haven't stumbled upon contradictions. Most characters are a bit simple/shallow, but this is overshadowed by their funny personality-traits. All in all this is a very good story and I enjoyed it hella-lot. I hope putting it into hiatus was not because the author thinks this story wasn't fun to write anymore, because I definitely want to read more and I wouldn't mind paying for the luxury ;)