A Bizarre World.

by agustis

Original Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Psychological Martial Arts
Agustis never felt emotions however after he gets reborn into a new world as a slime creature it all changes! Suddenly he can feel emotion but whats much more Bizarre is the world he was reborn into. This Bizarre World is full of mysterious creatures, action, magic, drama, wars, schools, dragons, Goddesses and Gods, politics, rage, and on and on.

Try to get through the fourth chapter before casting your vote.

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Thmbs up it really good I even cried  a tiny tiny bit .I gonna become a follower of your story please contunue to post :)

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Every Masterpiece Starts Somewhere.

For those of you who are looking for a good reincarnation story this is the one for you, however if you are a hard core grammar nazi you might not want to read it. There are a lot of misspelled words or words that don't belong. For example Mediation instead of Meditation, totally makes me cringe every time I see it hahaha. 

Also there is a lot of poor sentence structuring, and the author doesn't always separate the dialogue and the descriptions. "That's a relief he said with a smile, I didn't want to go to Kentucky" <-- Not a part of story just an example. 

The story is rather well put together so far. Although it has branched away from the idea of him being a slime, in fact I would call him more of a Changeling or a Doppelgänger. however it is still rather interesting none the less. 

There are a lot of confusing terms and names in this story, for example a slime named Robert just doesn't make sense to me personally, but that's is my opinion and shouldn't be taken too seriously. 

Style of writing changed in the later chapters, but the Author hasn't quite perfected it yet, so go easy on em. As for the prior chapters, the style was Light Novel acceptable, meaning it wasn't really proper format, but still understandable and enjoyable. though I would like to shout out to the author to fix the early chapters soon, because it can only hurt him later on. 

The story and the character are really the same thing to be honest, it reads like a journal and seems focused around how impossible his situation is and how powerful he is. No real plot development as of chapter 10 concerning an antagonist or solid goal for the main character. 


In short, if you like:

OP MC: Check~

Re:Story: Check~

Driven plot: meh, sort of...

VRMMORPG Aspects: Check

Magic: Check

Action: Check


I could go on but those are the ones that stood out most for me. It really is worth a read, and a PR...  

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Your fanfic is one of the fanfic with the most potentiel and most interesting I have ever read

And believe me, I have read several dozens


It's such a pity the update are so rare

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An interesting stumble on the road

It's just a pity that you don't "advertise" your story properly, it has an interesting concept, an overwelming ability to transmit emotions and the nuance of the state of mind of the characters and overall an incredible read.


But please update your description to call on more viewers and i garantee thet you'll be seeing the view from the top #50 in a week's notice


Good luck and slimespeed

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 we got introduced to the protagonist new personality. The whole *love and protect everything important to you* felt too generic =x . . . plus this kind of character tend to spend most of their time ( aside from training ) Do boring things ( like in mokushou tensei ) or get involved in cliche situations ( bet he s gonna same some helpless and very pretty girl that he will fall unexpectedly in love with or that kind of stuff )

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Love it, hope it keeps updating.

The main character keeps growing extremely fast but not in a way that off puts me.  Really like where it is heading.

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I like the world you created and the story.

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Rent boys, Royal Road and good stories.

Looks like Royal road just gained another rent boy to pose gloriously at the camera and i mean this in the nicest way possible. Or at least as nice as i can possibly be when I am effectively likening a piece to a man/women waving coquettishly from the side of the road in the chance hope of attracting attention and perhaps something else.

Here we have Bizzare world, and if there is anything that I don't like about it, it would have to be the naming of the planet. Calling a planet bizarre is a cheap shot at being ironic, hoping for the legions of before mentioned rent boys to come screaming in an orgasm of self praise and delusion. In what they think as a swift jibe. No, change that name. You have a brilliant story don't lower it to the level of smart ass sixth graders shouting puns over the teacher.

But enough of me sounding like a dick with a small attraction to the walkers of the night and onto the review. :D (A: note: I am in no way a confident or accomplished writer so any critique I choose to be passed on, can be taken as either a way to improve or some nonsense made up by a brat trying to sound self important. Your choice).

Style: First, people reading this review(know that you are insane for reading this far) you have to understand that the writer changers the style of writing somewhere near chapter four(i cant be bother checking exactly) And this change is definitely for the better. I can only hope that the author goes back and changes his first few chapters. So give it time before you judge. However other reviews have pointed out a few problems with the foundations of the story, and so as to not risk being caught out for plagiarism i recommend everyone reading some of the reviews which give a harsh take on this story as the flaws are definitely there.  However that doesn't mean it isn't unreadable. I had a great time skimming through this story, (one sitting)

Story: Definitely the driving point of this story. The Author has done a great job creating the world(besides the damn name Bizzare) and you really feel and hope that this place could exists, I'm going to move on because now I sound like Tom Cruise and the rest of them Scientologists. (We know its a cult)

GRAMMER: The lowest point. Now this is a message to all authors. DON'T POINT OUT THAT ENGLISH ISN'T YOUR FIRST LANGUAGE. It wont give you sympathy. No one will say, "well we cant say anything bad about it now", and no one will change their review concerning the writing. Well maybe a few people ill but they are all morons. (oh how i love generalizations)  Like please, if your grammar is terrible dont draw attention to it. E.G when you cheat on a test you dont go to the teacher afterwards and go. "Well, I'm sorry but, well you know, English isnt my first language". NO, You keep quite and hopefully get away with that shit. Yeah, twas a poor analogy but ill stand by it.

Characters: *Sob* I'm a sucker for cliche ~ love the family stuff ~. When I first started reading this I skipped the description(and thank Christ I mean if i had read it, and noticed the name of the planet I would have run a bloody mile.) and so i almost dropped it when there was another -dulled emotions bullshit that every writer and the writers cat are using these days as a crummy plot point to show the charactrs angst. BUT THEN HE BROUGHT THE EMOTIONS BACK!!!!. To be honest the main character should have just always had them. There wasn't much reason to not have them before?  Food for thought.

Anyway. This review has gone on for way to long.

TLDR: Twas guud, but needs more grammar checks.

Thanks for reading. Though if you did you're insane.

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A Bizarre yet intriguing Fiction

I only have 1 word to describe this Fiction






  • Overall Score

I am really enjoying this story if not for  short amount of chapters  and long update times ; this story would be in my top 3. I cant wait to see how it  will progress .