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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
In a distant world ruled by Magic, Gods, Demons, Beasts and Man, war has ravaged the land and made its people suffer. The Archonian Council comprised of the leaders of the various races decided that enough was enough and the war had to stop or at the very least, continue elsewhere. In the middle of another aimless debate, Rafflesia, Chief Warlock of the Beast Race proposed this idea:

“Why don't we create another world? Let's let the idiots go all out and settle this endless war there?”

And because of that unprecedented notion, the Gods, Demons, Beast Race and Man worked together to create the (planet) world Arthunium, a magical world that could withstand the full brunt of the war.

A thousand years after the Golden Age War, our story begins…

(Warning: This novel offers depictions of:

– Gore
– Torture
– Mature and Suggestive Themes

The novel is therefore classified by most standards of morality as something no one should read. Well, maybe if you're of legal age in your territory. Reader discretion is advised.)
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My harem can't be this cute?!

First I would like to say thank you to Alizoned for writing this fantastic novel.

The following review is from what I've read on Japtem where the author has already uploaded 7 chapters.

This is just one of those less serious looking stories that plays and jokes around with harems and a dense mc. But it has some proper background story and a solid plot. And well, of course the harem is pretty good, also the fighting scenes are pretty good.

There isn't much wrong with your writing style and story. It's pretty pleasant to read and has a nice feel to it. The grammar is pretty good, some minor misspellings but nothing too bad. I would like to have some more character background and development but it's already pretty good as it is.


All in all, pretty good story with a pretty harem. And I hope you post more of this stuff soon.

Rating: Harem out of Masterpiece



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This story is considered MLG brah totally MLG. I lol forward for this novel and hope that this gets famous soon. Also please update this fanfic often.

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Enjoyable and Intriguing

Not sure what is going on, but I like it.  This seems to be some kind of reincarnation story where the MC was inadvertently cursed by the goddess of death that loves him. 


MC is prone to dying because of his bad luck couple with the fact that his power is sealed.  Looking forward to reading more.

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Funny and refreshing to read

 Jokes thrown all over the place, comedy is everywhere and harem is in every chapter 

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Potential to be better...

I think that this story is good on it own right as it has good twist from normal stories from the other ff i have read. The problems is that story is too fast pace, to the point where you don’t even know what is going on anymore. There are lots of random information chuck at your face when reading this ff such as fiancee of the queen to exo suit squadron maids falling in love with the mc. Don’t get me started with the MC, i like his character, don’t get me wrong but there is too many loop holes in his character, which i as a reader don’t understand. What is he? A reincarnated Hero who has too much problems on remembering things? 

I like how you skip some process but please don’t get too lazy and skip the character development, which is important. As for your other characters please do the same and develop them more instead of just adding that she some princess of some unknown land with robotic dragons (this is an example of your character introduction).

If your going to do other peoples POV pls do it after the main chapter, which is connected but at the same time, it will be a chance to introduce a background story of that character and try not to jumbled it up. 

I hope you are not offended but consider what I have said, and when you create a new ff i will be happy to see the improvement of your writing style as, your stories are unique and interesting.