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A man, alone and lacking in prospects, finds out that sometimes the things that you wish for are overshadowed by a cold, but sexy, reality. Come join Scott as the former soldier travels across the land, searching far and wide... in a world filled with sexy monster girls who want nothing more than to find a better life.

Also, this is both a satire and a parody (yes, a thing can be both) of Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and a few other things. So, don't take it too seriously despite the first few chapters, or I'll punish you in the name of that big floaty thing in the sky.

Mature Content Warning: Sexual situations, extreme graphic violence, and coarse language abound. Due to the nature of this story, its content is not suitable for anyone.
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Dark Lord of Parody

Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: A Light in the Forest ago
Chapter 2: Prison Blues ago
Chapter 3: The Meaning of Life ago
Chapter 4: Training Daze ago
Chapter 5: Hearts Found on the Road ago
Chapter 6: Epilogue, Episode I ago
Crappy Illustrations and Commentary ago
Episode II-start, Chapter 7 ago
Chapter 8: Spider in the Dark ago
Chapter 9: Fight! Soldier of Love ago
Chapter 10: Just Another Day ago
Chapter 11: Black Metal, Baby ago
Epilogue Episode II -Chapter 12: Convergence ago
Episode III Chapter 13: Big Trouble in Little Verdant Falls ago
Chapter 14: Shocking Pink Outcome ago
Chapter 15: Knight in a Day ago
Chapter 16: Samurai Girl ago
Chapter 17: Creatures of the Woods ago
Chapter 18: Prepare for War ago
Chapter 19: Epilogue, Volume 1 ago
End of Novel Extras, Stats, and a Preview ago
Volume II -Start Chapter 20: Rules of Engagement ago
Chapter 21: Reina of Light ago
Chapter 22: A Normal Day ago
Chapter 23: Why Not an A? ago
Chapter 24: Waiting on a Bus ago
Chapter 25: Aftermath: Epilogue episode 1, Volume 2 ago
Volume II-Episode II, Chapter 26: Choices ago
Chapter 27: Rainbow in the Dark ago
Chapter 28: Tomorrow Please ago
Chapter 29: The Low-Down ago
Chapter 30: The Ebony Devourer ago
Chapter 31: justice for P-Chan ago
Chapter 32: Prepare for WAAAUUUUGGGHHH!!! ago
Chapter 33: We Built This City... ago
Chapter 34: Day By Day ago
Chapter 35: Storm's a Comin ago
Chapter 36: Understanding + Special Bonus Chapter ago

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  • Overall Score

I am really enjoying this story so far. its like how p***mon should be. It is hilarious and erotic at the same time. Although I do feel a little sad about the lack of demi-human rights. I can't wait to read more.

  • Overall Score

^ that quote... I just don't know to say after that.

But seriously, a curious and sometimes funny thing to read.

As far as female characters are concerned there are some really amusing scenes there. Although S-Moon parody parts are kind-of annoying tbh.

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Pokegirl + S-Moon Parody = JUSTICE!!!

i love this series since 2007... i already read these... the old title of it is "scott in pokegirl land" in fanfiction.net... knowing that you reboot it makes me read it again here at RRL.


PokeGirl + S-moon + FLUFFINESS + ERO2x = JUSTICE!!!!


if this will become a game... i will buy it....

  • Overall Score

Really like the story so far. Different than I'm used to reading keep up the good work! 5 stars 

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This FF is a really enjoyable read with  a unique setting and alot of character crossovers.

(The story is HAREM and MATURE so if you don’t like that kind of story… well you know what not to do.)

A fast paced writing style with lots of action, in more ways than one. Definitely worth the time to read. 

Scottf14’s writing style is descriptive and does a good job of portraying action scenes. His erotic scenes are also well done and appropriate for his world setting.

The story has a lot of sailor moon references, I personally don’t like sailor moon, but but has flow and few inconsistencies so a solid 3 stars.

The grammar is just about perfect so no little errors to break your immersion.

The MC is a solid likable character, though his harem could use some more development. If this changes in later chapters I will happily revise this.


Thank for reading my review and please give Scottf14’s FFs a try.

  • Overall Score

Interesting but quick to get stale

Well plot wise it seems like you're forcing it too hard.
The comedy kinda gets old if you keep using the whole S-Moon scenario, as a comedy series it should have more umpf to it. And then serious plot reveal happened, I don't know but suddenly going full blown serious MC crying saying sorry to the people looked forced to me and I couldn't relate to his sadness or to the joke at all. I had fun at the start with Nina transforming, then it became recurring and I don't think it's that funny anymore. But hey, it's my opinion and what I felt as I read it.


PS Gotta love the 2nd hand goods harem tho, no one is actually a virgin.

  • Overall Score

more please and a little longer chapters would be good

  • Overall Score

Keep up the good work on all your fan fiction 

  • Overall Score

I started reading this and loved it, then I went and read his other stories.
Now Scottf14 is my favourite FF author.
Definitely worth a read if you like ridiculous humour and monster girls.

  • Overall Score

I'm really enjoying the story so far, there're some parts a little rough around the edges, but overall is a good story!