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Sanctus Exitium: One Shot

Sanctus Exitium: One Shot

Original Action Fantasy Short Story Summoned Hero Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

A story of man who become the most hated and powerful person in the entire world. Leading an army with powerful and advanced technology that make the human race regret to live as their own. 






Children Of Gaia

Children Of Gaia

Original Action LitRPG Contemporary Martial Arts Reader interactive Supernatural Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Magic Strategy Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

What happens when the world turns upside-down? What happens when all know changes in the blink of an eye?

Two things, you wait and die miserable, or you adapt.

My name is Theta Rodriguez, and I'm a gamer, and this is how my friends and I led the world to a new frontier.

Dare to read?

Cover Page was not made by me.

Demon King Zane

Demon King Zane

Original Action Adventure Tragedy Martial Arts Harem Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore

The Demon Realm shakes the earth. Those who bear to disturb the demons in the realm are considered dead to the outside world. The Might of the Demon Realm is something that even the strongest of the humans could not fight against. After 1000 years of ruling the Demon Realm Zybane is almost at the end of his life with no successor to take his spot. He looks and searches for someone with enough capacity to rule the Demon Realm but finds no demon of that capabilities. But, as time was nearing for him to give up the saviour came in a very unexpected way.

The Price of Happiness

The Price of Happiness

Original Comedy Sci-fi Tragedy Martial Arts School Life Supernatural Multiple Lead Characters Magic Profanity Gore Traumatising content

This is a world that was once destroyed. Humanity's population has been drastically reduced as a result of a catastrophe over 300 years ago. Fourteen clans had to rebuild this world with the remaining scraps: Kamazu, Betances, Harrakan, Gresior, Vaschenko, Schreiber, Nejem, Chaudhary, Thakin, Yuan, Mori, Zakai, Furrer, and Jin. Over 300 years later, humanity has re-learned the meaning of peace. Joshua Gresior is someone born during this period of peace.

Joshua has the life that everyone wishes they could have. A young genius talented in martial arts, magic, and the STEM fields. He is recognized by the Fourteen Great Clans as a prodigy that appears once every few generations. He will be the 7th head of the Gresior clan, an auspcious number. His life has been blessed since the moment of his birth and will continue to do so. However, he does not know what was the price behind his happiness. If he did, he would have surely wished that he never lived such a blessed life. 

If only he knew what was the price.



*Note: so this story will actually take a while before any of the real story starts, I need to do some world building and introduce the  characters since the setting is actually quite complicated. I actually planned out the story ahead of time because this is what happens when you get bored during class and there is nothing to do: you write a random story (or at least what I do). My friends actually saw some parts of it and suggested I actually write it so why not. Don't worry, it won't be like a giant information dump, I plan to make it as easy as possible to understand. FAIR WARNING: I put a tragedy tag for a reason *

Rule's? what are those?

Rule's? what are those?

Original Fantasy Horror Reincarnation Female Lead Non-Human lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

welcome one and all to a world that is far from where you live, in this world the place's are like a jigsaw here is a scorching hot desert and right beside it is a freezeing tundra where hot water turns to snow, its each tribe for itself and there is no rules other than if your strongest you decide.


we will follow our mc a women who is from our world and has one of the darkest souls here, she "somehow" dies and gets "sent" to this world born as well you will find out wont you?


hi i am writting this for when i can't write my other novel as i am not in the mindset for it, that one is ment to be loony and funny and this one i have no idea other than no rules other than you strong you boss. and i am the ruler of this world so i can make things happen for the fun of it.


now as a head's up there are right down perverted people in this novel, here is a for instance might or might not be in the story.

physical pain/rape, force, death, perverted monster's.(imagine orc's but alot of monster's are like this) are just some of of the things in it, now because some are obvious not right i wont explain them but yeah

Suddenly, a succubus

Suddenly, a succubus

Original Action Comedy Fantasy Reincarnation Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Gore Traumatising content

The protagonist is a personality like an iceberg: introspective, asocial and completely uninterested in the world and its people beyond necessity. Approaching ships beware! A succubus, on the other hand, lives for desire and interaction, playing mortal hearts like a fiddle. These clearly mix like oil and water, so what do you get when you combine them? This is a story of that kind of emulsion.


This story is bit of an experiment for me. I haven't written fiction before, for one. I also chose a character context well outside my comfort zone, and made a point to avoid too much planning forward and just letting the characters do their thing. Is it a mess? Probably. But I hope it's an entertaining one at that.

Note that I'm not planning to do write steamy scenes, despite the said character context being literal demons of lust and all. There are of course jokes and scenes that skirt around the subject, but it's all comedy first, comedy second and adventure third. Light parody and occasional moments of deeper thought get the consolation prizes.

I aim for minimum of two chapters / week, though if there's demand for something like this, I can be coaxed for more.

Masquerade of Life

Masquerade of Life

Original Action Drama Fantasy Male Lead Magic Profanity

Humans are naturally contradictory creatures; love and hate are but mere faces upon a single coin, lying upon a delicate balance.

Humans are naturally deceitful creatures; afraid to reveal themselves, to show others their true selves, they don a mask.

Humans are talented. If they do not seem to have a talent, it is merely undiscovered.

Come, join us.

In this masquerade of life.


-Author's note: I'm merely writing this to test out if I can write a decent story that others may enjoy. If I make a mistake, please point it out. I may or may not finish this story, depends. In other words, a work in progress of work in progress, if you will.

Everywhere & Nowhere

Everywhere & Nowhere

Original Adventure LitRPG Short Story Slice of Life Female Lead

Sujitri is being transported to another world by a jinn and a deity. To get back, she needs to acomplish a great deed and perished with glory of rememberance and favours of deities or defeat the demon lords and their waves of calamity. As down payment, she is granted 3 wishes!

Problem is, Sujitri wants nothing and has no goals what so ever.

And certainly she has no interest in going back...



Original Action Adventure Fantasy Reincarnation Martial Arts Supernatural Strong Lead Xianxia

Dorian Forth was a recently graduated Aerospace Engineering student, just accepted into a Doctoral program. 

One fateful night out, when he was celebrating his graduation, a speeding car slammed into him, and he faded away from Earth. 

The next moment, he awoke, in a strange new body, in a strange new world. 

Watch Dorian as he goes on fantastic journeys, seeking to grow strong enough to survive. 

For life in the 30,000 Worlds is not free for the weak. 

In here, the strong rule. 

And for Dorian to truly grow strong... he must Evolve, and reach the peak. 


Moonlit sky

Moonlit sky

Original Action Adventure LitRPG Virtual Reality Summoned Hero Martial Arts Supernatural Magic Profanity Gore

"Darkness is my greatest ally, moon is my brother and stars are my sisters. I walk across this ruins to win a bet, a bet with God."

This is not another reincarnation story! Almost...


(Sorry if i make any grammatic mistakes untill i find someone to edit)


Fayde of the Void: Rewrite/Reboot

Fayde of the Void: Rewrite/Reboot

Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Summoned Hero Harem Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Strategy Profanity Gore

Peter Wright was an ordinary guy, living a mediocre life, but fate had other plans. Peter finds himself in a parallel world with nothing to his name but a wholly unimaginable power he needs to figure out how to use. Now Peter Wright steps forth to unravel what is his destiny, as Fayde of the Void.

I will post 2 chapters a day from Monday to Friday of this week (May 22 - May 26). Next week, I will post 1 Chapter a day

This is a Reboot of the original story Original Fayde

Click here to view information on characters, locations and maps for Volume 1 of Fayde of the Void : Volume 1 Information

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The Return of the Universal Tamer.

The Return of the Universal Tamer.

Original Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Virtual Reality Cyberpunk Martial Arts Sports Slice of Life School Life Supernatural Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Secret Identity Magic Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Xianxia Profanity Traumatising content

The human race had waged a war against itself for far too long, to the point that the creator abandoned them, leaving them to their vices. Their day of reckoning would occur when the individual born with the will of the creator appears. The world would ecperience the beginning and end of a new phenomenon.

Journey of The Magus

Journey of The Magus

Original Action Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Magic Profanity Gore

No Synopsis yet, not sure where I'm taking this. I have more than a few ideas but I'm not sure where it will actually go,so just the prologue for now. Proper grammar has always eluded me, and I feel like my writing is filled with too many commas so if you see something that pops out and looks weird or reads in a manner that’s jarring and difficult to keep you immersed, please point it out. I figure I'll write this up to at least chapter 10 regardless if it's well received, but ifit is... well, you guys are in for a hell of a ride.  



The Queen's Avatar

The Queen's Avatar

Original Action Fantasy LitRPG Virtual Reality Slice of Life Male Lead Female Lead Non-Human lead Secret Identity Magic

Kirye is a famous phantom pro player that was known in the world as the owner of the godly character Mystletainn in the VRMMORPG Heaven's Call that has run for the last 10 years. She always clear a dungeon solo and won several championships, but no one know how she looks like. Even her team mates in the champion only ever hear her voice using the in game system voice chat. And today after breaking the fastest clear World Record for the hardest dungeon ever made in Heaven's Call that said never can be soloed, she announce her retirement from Heaven's Call.

1 month later after she announced her retirement a new VRMMORPG was announced called Heaven's Gardens from the same developer of Heaven's Call. And now we will she the new adventure of Kyrie as she rampaging in the new world.


Hello new wirter here, this fiction that i write is just for me to waste free time. So yeah i have no fixed release schedule as of yet. And also English isn't my main language so yeah plpease forgive me for the grammar that was confusing. And thank you for reading! :D



Original Drama Psychological Romance Male Lead

Endless. The horizon is endless as I stared out across the calm seas. Salt stung my nose and skin as the gentle winds hugged tight to my skin. I was lost. The moment was a timeless one, even as I watched the sun rise above the water. I wasn’t ready to start my day again, ready to play again in the same game as yesterday, and the day before that. I had not prepared myself to repeat the same phrases and the same excuses and the same routine as every day. So, I let myself bask in the feeling of timelessness and the undeniable feeling of losing my very being.

Dan, a young Uni student, finds comfort in his closest friend during the darkest hours of the day, hours where he wish he never woke in the morning. Already falling, he finds himself falling faster, hurtling towards the ground as he can only see his friend in a new light, and it's slowly tearing him apart on the inside.

Anime Apocalypse

Anime Apocalypse

Original Action LitRPG Romance Harem Male Lead Strong Lead Sexual Content

Did you ever wonder what would happen if your favorite anime character became a villain?

What do you think will happen if they stopped being a hero?

What would you do if they invade your world and kill countless of people?

What would you do if the Anime Apocalypse came?



Iii-i-is that Luffy?

Www-wtf is that Madara?

Hhh-hhoo-Holy sh*t it's Saitama!



Ps. I ran out of good fanfictions to read so I tried to make one hehe xD.

So yea this is my first fanfic so please don't judge me, if you have any complains just complain,

and English isn't my first language so sorry for the wrong grammars.

A Short Story

A Short Story

Original Fantasy Sci-fi Short Story

I tend to not be able to finish writing big stories and so i will once in a while write short stories that come to my head on here. The first story Pandora does not have paragraph spacing since i typed it on a word pad on my phone

I hope anyone who reads my story/stories enjoys them



Original Action Adventure LitRPG Reincarnation Supernatural Magic Profanity Gore Traumatising content

A plain RPG based off a classic 'reincarnation-into-another-world' series of events. Nothing original, I assure you.


Shiro Hayuata was killed and is now reincarnated into another world, [insert ridiculously obvious hypothetical question here].

Godly Weapon Monarch

Godly Weapon Monarch

Original Action Fantasy Martial Arts Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Xianxia

Within the vast universe on a small minor world there was a boy who was left with two items by his father, despite the poor conditions of the world he was born in will he be able to cultivate his way up to the apex and become the strongest being?



Original Action LitRPG Contemporary Male Lead Strategy Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

The era of the progress of humanity came to an end without any warning, but this was to be expected, after all, the worst disasters always happen when you least expect it.

Ethan was always a calm and responsible young man, who only had a desire, to return to his family. Because of a past incident, he was forced to move away from his parents and his brothers, but after two years away from them, he hoped they understood that all was a great misunderstanding. However, when he planned to visit his relatives after two years, strange things begin to happen. After witnessing these events, Ethan collapses on the street and awakens the next day mysteriously in his bed. However, that was only the beginning of everything, because the whole planet had changed.

The city where Ethan lived was always a quiet place, but now it has become a battlefield, many predators have appeared and are multiplying each day. Not enough of the danger of the bizarre creatures that now walk through the city, some survivors after gaining power begin to take advantage of the chaos and the weak. Realizing that no help would arrive, Ethan decided risk himself and cross the city to find his relatives, because he is worried about them and also because he hopes to find on the way some answers that can explain what is happening to the planet.