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Crisis Zero

Crisis Zero

Original Adventure Comedy Romance Harem Slice of Life School Life Supernatural Male Lead Secret Identity Magic Profanity Sexual Content Gore

Crisis Zero, an event that forever changed the world. In this story, follow the adventures of a boy and his sister who lost their mother during this incident... Unlike a typical adventure themed story, this story tends to dwell into a more comedic and romantic side that I hope everyone can enjoy :)

Peacekeeper - Book One - ATLAS

Peacekeeper - Book One - ATLAS

Original Action Psychological Sci-fi Male Lead Strong Lead Secret Identity Strategy Profanity Gore Traumatising content

300 years into the future, everything has changed. Mankind, it's weapons, it's home, it's war, and it's enemies. Humanities concern is no longer on the global scale, but on the galactic. And in its dire straits it needed a new kind of weapon, an assurance to peace on its territories.

But who was to say that years later, such insurance that these new "weapons" were, they were no longer completely neccessary. That they were to be cast out upon new alien lands until further notice.

This story follows one of these "weapons" as he makes a name for himself as a private investigator. That is, untill he stumbles upon a case, delving him far back into his unpleasant past. Finding a peculiar and now "missing" face, may mean the difference between peace and war in mankind's new galactic community.







Thanks! to ChasingArtwork on deviantart, for the beautiful coverart.

The vengeful invoker

The vengeful invoker

Original Action Fantasy Psychological Harem Male Lead Strong Lead Magic

What will you be able to do for revenge?

"I want power, the power to destroy all my enemies!" shouted Law

"HAHAHAHA kid you truly are interesting but give you power just like that won't be funny, everything has a price you know?"

"I don't care"

"Well said!"

This is a story of vengeance.

 a story of how I became the troublemaker that the bored Goddess was looking for.

This is a story of a normal kid who suddenly became the Magus who would throw the world upside-down.

The most powerful invoker!




Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Summoned Hero Male Lead Profanity

Shout out to The Last Question for giving me an idea for the prologue and (admittedly lame) title.

Story Tropes: New World / (Mass) Summoned / LitRPG

Main Character: Joe

OP Level: Mid tier and not the strongest by a large margin

Why write story around Joe if he's not gonna be OP OP?: His journey to strength is different? It's fun to write? I want to? Joe is badass.

Is there a general direction you are taking the story?: I'm just writing for fun. I know how I want the story to start and what I want Joe to encounter in his adventures. I have no idea how he is going to cope with all the shit I throw his way though.


God, he messed up

God, he messed up

Original Adventure Comedy LitRPG Reincarnation Martial Arts Gender Bender Harem Female Lead Strong Lead Profanity

God messed up.
He messes up quite frequently but they are small problems. But this time, he messed up big. He sent a powerful soul into a different place than where it was supposed to go.
Trying to redeem himself he finds this soul on the edge of life and death, and brings him back with a few cheat like powers. In his true world, one on comic books, the hunter x hunter world

A Pawn's Ideal

A Pawn's Ideal

Original Action Adventure Sci-fi


General Talos led the rebellion against the Gaian Commonwealth. Many years of hardship and toil led to Talos' victory. By doing so, citizens obtained the freedom to achieve in the arts and sciences once more. With the AI's purged, human society could advance whereas before the world had stagnated. He will seize power for the masses because he had been called by the Orator. Leading was his sign of devotion. By the year 255, the plans will set in motion. All he has left to do is pray.

The colony had overstepped the line a final time. Gaia was guilty of tax evasion, banned technology, and destruction of Earth property. I called the President to fill him in on the details. The disaster of 2111 was not to be repeated. Otherwise, the re-election of the United Earth Confederacy would not run smoothly for Rhea Aionios. As all politicians know, war improves approval ratings. An opportunity like this could set Rhea up as a legend. I just needed to be on her side to enjoy the benefits.

Baethan no longer holds his head high after the War. He had killed his friends in the heat of battle and watched their heads fall with a terror-stricken face. He earned his stripes for money, while he stripped himself of his humanity. He had run out of his sleep medicine and would have to make the trip downtown. Maybe he could get some crepes at the bakery as well. He heard a new row of shops had opened up near his Aunt's old place. He enjoyed the bobbles those vendors sold.

Sea of Chaos; A VRMMORPG Novel

Sea of Chaos; A VRMMORPG Novel

Original Action Comedy LitRPG Virtual Reality Supernatural Non-Human lead Magic

Welcome to Sea of Chaos, a VR game the likes of which has never been seen. Large swaths of the world are constantly in flux, shifting from a giant sea one day, to a blistering jungle the next. The only unchanging lands those held by the City States, or wealthy individuals able to afford the ludicrously expensive Anchors that keep the land stable. Monsters constantly plague the world in an endless swarm of mutating madness, held back only by powerful warriors, thick walls, steam power, and ancient magics. 

Follow Nathan Bright as he leads his FUN-loving Clan as they scheme and plot, battling monsters, players, and politicians to gain control over the bountiful and ever-dangerous lands in the giant world of the Sea of Chaos. 

Warning: Includes questionable morals, extreme violence, sexual content, torture, slavery, and all sorts of nasty bits. Oh, and a few stabs at humour, and the occasional reference, but those can be ignored. ( Especially the references, lest certain groups catch wind that a random internet author is writing fiction making a mockery of their works. )

Isekai Dudes On The Run

Isekai Dudes On The Run

Original Fantasy LitRPG Multiple Lead Characters Magic Profanity Gore

Something I'm writing for the selfish purpose of training my English, please help: writing skill lv1.

The story:

Three dudes are transported to another world, yadagadabadaya... However, they don't desire this new fantasy life and will look for a way back because:

Real life fantasy is dangerous and there are no animes for Ethan.

Technology sucks and Clint won't let his dreams die.

Harry's mother is alone and he just won the lottery.

“Unfortunately destiny loves to screw up"

The Tale of The Fool

The Tale of The Fool

Original Action Fantasy Sci-fi Martial Arts Supernatural Multiple Lead Characters Magic Xianxia Profanity

Hello there friend!
Do you wish to follow me through a journey as i tell a tale on of the many tales that reside in vastness that is the cosmos. 
Will you watch me as i narrate the secrets of the current and former universe and of what lies beyond it's endless borders.
You will learn through me on my teachings of the old, what will come and what must not come to be. 
Follow me as we tread on the path of the ancient, as we speak the archaic tongue of the fallen, as we watch the destruction of countless lives and civilisations.
Come friend, join us in a story of wonder and adventure, of love, hardship and betrayel. 
See and judge for yourself whether the story of a fool is one to be told despite the very real harm it could do.

A Villain's road to being back Manga

A Villain's road to being back Manga

Original Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Reincarnation Harem Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore

A universe were The Childern of the Gods and The Spawns of the Exist fight a none ending war. A once human Undead Demon Lord was defeated by a Hero. While dying he trick the hero so it can regain a new life. In his new life he learn that humans lost the knowledge of his most favorite thing Manga. He follow his dream to bring back Manga to the humans.

The forgotten path

The forgotten path

Original Comedy Fantasy Sci-fi Cyberpunk Martial Arts School Life Supernatural Male Lead Secret Identity Magic Strategy

The world isn’t what it seem

They say that for every smoke there is a fire a lot of legend have been mention all over the wold is it real or just myth a fragment of suck mind of an ignorant men or there is more in the world.

Or do you even know the world

Well of Fortune

Well of Fortune

Original Action Adventure Male Lead

Anarchy, famine and plague continue to run rampant on the continent of Atros. Villages and small towns are wiped out as cities are hastily fortified. Royal lineages are smothered as new imperial legacies begin to fester in the cracks of these dark ages. At the root of this chaos is foreign powers forcefully opening continent isolated from the rest of the world for well over a millenia. The inhabitants of Atros are left unprepared in adapting to a world centuries ahead in technology, political and societal administration, warfare, and the lost arts of Exun. the essence of the gods.

Amus is one of the many refugees left displaced by the conflict and tragedy of these dark ages. Starving in city slums with the other youth he is one day fortunate enough to be given a glimpse of what is possible.



Original Comedy Psychological Tragedy Slice of Life Male Lead Female Lead

She moves to New York. Makes a friend. Prepares to open a cafe, with her best friend, Rachel. Where is Rachel though?

Just a zombie trying to survive

Just a zombie trying to survive

Original Action Adventure LitRPG Martial Arts Harem Supernatural Male Lead Strong Lead Non-Human lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Xianxia Sexual Content Gore

One day it all happened.

Zombies,monsters,and mythological creatures were summoned into the world by a mysterious force as part of a game.

Here I thought that this will be my chance to be powerful and a hero.

Is what I thought till I tripped and got bitten by a zombie.

Then that moment starts my life as a zombie



Original Drama Fantasy Romance Reincarnation

In the present time, There was a boy who grew alone, without a family or friends, but hopefully he didn't give up on life, but because he loved some fake person he died protecting the same person who broke his heart, at the result of dying young he found out he was transferred into an other world.

A lone German in another world. Conquest? Are Germans that desperate? Maybe?

A lone German in another world. Conquest? Are Germans that desperate? Maybe?

Original Action Comedy LitRPG Reincarnation Martial Arts Gender Bender Male Lead Female Lead Strong Lead Magic Anti-Hero Lead Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

Ernst Kissling is your average German male. He is the CEO of one of the most influential and famous companies in Germany and also in the whole world. Just your average German. As such an average person he dies after some unfortunate events and suddenly finds himself in another world after a discussion with a god. Amazing story.

Notes from the author:

The novel is just a new type of story I am trying out. It is basically a joke... Therefore it has no connection to my main story and I will only upload if I want. You can expect one chapter a month.

During the holidays I might also upload more.

However, be advised that I am not a native English speaker. In addition, I am not a professional author. I'm just your average German student with an average grade in English.

Chapter length:

varies, between 500 to 5000 words


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.



Original Fantasy Short Story Female Lead Anti-Hero Lead Traumatising content

In the opulent Imperial Capital city, The people live in peace and harmony. The shops are full, the decorations glitter, trade and riches hanging low upon the tree for any common man or woman to simply reach up and grasp some of the riches for themselves. Freedom, peace, prosperity and joy, all created by the hard labor and love of the exalted bloodline of the Imperial Emperors. Where death comes late and only due to gluttony or old age... The justice is overseen by the Imperial City's ever vigilant guard force, of impeccable morals, generosity and they too handing out Imperial love in quantity.

Is how it is above ground.

Deep beneath the Imperial City is carved the Imperial Sewers out of the bedrock. Here, life is cheap and ruined dreams and violence intermingle among the filth and utter squalor. One of those living there, carving out a meagre existence by theft and murder, is a young girl...

Akuma Karu

Akuma Karu

Original Action Adventure LitRPG Martial Arts School Life Supernatural Multiple Lead Characters Magic Profanity

Demon Reapers.

When Suzuraki Town is threaten and all seems lost, an elite organization known as the White Horns deploy a special forces group to combat the demons. Join Takuya Kono and Souta Kazuya as they try to find out why the number of demons have increased while at the same time, try to figure out who the new players are.

Legacy of U.L.T.R.A

Legacy of U.L.T.R.A

Original Action Comedy Fantasy Reincarnation Martial Arts Male Lead Strong Lead Multiple Lead Characters Anti-Hero Lead Strategy Profanity Sexual Content Gore Traumatising content

Ever heard the story of the 3 musketeers, you know~ the one with the duel and the cardinal's guards. Known for "All for one and one for all"... Although it's irrelevant to this world, those three were basically saints in my old world and~

"Oi Rallo"

*sighs* "what is it?.."

"The whole "3 musketeers" thing... could we just drop the act already?"

"..but the whole story I pla-"

"I agree~ just get to the point.."


"I hate democracy..."

This is a story of kingdom-building, war, and op main characters.


This is my first story so expect nothing of worth.

I also have no idea how long each chapter will be...

I also suck at writing synopses..~

Insect Dungeon Vs The World

Insect Dungeon Vs The World

Original Action Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Non-Human lead Magic Strategy Profanity Gore

He woke up scared and lonely, but an angel came to save him from the darkness.

She told him it was okay, and he believed her. But before they could enjoy their lives a little, bad things started happening one after another.

Murderers, maniacs and leachers started attacking him for their pride, grief and some for simple fun.

He protected himself from the dangers and she guided him on the path.

They passed days like this for some time, but then those stupid humans released the ancient evil, and the target they choose... It was him.

Yes, this is a rewrite. But please save yourself the trouble of reading the original, this is miles apart form that and better. Though it is your choice.

Schedule: Three/Four chapters a week.

Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday.

Chapter length: 3500-5000 words per chapter.