• Change: New World

    Change: New World

    2135 pages by Lv1Slime

    A young man who's lived his everyday life with bitter pessimism suddenly gets his world turned upside down by what he calls, """"The world's most untimely apocalypse"""". Despite all the new dangers that came with this unexpected situation, he has so far managed to avoid death, ruin and whatever else the world decided to throw at him. Unexpected development after unexpected development, danger after danger, situation after situation, will he survive this **game** of life and death? 

    I will be posting a chapter a week. (No chapter this week 2/11/17)


  • The Monster with no Magic

    The Monster with no Magic

    477 pages by Lv1Slime
    65 years ago, magic came to fruition.

    Now in a world wrought with the benefits that magic reaped, a young man who, whether through the curses of god, or through unfortunate circumstance, is born with no magical ability. A lackluster man, with the constitution of a monster who is more troubled by the fact that the convenience of magic is beyond him, rather than the actual fact that he cannot use magic. A man whose destiny is tied ever so delicately with the fate of the world....as if, this isn't that type of story.

    Read the adventures of a lazy young man who can't use magic in a world with magic.

    Original cover art by たむむら.

    Currently on an indefinite hiatus. I have plans of maybe rewriting the story.
  • Monkeys are Amazing Creatures , Aren't They?

    Monkeys are Amazing Creatures , Aren't They?

    33 pages by Lv1Slime
    A man who met his end due to an unfortunate circumstance is given a second chance. Of course, this guy got reincarnated, but can you guess into what?

  • A Lonely World

    A Lonely World

    8 pages by Lv1Slime
    A side project I decided to do. *I scraped the 1st three chapters and decided to redo the whole concept.*

    The world is plunged into unexpected chaos by the whims of the universe. Monsters roam, the apocalypse is neigh, and even more oddities prevail. Join our sloppy headed MC as he manages to scrape by in this new world.
  • World View

    World View

    32 pages by Lv1Slime
    --Enter a new world, a new reality --

    World View, amidst its hype and popularity as the best VRMMORPG in the world, promised its users this simple possibility. For Ansel, that was more than enough.

    Enter a new adventure; fight, struggle, live.
  • Live Life Homunclus

    Live Life Homunclus

    125 pages by Lv1Slime

    The end is not always the end. Nothing is permanent, and even death itself is merely a transition.

    This fact holds true for a certain young man who died quite tragically on Earth. Lucky for him, a new life was just around the corner. A world filled with magic, adventure, and oh so many dangers awaited. Everything would be perfect, if it wasn't for the fact that he reincarnated into a homunclus. An artificial life-form said to possess almost zero combat capabilities. An exemplary example of pure breed cannon fodder.

    Surviving in a world where dragons roam the skies and monsters stalk the lands, wasn't this a bit too unreasonable? 

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