Notice on the CloudBleed issue

Recently, the service CloudFlare reported a bug that resulted in the leak of sensitive data through their services at a low percentage rate (0.00003%). Although the problem has been fixed and no reports of malicious activities using it have appeared, there has been a big uproar by the media about what happened, creating unnecessary widespread panic.

As we also use CloudFlare, to ensure the safety of your data stored on Royal Road Legends, we’ve already enforced a password rotation on all members of the staff. Additionally, we've received an email from CloudFlare, notifying us that our site has not been impacted.

It’s highly unlikely your password has been compromised. However, if you want to set your mind at ease, you can change your password using and follow the instructions. If you’ve reused your Royal Road Legends password in other places — especially if those other places include your email addresses, bank account(s), PayPal account(s) or similar — we highly recommend changing your password everywhere.

If you need more information about the leak, you can read the official statement at

Have a good reading,
Royal Road Admin team


i have nothing to lose except my bookmarks

so i am not bothered

I ll second that

Cloudbleeds. Can't live with them - can't live without them.

What do we want? 

>Auto-bookmarks after reading 5 chapters!

When do we want it?

>Dunno, at some point.


*plz no kill me

Huh, already forgot about this.

Where are the cookies!

I write a long as comment and review THEN BOOM error.

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