Some of you might have noticed during the downtime earlier today, but since last week we have a fully functional status page at This page is official and will be updated as soon as possible for any possible downtimes, and might also contain information about any scheduled maintenance that requires a downtime.

The status page runs on its own server and shares no resources with the main site. This means that no matter what happened to cause a downtime, the status page is completely independent and should be always available.

We would like to thank the authors of Cachet for creating and maintaining an open source status page solution that we could deploy to our own servers.

Have a good reading,
Royal Road Admin Team




Could we see stats for the website? Number of visits? Number of Stories? Stuff like that. Glad to see new features!


    No to the first one. Number of visits is private.

    To the second, 10,720 at this moment. The number at the URL of the latest fictions will give you a rough guess but is somewhat inaccurate due to deleted fictions.

Glad to see this implemented :)

Good to see, was already wondering why this didn't exist.

Very cool feature.

 Some thing's are going really bad with your Software, you should have some inner examination.

Can we see how many users are out there?

Ahh. This is really helpful considering the downtime yesterday :)

New here but I love the website so far. Any plans on creating an app version to go with it?


We're working on rewriting the status page on scratch as the old one just... stopped working. Yay for 3rd party code!

good website, I am learning how to negtiate. Interesting books.

 too much waiting after logging in.

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