"Blub blub blub... Blub blub blub..."


"Uhh Ryu, what are you doing?" Sheila shot him a look of annoyance.

"I'm being a fish. Since we're underwater and all that. Blub blub blub blub..." Ryu replied in a noncommittal way and swayed his body more like a slithering snake than a fish. But it was still a rather effective way to swim around their current cubed enclosure. He swam in a roundabout path as straying too far will cause him to hit some kind of invisible barrier.

Ana copied what he was doing and swam beside him. "Blub blub blub. Heehee this is fun! Anyways any of you guys ever suspected Jane of being Min? Or part of Min or something."

To the surprise of the two 'fishes', Sheila also copied them and acted like a fish, albeit with a bored face. "Blub. I don't think anyone did, even the other gods. You heard their plan. They were gonna use the energy of some dead whatchamacallit... Super god or something..."

"Primordial Law." Ana helped. "Nunu is one. Oh! Blub blub blub. And she was powerful enough to create Nugaia. At least the environments. How did she describe Nugaia again? A refining system?"

Ryu nodded his head sagely. He might not have been smart but for some reason he was enraptured with the explanation Nunu and Min had provided them. Gods and Primordials love to monologue for some reason. "Yep. Blub blub blub. Infect a soul with a lil modified primordial energy.

When the soul's physical body dies and the soul returns to the afterworld, hopefully the energy is further weakened cause there is no divine force force in the mortal plane? Or very little of it.

Divine force is Primordial energy food i guess? Didn't Glauc use divine energy for his skills?"


"Yep. He did. It's mana for gods i guess? Might be oversimplifying that..." Sheila added, being the expert about mana amongst the three, not that she had a clue what mana even is. "Anyway they were hoping the primordial energy was starved or weakened enough that it could be absorbed by Min i think? Except that it backfired and ended up corrupting the part of Min in charge of souls. Leaving bunny Min, the part split in heaven to distract the other gods in heaven, in charge of the domain of life."

Ana lit up. "I kinda like bunny Min. I mean, Jane Min is a bitch, and I've never seen Soul Min, but Bunny Min is kinda cute and fluffy at least. Kinda wierd we're talking about three persons but they used to one. Huh."

"Even if she might be responsible for bringing us to Nugaia?" Sheila raised an eyebrow.

"Nah... That's totally Jane Min's fault. She magicked her way to the interview and teleported the whole room to that forest." Ana reaffirmed her belief. "Oh yeah, blub blub blub."

Ryu thought aloud "But Bunny Min kinda answered the prayer of a random girl to save her father. Blub blub blub.

Except that the father was already dead. Blub blub.

Min revived the girl's father by stuffing his cursed soul back in his body, causing the whole undead mess. I'm quite amazed at her ability to... escalate things. Blub."

All nodded at his appraisal of Bunny Min.

Sheila shrugged "She's keeping Nunu busy at the very least. Jane Min can't interact with her in case they get merged back before she absorbed enough primordial energy, and Bunny Min doesn't want to use her powers to capture Glauc cause he brought her some fishes or something?"

 "It's a really wierd internal argument if you think about it..." Ana mused. "At least Bunny Min got all the powers. Told ya I like her. imagine if Jane Min took control instead..."






Currently 'Jane Min' was pulling her hair in frustration. The original Min had split herself into three parts during the creation of Nugaia.

One, her rational part, to manage the souls leaving and entering the mortal plane, infecting and extracting primordial energy as they go along.

The second, her emotional part, was put in heaven, a foolish version to distract and gain the sympathy of the other gods, so that they would not discover and interfere with the plans.

And then there was her. The memory part, Jane Min. Her responsibility was actually to spy on Earth and their gods. She was never supposed to enter Nugaia until Soul Min had acquired enough primordial energy to ascend into a Primordial Law. Then they would merge together as the Primordial Law of All Life and Souls.

Somehow the plan had gone haywire with the primordial energy unable to be tamed despite the lack of divine energy in the mortal plane. Soul Min slowly got more and more tired until she made a mistake and got corrupted by the primordial energy herself.

Fearing the corruption of all her domains, she immediately sent it all to Bunny Min, who in her naivety abused her newfound powers in no time at all. Causing disasters all over the mortal plane such as giving mice a tenfold increase in their birth rate or accelerating a plant's growth rate that it devoured entire cities.

But of course, Jane Min was truly having a headache about the undead. The primordial energy had mutated into one that fed on the soul itself. 

To start with, Min wasn't the original creator of the primordial energy. Other gods were the one to create and extract this energy from the dead body of Entropy. They fashioned that energy to infect all souls, giving them a mortal lifespan so that there will be no new gods to compete with them.

Nunu, her mother, was the one to hint to Min that the energy might be used to help her ascend from godhood.

Thus, they hatched a plan to create a secret universe that will refine the primordial energy into a useful form.

They had to convince gods and their worshippers to 'escape' to Nugaia, away from the tyranny. The primordial energy had been created to infect souls and thus they simply used the souls of mortals to act as carriers. 

Min herself had acted as though she was sacrificing herself to save all the souls of the worshippers by merging with them and absorbing their 'curse'. She did this so all the other life based gods would gift her their domains in gratitude and further increase her powers. 

The plan worked. At least until Soul Min got corrupted. Then it all when downhill.

The undead. A soul infected with a kind of primordial energy that fed on the soul itself. Even gods would be tainted by it and none could resist it. 

Except one.


And Jane Min had to know why.


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