Transmigrated Dragon

by Occult Saber

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark LitRPG Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Why has this happened? I just wanted to take a sweet bath in that nice looking purple water, couldn't you tell me beforehand that was a damn portal to another dimension?

and I have these green and blue bars above my head... great.


The tale of an orphan dragon who was adopted by humans, who after reaching adulthood gets sent to another world.




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Image: Thanks to Emily Saathoff for letting me use her image. If you want to look at more art, you can find her portfolio at

 Uh, an extra warning— the extra chapters might depict scenes of violence not suitable for impressionable children. tried to keep it somewhat down but still, be warned. (no gore though)

The extra chapters are about the past of Doraig (Before stepping through the portal into the L'arc continent) And you don't need to read them to understand the story, but since one person wanted to know more about it I could do nothing but comply!


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The humor - this is some of the better humor i have seen in novels in quite a long time. Its witty, fresh and plain old fun.

The charicters - very likable. The charicters want you to be in thier world, making you feel like a part of the group

The POV -  well done in the sense of fulfillment. The protagonist is of similar strength to the others of the party so it doesent feel jarring to be ripped away from one POV to the next. Additionally the scene is more or less finished when you change POV not allowing for annoying cliffhangers, making you itch and want to go back to the protagonist. Also the chainge only happens for 1 to 3 chapters then your back to the main.

The grammer - well done. Havent found any misakes so far. 

The story - fun to read. a typical day in the life of the group would go something like "go to a city, eat all the food, get the elf drunk, try to make the meat sh- ahem cool equipment guy to get a girl, then poke fun at him, do the stuff we were supposed to do yesterday, kill some... creatures, and get a slime queen wife on the side." *brushes hands together to get rid of perverbial dirt* "All in a days work."

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Story feels weird. Simply put i have no idea why. ;p mmhmmm i guess it doesnt feel real, organic, (light bulb) feels like a machine wrote this.

Well GL,

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Sort of like a booster review. Grammar is fine and I don't really see any glaring problems. 

Humor is actually pretty nice and I've been enjoying that. Same with the MC. I quite like his personality for a dragon. Other characters are also fine to me.

I'm pretty picky when it comes to stories and their MCs, and even though this isn't very original (well, a lot of stuff isn't tbh) it's been very enjoyable to me... And that's what matters.