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The light of the sun shone down on the growing village of Nam at the bottom of the mountain, illuminating the crowd of men milling about the village. The crew of craftsmen had been working tirelessly to expand the village, as per ordered by the crown. The inn and the guild had already been completed in record time under the supervision of the two master craftsmen. The guild and the inn both were very prominent structures for a village, even at a modest two stories in height they were giants amongst the single floored original residencies of the village.

The two buildings were even furnished with wooden cabinets, chairs, and tables, allowing each of them to comfortably host several dozen people at a time. Ikfes mourned the fact there were no cushions or proper mattresses yet available in either building, but that was not something that could be helped. The first order of business had been to start the development as quickly as possible. As such, the crown had opted to gather just the tools and the personnel required to start the project, leaving behind luxuries like feathered pillows or bulky mattresses to lighten the load on the horses that had brought the craftsmen.

Though Ikfes knew that this was the most efficient way of going about things, he could not help but miss the comfort of a properly stuffed mattress and the soft feeling of a pillow stuffed with misty ivory swan feathers. He consoled himself by reminding himself that the next caravan of people to come to the Nam village would include merchants with some of the much needed mattresses and pillows, he only had to wait for them to arrive.

By the time the merchants arrived, Ikfes hoped that the small army of craftsmen had completed some of the buildings that were requested by the crown. If all went according to plan, there would be residences ready for some of the immigrants that were expected to come to the village, some of which would undoubtedly be merchants and entrepreneurs seeking to live in the growing village.

Of course, this was all part of the plan that the king and queen had devised together. Ikfes had to admit that he was not as well versed in economics as either of them, and as such he still marvelled at the simplicity of the plan that was expected to pay off in time.

The plan was to stimulate the market of the village by creating houses. The crown would pay the carpenters and the locals to create housing, thereby increasing the income of the small village significantly. By the time the merchants and entrepreneurs arrived, housing would be readily available for them to purchase at a rather cheap price. Seeing the opportunity to set up base at a growing dungeon town, these people would purchase the housing, and set up shop in the village much faster. Then, since the villagers would have more money to spend thanks to crafting homes, they would be able to spend more money, which would encourage the merchants to restock their wares, thereby attracting more trade to the village.

Between the increased trade and the allure of the dungeon to adventurers and the military, one could expect a large influx in immigration, which then meant more tax money for the crown. In short, this plan aimed to jump-start the miniscule economy of the village into a significant economic engine for the kingdom.

Of course, this plan was only possible due to the fact that the dungeon was projected to be a great natural resource for the kingdom, and thanks to the fact that the village had a very small economy. It was far simpler to boost the economy of a small village such as Nam, as opposed to a large city such as the royal capital.

Knock knock

The sound of a fist politely knocking on the wooden door of his office brought him back to reality swiftly. “Come in.”

The door swung open, revealing the five members of Azure Arrow, who filed into the room neatly.

“Ah, welcome,” Ikfes said with a smile, his eyes sparkling as he looked over his adventurer team. “How goes the task?”

“All goes well,” Ella replied, bowing her head slightly in respect. “The new adventurers that arrived yesterday seem to have had no problems with the briefing that we provided them.”

“Good. There are only four teams, but I expect a good showing from them,” Ikfes replied. “They might be your juniors, but they are promising E and D ranks. Do be sure to look after them for now, but do not pamper them.”

“Understood,” Ella replied firmly.

“Good. Now, onto the next topic,” Ikfes said with a smile. “I believe that it is time to go for a third dungeon dive, do you not agree?”

“Sir?” Ella replied curiously, looking at the guild master with a scrutinizing gaze as she tried to read his intentions. “Would that be wise? We have not determined how to best approach this sentient dungeon.”

“That is true,” Ikfes conceded with a nod. “However, it doesn’t seem like the dungeon is particularly hostile, does it? As a matter of fact, it seems to be busy expanding itself rather than aiming for your deaths, if you consider that it’s monsters didn’t try to jump on you on either occasion when you left the dungeon, isn’t that right?”

“That is true…” Mei replied. “We didn’t eliminate every creature in either occasion. I could feel the creatures staring at us as we left. It feels like… we were let go.”

“Precisely,” Ikfes nodded seriously. “If the dungeon is not particularly hostile, we should take advantage of the situation and gather information while we can, not to mention that it will help keep your skills sharp.”

“And what should we do if the dungeon tries to… make contact with us?” James spoke up, voicing his thoughts with an unsure tone marking his words.

“Be polite, of course,” Ikfes replied without hesitation. “Though I very much doubt that the dungeon will bother talking to you unless it has to. Besides, even if it wanted to communicate, there is no guarantee that it could enter a dialog with you. Who knows if it can even speak anyways? As of now, the best policy is to proceed with caution. If the dungeon tries to make contact with you, then handle the matter carefully. That’s about as much as I can suggest right now. Even I haven’t ever tried to speak with a dungeon, so I do not know what to expect either.”

“That makes sense,” Adder said with a shrug. “It’s a dungeon. Who knows how it thinks or how it acts. Does it have a sense of honour? Is it emotional? Does it behave in a cold and calculated form? Does it even care if we are dead or alive? For all we know it views as no different than we view pigeons, just pesky creatures that flutter in and out of its domain… Or perhaps we are food?”

“Don’t say that Adder,” James retorted. “I dare say that if we were simply food, we wouldn’t have gotten away last time so easily. Zig and Ella were particularly vulnerable at the end of it all, if you recall.”

Adder replied with a grunt at that, but kept his mouth shut. Everyone was aware that they had been dancing with death in their last dungeon dive. Sure, they might have been able to push deeper into the dungeon and perhaps go to the last room once more, but the chances of everyone surviving were slim. If they had tried to continue, chances were that Ella or Ziggurd would have both died.

“Regardless of how the dungeon behaves or acts,” Ikfes interrupted, “the most important thing right now is to gather the most information possible. I cannot stress that enough. There won’t be any drawbacks to gathering information. In fact, there will only be benefits. Even if the dungeon turns hostile, then the information will help us exploit the resources it offers in the future. If the dungeon remains neutral, or becomes friendly, it is always good to be aware of the capabilities of a potential ally.”

There was a general murmur of agreement from Azure Arrow and Ikfes smiled at them widely. “Excellent, I am glad to see you all understand. Now, in addition to all this, I am sure you know that the dungeon will be officially opened to public today. As always, I expect some curious villagers to enter the dungeon, despite the warnings. Since the population of the village is in the low hundreds of people at the moment, I would like to avoid senseless deaths. Every able-bodied person is an asset at the moment. Therefore, if you happen to encounter any villagers that are in danger in the dungeon, I expect you to use your better judgment and help them if you are able to. Of course, your own safety is to be placed above theirs. At the moment, Azure Arrow is the most invaluable team of adventurers in the entire village. Should anything happen, your strength may be needed.”

“Guild master?” Ella asked, clearly picking up a hint that was being dropped by the guild master. “Are we expecting any situations?”

Ikfes paused for a moment and looked into Ella’s eyes with a piercing gaze, the soft and playful look in his eyes replaced by the eyes of a warrior. The change lasted only a second, before those sharp eyes changed back into the very image of playfulness. The change was so sudden that it made Ella feel a chill crawl up her spine.

“Not immediately,” Ikfes replied with a gentle smile. “But we are in the wilderness and the magic from the dungeon might attract all sorts of beasts. It never hurts to be prepared, does it?”

“You are undoubtedly correct, guild master,” Ella said with a small bow, her mind churning as she tried to decipher the meaning of Ikfes words.

“Then it’s settled!” Ikfes said with a youthful smile. “It’s time for you to get going.”

“Then, we will excuse ourselves, guild master,” Ella said politely, before leading her team out.


A giant pair of wooden fists smashed down on the floor where Pala had been just seconds ago, making the ground shake slightly from the heavy impact. Stepping to the side with his powerful reptilian legs, Pala rotated quickly to change his momentum, his tail swinging around with the speed of a whip to slap against the bottom of the wooden brute’s leg. The attack shattered the bark armour that surrounded the lower part of the leg. However, it was not enough to trip the golem. Leaping back, Pala adjusted his position and slashed with his spear, cutting into the wood of the golem shallowly, baiting the golem into attacking him again.

A few dozen meters further down the hall, Echo was fighting a wooden whip golem. Unlike Pala, who boasted of the highest mobility in the dungeon, Echo relied on her weight and defence, resisting the onslaught of fast strikes from the enemy golem as she struggled to land a blow. Her halberd in hand, she had managed to use the axe blade of her halberd to slice partly into the whips a few times, but the movement of the enemy was clearly superior to her own. Her current strategy consisted in slowly pushing back her enemy until she could corner it and deliver a powerful blow. It was a difficult task considering that the whips tangled her up and inhibited her movement, but as she took no damage from them due to her high defence, she was inching her way to victory.

Slowly but surely, Pala and Echo chipped away at their enemies, crawling their way to victory. Their enemies had been selected by Smit as a way to train them against creatures that they could not achieve an immediate victory over, enemies who would force Pala and Echo to learn to fight differently.

The two fights lasted a while, well over fifteen minutes, but the result was satisfactory. Both Pala and Echo conquered their opponents and absorbed a portion of their energy into their bodies. Sighing with relief, Pala sat down on the floor of the dungeon as he munched on the core of the golem as if it was a candy. Being organic, he felt fatigue, even after his evolution.

“Hey, Echo,” Pala called out.

“Yes?” Echo replied as she extracted the magic core of her fallen enemy.

“You used to be a dungeon too once, didn’t you?”

“Yes. However, Father has taken that role now. He is far more suitable,” she replied simply as she put the core in her mouth and began to slowly chew it.

“I don’t doubt that,” Pala replied as he leaned back against one of the walls of the dungeon, staring at the beautiful ceiling of the maze. “But I can’t help but think that Father is too amazing. I am not even three months old yet, and I have grown so much. It is all thanks to him.”

“That’s true,” Echo said as she took a seat beside Pala. “Father is indeed extraordinary. When I was a dungeon, I was considered a dungeon with respectable difficulty and growth speed. However, even at my prime, mine would pale in comparison to the speed of Father’s growth and his ability.”

A pause stretched between Pala and Echo as they both crewed on their price, each lost in their own thoughts for a moment.

“Why do you say that?” Pala asked, a hint of curiosity tinging the tone of his voice.

“Well,” Echo started, “it took me a year to complete the first floor of my dungeon, even though it was a little smaller than Father’s first floor. The speed at which I developed the first floor was fast enough that I was even granted a random species of lower class monster. However, the speed of Father outstripped my own by such a large margin that the voice of the world gave him unbelievable options. I did not see some of those options until my third breakthrough.”

“Amazing…” Pala said as he continued to stare at the floating fire spirits, admiring the soft light that they radiated.

“Yes. Father is unbelievable.”

“We must get stronger. Otherwise, we won’t be able to stand beside Father, or bring glory to his name.”

Echo turned her head to look at Pala, noting the resolute tone in his voice. Though she was still learning about emotions and reactions, she could tell that this desire burned brightly inside Pala. He wished nothing more but to stand beside the Father and be of use to him. Echo couldn’t help but to approve of this as a warm feeling spread across her heart. She herself felt the exact same way as Pala did.

“Hey, you are smiling,” Pala exclaimed with surprise, looking at her with interest.

Blinking with surprise, Echo reached up to her face and lightly touched her lips, tracing them with her fingers. She indeed was smiling.

“I don’t think I have ever seen you do that before,” Pala commented.

“I don’t think I have either,” Echo replied, slightly confused.

“We should tell Father. I am sure he would be happy,” Pala said happily as he stood up, dusting his legs and the simple bear loincloth he wore.

“What is your basis for believing this?” Echo asked curiously. She saw no reason why a smile would warrant the attention of the Father.

“Isn’t it obvious? Father may be constantly working, but he still cares for us. I am sure he would be happy to know you’ve have grown internally.”

Echo tilted her head in confusion. Surely a smile wasn’t much to get worked up about… but if the Father was pleased, she would be very satisfied.


Smit busied himself with cultivating, only periodically pausing to check on the state of his dungeon. He expected a third dungeon dive soon, as he had gotten reports from his spying mice that a group of armed people had arrived at the village. Now that his existence had been known to the kingdom for a while, he expected that these were more adventurers.

He was racing against time to try and complete his experiments with his blood frenzy, healing those creatures that he deemed as the most likely to survive and evolve into a useful creature. Of course, he didn’t overdo it with the healing. At most, he would give the creatures an infusion of mana and generally help mend their wounds to a limited extent, but should they be overwhelmed, Smit had no qualms about letting them be devoured by other creatures in his dungeon. Survival of the fittest would see to it that the best would move forwards in their evolution.

Smit had gone as far as to create at least a handful of every creature available to him, even the useless looking ones like the goldfish and pigeons. As expected, the pigeons were promptly devoured. Though they were birds and very capable of flying, the small spaces in the dungeon ensured that they could not escape from their predators.

Still, other creatures were showing promise. The modified alpha wolf was showing signs of improved organization and leadership with his subordinates and the modified grizzly bears were certainly learning to utilize their new bodies quicker than he anticipated. Even the iguanas were proving to be rather efficient hunters, though they did tend to cluster in areas where the fire spirits provided more light.

However, he was the most pleased with Pala and Echo.

Pala was steadily accumulating experience and energy, and his reflexes were extraordinary for someone who had been alive for such a short amount of time. The one thing that caught his attention, however, was that the amount of energy that Pala needed to consume to reach his next evolution was massive when compared to the amount he needed for his prior evolution. Perhaps it was the modifications, or perhaps it was simply his evolutionary pathway, but whatever the reason, it seemed doubtful that he would reach the required threshold soon, despite the frenzy.  Still, Smit expected great things from his kobold lord.

Echo, on the other hand, had improved immensely, now reaching a level of control over her body that was at the level of a normal human. Her agility and dexterity were still poor when compared to Pala’s but she had improved sufficiently that Smit was confident that she could give even the average C rank adventurer a run for their money, thanks to her incredibly high defensive abilities. Moreover, her spiritual and mental capabilities had improved greatly. She had even managed a natural, genuine smile! He was very pleased with the news and had thoroughly congratulated her on her breakthrough.

Despite all this good news, he could not allow himself to relax. The adventurers had already taken off from the village yesterday and he was expecting them to arrive at his doorsteps in less than a day.

According to the intel he had managed to obtain from his mice, the group was significantly larger this time. If you included the five adventurers that he already had encountered twice, the total size of this expedition seemed to be twenty-two people. As he had no reference point to their level of skills, Smit had no direct way of knowing what level the adventurers were. However, he did notice that the new seventeen adventurers seemed to treat the members of Azure arrow with respect, from which he deduced that the seventeen members were at least one rank below Azure arrow.

If he used Azure arrow as a point of reference, then the first floor would likely be conquered easily with the sheer number of people that were coming through this time.

He grimly considered the possibility that the adventures had been requested to act as a subjugation force to destroy him and his creations. The chances of that were very slim, less than one percent if he had to guess. Most likely, Azure Arrow would educate the other adventurers on the basics of his dungeon. However, even with his furry little spies Smit had been unable to gather sufficient intelligence with regards to their motives. His spying mice simply had not been able to pick up any intelligence regarding the adventurers, as there had been minimal conversation between the new adventurers and anyone in the village. As a result of this lack of knowledge, Smit was preparing for the worst.

He was nowhere close to achieving his third breakthrough. However, he had decided to make the most of the remaining time he had before the adventurers arrived. He was very sure that from here on out, he would only see more and more adventurers diving into his dungeon, demanding his attention and interrupting his cultivation of energies.

A cold aura interrupted his worries without warning, causing Smit to shift his focus immediately. Extending his senses, he pushed his consciousness to the gates of his dungeon, peering into the open world as if he stood out in the open in the flesh. The sensation grew stronger as he watched, and soon he sensed the ground quake gently around him. Trees seemed to groan as something large or powerful, or perhaps both, forced its way through the forest.

Smit scowled as he narrowed down the possible creatures that could do this in this mountainous terrain and he did not like any of the results that his brain presented to him. At best, it would be some sort of wild beast like a dire boar, but at worst… he left that thought behind as he rushed to prepare.

Cursing internally, he growled at the awful timing of the creature. He had not stopped the blood frenzy in his dungeon. With his forces were depleted and injured, and with the adventurers approaching by the minute, he was not in an enviable position by any means. Despite this, Smit was no stranger to working under pressure. Instantly he began to prepare for the assault of whatever creature was coming his way, starting by immediately cancelling the blood frenzy.

“Beware!” Smit’s voice boomed across the minds of every creature in the dungeon, demanding their attention immediately. “A new foe is coming our way. Defend yourselves! Defend the dungeon!”

The words themselves were lost in most of the lesser creatures who could not understand what the words meant, however, the intention behind the words was clearly transmitted to every single creature in the dungeon. If anyone had been inside the dungeon at the moment, they would have been startled by the sudden switch in the atmosphere. The creatures who all seemed to be hell bent on devouring each other ceased their battles to the death and, in a matter of seconds, were rushing to different positions, accompanying each other as if they were brothers in arms.

Not one to idle, Smit let loose massive surge of mana through his dungeon that targeted every one of his creatures in an attempt to mend injuries as quickly as possible. Under other situations, he might have done this in a more elegant and systematic form, healing his creatures in order of priority, but unfortunately he had no time for that.

In addition to this, he attempted to recreate his fallen creatures, starting with the larger ones. Bears, golems, wolves, kobolds, and snakes were at the top of the list. It irritated him to waste mana by creating them automatically like this when he could reduce their cost by crafting them ‘by hand’ as he liked to think of it, but he had little choice at this point. He didn’t even have time to move his creatures across the large expanse of the dungeon, which forced him to fortify specific locations across his dungeon, where he believed he would have a greater chance of victory.

In a matter of seconds, most creatures had seen visible improvements in their physical condition thanks to his healing and, in minutes, multiple larger creations had already been formed at several locations across his dungeon. However, for all his speed and power, Smit still had his limits.

He felt exhaustion start to crawl into him, like a grub trying to eat away at his strength. Despite this, Smit ignored the fatigue entirely, his mental fortitude allowing him to shrug it off for the moment as easily as breathing.

And then his time ran out.

Smit focused on the entrance to his dungeon, and saw a grotesque looking head sticking its way in his dungeon. The creature was three meters tall and green, its eyes yellow and slit horizontally like those of a frog. Tusk-like fangs extended from its square jaw upwards, giving its bald head a brutish look. Thick fingers grasped a crude wooden club, and a disgustingly dirt loincloth was the only thing that gave the creature any semblance of modesty.

“Ogres,” Smit hissed, a hint of rage expressing itself through his voice.

“Father?” Pala exclaimed as he rushed into the core room, standing beside the dungeon heart that hosted Smit’s soul. “What is it? What’s wrong?”

“We have some vile visitors,” Smit grunted with obvious distaste as he kept observing the gate. “Ogres, a lesser type of giant. We have three of these brutes and some of their henchmen goblins by the looks of it.”

“Father, I heard your warning,” Echo interrupted as he rushed into the room. “What is happening?”

“We have three ogres and about four dozen goblins running around the dungeon’s first floor,” Smit growled.

“What is wrong with ogres and goblins?” Echo asked curiously, clearly not seeing them as anything else other than common monsters.

“The problem,” Smit hissed, “is that those forsaken creatures are nothing more than crude, mindless, arrogant, vile, and disgusting creatures who live to pillage, rape, and consume other creatures. There are variants that are the exception to this, but these fellows are nothing more than common wild ogres and goblins. I detest their kind, and these brutes are sure to taint my dungeon with their foul presence!”

Hearing those words, the expressions of Pala and Echo switched from curiosity to surprise, and then to one of anger. They did not feel rage due to the vile acts that these creature had committed, nor did they feel rage at the fact that they were known for being filthy and vile. Instead, the two of them were enraged that these creatures dared to set foot in the home of the Father. They felt rage that at the very thought of them tainting their home, and most importantly, they raged because the Father himself had been angered.

“Leave it to us Father!” Pala exclaimed. “We will eradicate them from existence.”

“Yes Father,” Echo nodded eagerly. “Let us face them at once.”

“Fools!” Smit replied bluntly. “Do not underestimate them. Though the goblins are little more than a nuisance, the ogres are lesser giants. Their strength is still a force to be respected. If you fought them one on one, your odds of beating them are perhaps sitting at around fifty percent. If you are lucky.”

Pala growled in the back of his throat, frustrated at this newfound knowledge. Even after all this training, he was little more than a common small fry it would seem.

“However, do not worry,” Smit continued. “We will be rid of them before night falls.”

Pala felt a chill go down his spine as Smit uttered those words. Never in his life had he seen Father this upset or bloodthirsty. It was a very different demeanour from his usual gruff, stoic, and hard working attitude. This change in his attitude was nothing short of surprising for Pala, yet it was also fulfilling. He was certain that the only beings to have ever seen the Father this upset were just him and Echo. It filled him with a sense of pride to know a different side of the Father, something that the great majority of the other creatures were not able to witness.

“Now, my children…” Smit growled gently. “Let us hunt.”


Lumbering through the maze, the three ogres noisily laughed and smashed into anything that looked remotely alive, spitting and belching as they snatch little morsels of food such as rats and snakes. The creatures were nothing short of filthy, and not very intelligent, considering that they called out to each other with such finesse that made pigs look like well educated folk.

“Grunk!” One of them roared. “Share snake! Give!”

“No!” The uglier of the two brutes roared back. “Ograk ate many rat! Snake belong to Grunk!”

“Grunk stupid! Ograk stupid! More food there!” The fattest of the three screamed at them as he rushed forwards with large strides, swinging his club wildly, smashing through a goblin as he tried to strike at a wolf that swiftly leaped out of the way.

“Goblin stupid!” He growled as he picked up the remains of the goblin, taking a bite out of them “Got in Krigis’ way. Stupid!”

“Go go! Food there!” Ograk roared, and the entire horde of goblins and ogres ran right down the hall of the dungeon, chasing the wolf as they impotently tried to hit it by throwing rocks. They never noticed the fact that there were no creatures visible in any of the halls they passed, nor did they notice that a handful snakes and rats crawled out of their hiding spots to follow them.

Instead, the horde chased the wolf blindly into a large room, only to be met with several bears, wolves, and a handful of kobolds, along with Pala and Echo. A total of twenty three against the goblin army and the ogres.

Stupefied by the sudden turn of events, the horde stopped and stared for a second, before the ogres grinned widely. “Food! Lots of food!”

“For the Father!” Pala roared, and his fellow creations roared in unison, only to be met with an opposing roar from the ogres.

The fight quickly began in earnest, both sides throwing themselves at the other in a savage, close combat brawl. Roars erupted as the enemy was assaulted from behind by poisonous snakes and aggressive horned dungeon rats. Most of the rats and snakes quickly became trampled under the heels of the enemy, but their job to poison and induce confusion was accomplished.

“Smash heads!” Grunk roared at the goblins. “Like this!”

The ogre geared back his hands over his head as he readied to land a devastating blow on the enemy, smashing the skull of a bear with the deadly blow. The ogre stretched his arms once more to repeat the feat, only to be met with spear to the shoulder. His blow was thrown off balance, and the ogre ended up smashing into two kobold warriors, and Krigis, killing the kobolds and breaking Krigis’ knee.

“Argh!” Krigis bellowed in pain, dropping on one knee as he began to curse. “Stupid! Stupid Stupid stupid Grunk! Krigis will-”

His voice was cut short as a spear pierced into his ear, sinking itself well into the brain of the ogre, killing it instantly.

“Begone!” Pala howled as he withdrew his spear, turning to face Grunk.

Echo fought beside him, challenging the remaining ogre to a contest of strength as they traded straightforward blows. Around them, the bears, wolves, and kobolds faced off with goblins of many castes. Goblin warriors and mages contended fiercely with their opponents, savagely throwing themselves into battle as they tried to take advantage of the chaos that had been created by the ogres.

Yet, despite all their savagery and outnumbering their enemies, the horde was cut down one monster at the time, repaying them for every injury they inflicted ten-fold. Both sides took heavy losses, but after just an hour, only one side stood victorious.

Echo’s victory over the third ogre had sealed the enemies’ fate. Once she had taken down the monster, she moved to support Pala who was fending off three goblins and an ogre. Within minutes, the ogre fell, and all that was left to do was deal with the remaining goblins who attempted to flee. They were cut down like weeds, hunted by the wolves and skewered by the kobolds’ spears.

The battle was hard fought and most of the troops had fallen to the enemy. Out of the original twenty-three, only seven remained.

“Well done,” Smit’s voice echoed in the minds of the survivors. “I had not expected them to be stopped on the first floor, even with this strategy. Congratulations, you all far exceeded my expectations.”

Panting, but grinning from ear to ear, the seven survivors staggered down to the floor and collapsed.




Species: True Dungeon Rank: 2
Name: Smit Age: 3 months
Mana: 13,021 Anima: 549
Mana Reg.: 861 MP/h Anima Reg.: 19.27 AP/day
Floors: 5 (Max Floors available: 5) Inhabitants: 79 Species
Titles: Creator of Dungeon laws; Creator; Guide of the Bloody Evolution; Legendary Craftsman;Master of Concentration; Reincarnated One; 
Abilities: Absorb matter; Alter environment; Bestow Knowledge; Break down components; Craftsmanship; Creation; Digging; Destroy creation; Dungeon Laws; Enhancement; Equivalent exchange; Ether manipulation; Evolution; Interdimensional Storage; Life bestowal; Life-energy harnessing; Loot Craft; Luck of the draw; Mana absorption; Masterful mana manipulation; Modification of creations; Monster Link; Telepathy; Trap building; Transfer dungeon; Treasure Management.
Resistances:   Magic (general); Mind control


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