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it was morning the next day and Walter already had something to make his day better. He had just dressed and eaten, when a servant appeared to announce lord Morge's arrival. The servant had but finished when lord Morge walked in. looking at his figure that seemed to have hurried over, Walter knew he he found something.
“let go in.” Walter invited him into the study.
“you were right.” Lord Morge said as the door of the study closed.
“what did you find?” Walter asked.
“the minister works for the Queen. He has helped embezzle a lot of money in the past and pay of people. Its a full evidence of corrupt practices. But that is not what bothers me. Everybody knows the Lady Steinhouse is the King's only niece. Because of the king's favor, she has never hidden her dislike for the Queen does she intend to use this? How does this relate to the extra Gold?” Lord Morge asked thoughtfully.
“probably this is what she intends to present to the king so as to have him dispose of the Queen. But this could all go away by royal order. This is only possible is the king intends to have the Queen disposed.” water speculated and Lord Morge's pupil shrunk.
“this takes this to another level. If the king himself wants the queen disposed, that means he intends to make sure the crimes unquestionably stick. If its just these, then its not worth mentioning. It must be big. If the side she supports is the King, then there must be a reason she wants the money to disappear.” Walter continued.
“unless the way to make the crime stick and the crime big enough to unquestionably dispose the Queen is one and the same. The missing money.” Lord Morge said in thought.
“it matters not. I will bring this to Her Ladyship tonight. If she intends we do nothing, then this document will disappear. If she says otherwise, then I will ask straight out who the extra gold belongs to when I go to meet the Lady Steinhouse.” Walter said taking the document from Lord Morge.
Like always, the Lady Steinhouse walked in to the palace unhindered. She was soon led towards the King's study by a servant. Entering. She saw the king grandly dressed, looking sickly as he sat on a grand chair. She observed all etiquette before approaching him. The King stared at his Niece’s make up free face and raised a brow.
“you are much different today Helen.” he said. She understood his manner as she had been stared at all day and almost confused for someone else as she was led into the palace. She more than any understood why she had not worn any make up. For some reason, the past few days, her mood has been bad and the smell of powder disgusted her.
“i have been able to send a message to the Lady Wickshire. It might not have been in my said words, but I believe it was understood.” she side stepped the topic and went straight to the point.
“really?” the king asked. You could see his eyes shine.
“i had someone on her side decide the investigation of the minister. If I get back results, I will assume she will not be interfering or is okay with our plans. I'm still not sure why you remain weary of her, but I remembered to not let the opportunity pass me by as it was right before me.” she said. This was something she could have informed the King in a letter. But she had learned a long time a go that things of importance should be handled face to face.
“ if there is no reply, you must be sure to find out what we are allowed to do.” the king said and she frowned.
“i did not inform you, but I suspect she is in possession of the money missing from the treasury. When she took all of the Mclears fortune, the royal gold was amongst them.” she informed him and he grimaced.
“well...that's gone. How the kingdom will make up for it....” he sighed in resignation.
“we could request it returned. Would she dare ignore you?” Lady Steinhouse said in anger. She was disappointed by his attitude.
“even if I had ten thousand lives worth of courage, I would not dare..... there are some people you can't offend, Helen.” he chuckled in self mockery.
“But....” the lady Steinhouse started to protest.
“let it go Helen.” the king stopped her. She frowned as she curtsied and left without a word. The king could tell she was beyond angry with him, but how could he explain his first encounter with the Lady Wickshire?
“am I doing the wrong thing?” he asked out loud.
“yes. You must never offend her.” An alluring voice answered as lady Teel stepped out from behind the book shelves.
“you also have the feeling she is dangerous too, then?” the king asked her.
“no. I know for a fact. You must never underestimate the women of the Thraine Household.” She said and the king stiffened as though all life had left him.
A note from Mfonemana u ekene

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