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Walter had his family grounded at home on this day. His mother was not allowed to go out for shopping. They all sat around the table for lunch, cheerfully eating when they received a message from their neighbour, Mrs Ingrid.

Walter's mother stared at the Letter in shock.

β€œthe king has orders six officials and their families dead. The capital is in storm.” she announced in shock before they turned to give Walter a deep look. Did he know this was going to happen?

That morning during breakfast he had said; β€œno one is to leave the house for today. No matter what stay inside, there'll be a storm.”
They had thought he was messing around as how could there be a storm in bloom? Now they understood. Yet how Walter knew this was going to happen, they didn't want to know.

True enough, the capital was in storm. News of the Ministry of Justice arresting a lot of families was out. Everyone stayed inside so as not to be dragged into this. News of the Mclears being arrested had already spread through out the capital. Lots of mistresses were said to have been caught in his home and were all dragged to the prisons.

Leah who had long been married out cried buckets. Only then did she understand why her mother married her out. Because of this marriage, she had escaped the death penalty. But she only heard news of her father's arrest and nothing about her mother.

Soon their crimes were made known to the society. The ministry of justice stated their crimes publicly as their workers stood in the towns and city to shout it out.

Every body heard that the execution stands were being built and knew the King intended to have them killed that day. Some families tried to run, but only earned them selves an early death as they were killed at the spot.

Most of the minister's families were nervous. The officials in their family had been gone for court at the Palace and through out the entire commotion, they had not returned or been seen. Some wondered if they were next.

Next was the executions. It happened so fast, people were not sure if the execution stand had been built before hand and was only waiting. The executioner got to work fast and heads started to fill buckets and bodies, wagons. It was dreadful situation. But nothing compared to what came next.

The Queen was dragged out of the palace by the King himself. She was stark naked. If people's heart had not exploded, they now did.
News of her actions spread so fast, no one knew how the information spread. But they all heard it. The Queen was caught in bed with two lovers who were taking her at the same time.

Noble and proper women of society were embarrassed and could not even imagine how it could be possible. What position did she have to be in, to be taken by two men at the same time? The Queen being more nasty than the brothel women was entertaining news. Every one heard that she was being paraded naked to the Lower prisons and the less proper people of society went to watch. It was a long way to the lower prisons. Though it was still in the Palace, the route was passed the open gates. Lower citizens saw the Queen who was supposed to be higher than them, paraded like the lowest criminal to the prisons.

Soon, they were talks about her voluminous breast and her hairy woman parts. Though the executions were done, the women of the brothels now referred to themselves as Queen Lilith and requested more charge to show men the positions to be taken at the same time. The prestige of the Royal family took a hit and the king had sent back his Officials and closed the palace. By the time night had arrived, all was quiet. The capital sang a silence like a ghost hunted town. People seemed to pull their blankets around them selves to keep warm. The Windy Quarter had arrived.


PS: The windy quarter is Autumn.

A note from Mfonemana u ekene


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retmib @retmib ago

*ding ding* shame, shame * ding ding*

thanks for the chapter

eersc @eersc ago

Is the queen dead? Or is she merely in the lower dungeons?

Tsunadehime @Tsunadehime ago

no one is to leave the house for today. No matter what stay inside, they'll be a storm. - it should be there'll (or there will) be a storm.