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Things you should probably know about me...


1) I'm a full time author,

2) I'm Nigerian.

3) I review books

4).....Okay, let's go back to three.. It might be a completely useless information, but I horde books. Many of you may have the same problem as me... I don't mean the hording books part, I mean, finding it annoying to read on the internet when you could just open a reader offline and save your money. Well, you could just download the epub of some of these web novels, but most people don't Know where to find them... I'm not sure why. So I've got a site where you can request me to look for a web novel epub for you.
And... You are wondering what I get out of this, well, those who ask for books don't know they are kind of the ones who recommend most books i read.

The site is check it out when you're free.

I also review books for authors. They get to choose where they want me to post their reviews. That site is

This review exchange thing is working out so well, I am tempted to do something close for mangas and anime. But I'm too busy writing so....

I love mangas, anime, movies, K drama, web novels, comics, cartoons, Bollywood movies, wuxia series, .... Long story short, if you can find a way to sell dirt and tell a story, I'll probably buy.

"To walk the mist" is another book I'm hosting here on qidian, but it's such a slow process. I'd advise, you don't read yet till I finish editing Lucy Wickshire book 1 for publication, cause only disappointment awaits you.

I have been writing since I was five... Funny.. Even with all that, my dad thought I'd be an engineer. I was studying engineering for a while until I got too sick. If you ask me, god was at work. "The sister in White" is a book I wrote at 11 years of age. I decided it would be my first published work, because it still retained the pure heart of fantasy that I may have lost... Now, I'm killing people and sexually abusing women in my books... Haha.

So, if you wish to see how my work looks like at age 11 (well, I did edit it for almost 7 years after that so, it can't still be seen as eleven), I'm doing a free give away. Go to

So,....this ended up being a shameless self promotion... Meng Hao will be proud.

A note from Mfonemana u ekene

The site to request for an epub version of a web novel is

The site authors can submit their books for reviews is

The site where you can participate in my free giveaways is

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Bio: I'm the author of the sisters of the Temple of slah Series. I'm currently working on my web novel Lucy wickshire and preparing for the sneak peak of descendants of Light I decided to put up my book as a web series because I love the interaction between author and read and hope to get there too. Growing with my readers every step of the way is part of my dao

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