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This is just a Fictional story, all the characters are fictional.

Chapter 16: Change





"Your ID?"

" ??? " Question mark written all over my head.

It's not that I don't have an answer to such a question, it just that I'm still thinking about the reason why I got here? What's my fault!

Mulling it over and over in my head. I still can't found the answer.

Before I knew it, the police officer had already leave the introgration room where I'm at, leaving the door open.

Still I didn't get out of this room as I heard some footsteps outside, it won't be funny if when I just step outside the room, I'm face to face with the head of this police station right?

The door sounded open.

A police officer that just intrograted me, came in with a burly guy, and a woman with a nurse outfit. The police officer just stand beside the door and let the two of them came before me.

I let myself calm down and watch them with a confused expression.

"Hello?" I ask

"Hi, my name is Jefferson. I'm a chief inspector. May I know your name?" The burly man asked with a warm smile.

"Hmm?" I ask confused

'Chief inspector? What's that?' I thought to myself.

The Chief frowned, clearly didn't like this child attitude.

"Kid, I'm a chief inspector, and if you want to make this easy, just tell us your name, and you'll be out of this room and get some rest(in prison cell)"

The kid keeps frowning, as if anything else didn't matter.

'it looks like I could only use that way'

"I don't know!" I said with a hoarse voice.

"Do you have ID card with you?" He said while showing me a black card, with some inscription on it.

He tossed it to me.

"What's this?" I asked while clumsily trying to catch the card.

My acting seems to bore a fruit, as the chief frowns deepened.

He calls the nurse behind him and ask for a blood test, as it seems that questioning the young boy in front of him is useless.

For this day and age it's very easy to search information on someone with a blood test, you'll even found out their ancestors with this blood test.

And Syura sure afraid if people knows that he's not from this world.

Of course Syura aren't idiot enough to let a panic expression out from his eyes, or even his face. His poker face is second to that of his mother.

As for what he is thinking.

'fuuuuk, it will only became an endless trouble from here-on, even if I escape from the prison with my eye ability, I'll only get hunted by the government, or even worse, the world. Even though I could easily annihilate them if I break this restriction on me, or maybe set that fighting maniac (shiro) free and make some troubles here and there, come to think of it. It seems that I haven't even once call them here? Usually Shiro would always bother me to fight him? Where were they?'

"Hachoo! It seems that someone is talking about me! Oy Kuro, do you know who it is? And the hell is wrong with kingy! For some clean maniac at least with three hours of bathing it should be enough to clean his body, straight to the bone!" The Hollow complained

"Dunno, keep silent will you" The black robed youth, Kuro, said while flipping his bleach manga.


Clearly, Syura didn't know that his three weeks on that world is only 3 hours on the world where the Hollow and the quincy lived in.

'haahah, I think it's useless to think about them, maybe it's my fortune that Shiro didn't came out and make some trouble, sometimes I need to be grateful, and take it for granted!'

°as Host seems to be in troubles, why don't you bought something from system:

Mortal Universal ID

Do you want to go to the world of mortal? Without caring of how the world works! And without getting hunted for your power.

Fret not with this Mortal universal ID you won't get lost to the police station, nor would you go and get investigated on your background.

Becouse this Mortal Universal ID have the most basic Identity:

Name: you can fill it yourself! Isn't that good enough! To became a myste(rious).... I meant to became a mortal that focused on your task! Without care about any situation the world currently at!

Background: rich/normal/low end (Random)

And many more!

Price: 100 points + 1011 for advertisement.

Total: 1111 Points

"....." Isn't this the same thing? Wait...

' is it just me or it really fits my story? Aah fuk it, with random background there, it would make me quite difficult to get out of police station if I got low end background, time to eat Lucky Bread!'

I ate it in my inner world as to not arouses suspicion, and also pressed the buy button whilst still in it.

Looking at the spinning machine with 2 meters on diameter that just appeared in my mind, I check the words on every 30 degrees of the circle.

With normal as the most to appear, 5 times.
Low end with 3 times.
Rich being 2 times.
And a black deathly coloured sides that only appears once.

I start to spin it, and it stop at the rich side fortunately, if it just moves another centimeter, I would surely puke out a mouthful of blood. As in the middle section of both of the rich sides lay the black deathly ones. Lucky bread sure is lucky. Thankfully I ate lucky bread beforehand.

And then the electronic sounds rang again.

°As the host paid for the advertisement, and paid for a total 1 thousand points, the system will move it for a centimeter, as usually the good thing laid before you yet you stop right before you reach it, good luck!


My heart shattered at that instant!

In real life, my eyes started to become watery. And I cried!

Your Sister! Do you even need to play me around like this! Oh for god sake!

System you're such a bully!

°pick a name for yourself!

' just do it as you like ' i said spiritless

Choose :
- Bravosrado von Vierzig
- Johnson Vaderson
- Xue Wenrou
- Futa Narisama
- Fuka Yeaha

When I look at this, my eyes twitched uncontrollably. What the heck is this! Especially number 5 and then there's something that leads straight to hell! Vaderson? More like Luke Skywalker instead! Bravosrado? Bravo your mom! I don't even know whether if I should laugh or to cry. The only thing that make sense is number three at least it's a name, a Chinese one at that!

'pick number three' i said to my mind.

Congratulations your name now is Xue Wenrou!

'.....' it takes me a while to realise what the system says. 'Isn't it supposed to be an alias?'

'aaah fu*k it!'

Before I could complain more to the system, the nurse came in with a result. Syura didn't even realise that the nurse had already take his blood.

The nurse whispering something to the chief ear, the Chief nods and get out of the room.

A while later, the chief came in with a woman,that seems to be in her fourty.

When she look at me she Cried, "Rou 'er!" She runs straight to me and hug me tightly, like she would lose me if she ever retracted her hug.

"You are?" I asked, even though I didn't want to break her heart, it still better this way. Getting hugged by a stranger still feels weird to me, even if it's a woman. Still, I did felt the warmth of her heart, her affection for that Rou'er seems like she would live in misery if she didn't find her 'Rou'er'.

The woman tensed, startled that he didn't know her.

"I'm your mother, remember? Rou'er where have you been? are you okay? Rou'er?"

The Chief then explain

" Madam, it seems that he got an amnesia " the chief said seriously.

The woman look aghast, as if a sword had pierced her heart! She then look at me softly.

"Son do you remember your name?" The woman ask just to make sure.

I tensed, frowning a little before I answer the woman's question.

"Xue Wenrou?" I answered, not sure at my answer.

Looking at the kid infront of her, made her heart wrench in pain.

" It's okay my son, it's okay. At least you know your name" the woman said, then she continued to hug me again whilst crying.

A note from Ritzyditzy

soon there will be some exam coming.... I'll try my best to write this story as well as studying for my exam, if there's something wrong about me that ever disturb you, please forgive me.

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D33B0 @D33B0 ago

What the fuck is going on here? I'm totally lost, and it's starting to get really annoying tbh, his reasoning makes no sense, nor do his actions. I'll try and stick with this strange(?) story for a bit longer, see where it goes, but for now, it's pretty much just annoying to read.