Kittensei: Rebirth to a Cat

by Senizal Fi Chrora

Original HIATUS Comedy Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

This is a 100-200 word chapter series about a weird MC gets reincarnated into fantasy world as a cat.
He has all the powers that should be OP but somehow screws up in using them all.
Spoiler warning: there is no truck

Screw the description above, this fic is a cat video version of stories. It has not much length nor reason and it's about a NINJA CAT! WHO CARES ABOUT EVERYTHING ELSE??? Ninja cats are more than enough if you want to click that first chapter. C'mon cliiiick iiiiiit!

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  • Overall Score

how to fit a cat ex machina in every paragraph

literally every chapter is a paragraph long. the author could string the first six together in a single post and i would barely notice the difference.

the conflict is incredibly forced, theres no plot, character development or reason to care about the MC.

its basically just

1- oh no, MC is facing certain doom with no way out!

2- but the MC is OP

3- and gets out scot free, EXCEPT one horrible thing

4- repeat using different words


  • Overall Score

A bizarre waste of time

I have absolutely no idea why the author is writing this, and/or posting this online. Maybe it's some sort of bad joke?

The writing is so sporatic that it's hard to fully understand what's going on. Yet, the notes before and after the chapters are usually completely coherent. Why the author reserves superior writing skill for commentary instead of the actual "story" is not entirely clear.

As far as I can tell, it's random cat / ninja themed blathering. Each chapter is a few disconnected sentences - on occasion, they merge into an actual attempt at a paragraph! - which relate to whatever objective this chapter is focused on. Like being hungry, or whatever. Some sentences are cute, but collectively, it's like reading bad teenage poetry. Except instead of angst, it's a cat ninja.

  • Overall Score

I think children's books are longer. One to three paragraphs don't constitute a chapter. Very short and you can read all the "chapters" posted in about 10 minutes. Have fun "reading".