Pedlar of Another World



Pedlar of Another World - Chapter 41


[Taking A Trip.]


I walked over to look for the owner of the voice, only to see an old Green Goblin with moustache and beard on it upper lips and chin. This old Goblin barely has the strength to shout loudly, but the merchandise he had in his small little store, seems to have treasure more interesting than the others. I walked over to him and take a look at his wares, only to noticed that except randomly mixed Lower Grade 10 coloured crystals, there is nothing else worth mentioning.


"Old Goblin, how do you sell these crystals?" I asked. The goblin looked at me with curious eyes, and it replied my words. "Ten crystals for one goblin bead. If you are changing this with a Small Warrior Crystals, I will give you twenty crystals instead." when I heard his reply, I immediately have the consideration. 3 medium crystal refining chances if I exchange with a Small Warrior Crystal. But if I don't have any of it, I will only have the exchange rate of 10 Crystals each Goblin Beads.


Although the difference isn't too much between the two, when you calculate it through the Medium Warrior Crystals, it is actually not a very good deal. A Small Warrior Crystal could yield me a total of 30 mixed crystals when I exchanged it with the store. But since the crystals he was going to exchange for me belonged to the human kinds, I guess it is still a less than fair price.


"I see. Will you be here tomorrow? I will come with 200 Small Warrior Crystals. Please prepare it for me." I speak to the Old Goblin in case he came to the square without enough crystals tomorrow. "Hehe, human are so underestimating our goblins. If you think you could exchange all of this crystals away, then come and try. This old goblin still has more inside my small hut." the Old Goblin withdraws another few sack of crystals that even heavier than himself out in the open. In a simple view, if one sack of the crystals is at least five thousand units within, then over here, there is at least 30 to 50 thousand crystals is simply placed on this square for exchanges.


"Hahaha, alright, I will come back tomorrow. Thank you for teaching this young one a good lesson to not underestimate the goblins." I politely nodded and excuse myself. Within my mind, I am actually thinking about the possibility of an old goblin possessing such a wealth. "He must be not a simple old goblin." I think in my mind, but instead of heading straight back to the residence, I went over to check if the store is still opened.


My luck is quite good. The store is still opened. I walked in and purchase a hundred Goblin Beads worth of Crystals this time. With a thousand crystals in hand, I am going to exchange a good amount of Human type crystals from him. Like this, I went back to my room straight away and begins to refine some of the small crystals. Perhaps it was due to the higher level of my Material Refining Skill, or maybe the success chances for the Small Crystal is higher, my 200 attempts actually happened to be a total succeed.


"I guess I will wait until tomorrow to exchange more of the crystals for my refining." I gave myself a small thought and went to sleep. The next morning, I went over to the merchant square directly and look for the old goblin. As I passed a total of 200 Small Warrior Crystals to him, he gave me a smile. Accompanied with the smile is a small pouch with a total of 4,000 mixed lower grade crystals within. He did not continue to talk to me, but other than myself, there is a few more different merchant that is actually trading with him for those Lower Grade 10 crystals.


Since I have nothing else to do except choosing to either refine some crystals or went into the Goblin Blacksmith to make something. I wonder what I available to get from the blacksmith's blueprint book? Without wasting my time, I went straight to the store first, and this time, instead of only buying a small amount of the Small Crystals, I actually purchase a total of 10,000 crystals for the cost of 1,000 Goblin Beads. The Store Owner is happy with the big sales, and in exchange, he gave me another 1,000 of the crystals as a gift.


Holding the 11,000 Small mixed crystals with me, I went into the Blacksmith and went straight to their blueprints corner. It seems like those blueprints here cost nothing to be learned, but of course, most of the blueprint is just some simple and worthless blueprints. But still, learning a new blueprint is still learning, so I did not felt too bothered with it. In my mind, reading an additional book is better than read nothing at all.


I chose the blueprint of a Single Headed Battle Axe which has a total of three different Axe Head. The first is a Long Handle Version Single Head axe, the next is similar to a shorter Woodcutting Axe, and lastly, is a type of Dane Axe with a slight edge and outward curve axe head. This three kind of axe head is the basic design within the blueprints, with either Wooden Handle or Metal Handle that was wrapped with a rough leather skin for grips. I learnt the blueprint within an hour, after remembering all the most important part and the essence of the blueprint, and went straight to the forging area to begin my first attempt.


I melt a total of ten full pieces of Goblin Armour into one single piece of raw metal, as I begin with hammering the piece of metal to remove all its impurities. A fun hour is spent just to hammer the piece of metal until there are no longer any flakes is coming out from the metal. Aid with the temperature from the forge, I soften the piece of metal each time I hammer the edges to form a flat axe head with a hint of a curve on the top, creating it to possess a tip at its 10 o'clock direction with an axe head covering from 1 o'clock to 5 o'clock direction.


The head of the axe is slightly wider compared to the blueprints, and in additionally, the pick is made to be a full one and a half inch long. With the Axe Head is complete and sharpen, I begin next with the metal handle. This part is slightly easier, but to make sure that the handle could support the weight and recoil from using the axe, I spent two custom armour pieces to be melted and hammered until it is strong and sturdy enough to be formed into a handle with a thickness of one inch and next wrapped with leather around its knob and handle before it is attached with the Axe Head to form a complete axe.


"Crafting of a Goblin Made Single Battle Axe is complete. Are you satisfy with your works?"




Choosing yes, the Single Battle Axe is completed, as the light flashed from the axe and vanished. The next moment, Its status is not too great, but I would say It is acceptable because it was just crafted from converting twelve pieces of Custom armour. I looked at its disappointing status for a while and returns to the residence for a good rest. Of course, that is after I spend almost half of the remaining day to refine 3,000 of the Small crystals into 600 Small Warrior Crystals. It felt slightly weird because no matter how high is the success rate, there is no activation of the level 5 quirk at all.


The next morning, I tried to went over to do the same thing again, but before I could take my step, my goblin pet stands before me. It holds the pickaxe in hand firmly, as if it is demanding something. "Oh, I know now. Sorry, let us went over to the settlement hall and see what could we find." just like this, we cancel the plan to exchange the lower crystals and went straight ahead to the Settlement hall.


The moment we are there, I checked on the map where the up, down, left and right would lead.


Northern Mountain

Forest of Hundred Tribes Entrance - Goblin Tribe Settlement - Orc Tribe Settlement


Southern Grassland

Sulphur Stone Forest - Aeonic Underground Cave - Ancient Orc Ruins - Taipan Mines


Western Mountain

Jaipur Beast Cave - Vulture Gorge - Revenant Mountain Cave - Infant Crying Cave


Eastern Lake

Viper Sector - Shell Sector - Beast Sector - Yorha Lake Underground Mines


Wow, there is quite a lot of choice to choose, but there aren't too much of a description here. Of course, after asking around, I finally noticed that it seems like the frontest location is easiest, and going up to a more difficult location. This is all same for the South, West and East direction, except the north, which is extremely dangerous.


Sulphur Stone Forest, Jaipur Beast Cave, Viper Sector. Which one should we choose?


"Kyak, Kyakk!" the green goblin pointed at the Sulphur Stone Forest. "Are you interested to go to this place?" I asked and looked at the green goblin, even the slime is very happy with its choice as I could see the two bundled up together to had me choose the location. "Alright, we're going to the Sulphur Stone Forest.


Just like this, we made a simple decision and went out from the South Gate. Just after thirty minutes later, a group of troops came back from the west gate. "KYUKKK! Good Job!" the Goblin Marauder praise the ten Goblin Warrior that just came back from a fight. This group of about 400 goblins is what remains from the 1000 goblin troops that were sent towards the western Mountainside to take a look at the condition and the safety, but unexpectedly, they were ambushed by a mercenary group called themselves the Quentin Mercenaries.


The goblins at first facing a huge loss, where just within a short moment, they were already ambushed by the Quentin Mercenaries, but then the ten Goblin Warrior actually turn the situation around from defeat to victory! Their teamwork is excellent. Four-speed warriors actually charge in from both left and right of the Quentin, assisted by the defensive warrior that strikes them directly. Then, before the could expect, three warrior goblin actually strikes them like three bolts of Ballista, strong and destructive.


Just like this, their formation crumbles, but although the ten Goblin Warrior managed to change the defeat into victory, their goblins troops received a huge loss as well, with only four hundred of them remains. But this is nothing to be sad or feeling dejected. Because this four hundred little goblin is expected to grow into 400 warriors if this victory continues! While at the same time, a figure that looks like a goblin but nothing similar to a normal goblin speaks.


"Where did that ten Goblin Warriors get their ability from? Get me Korhal, Peros, and Mogul." the figure gave an order and sent the goblins messenger out to look for the three names.


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