Twilight over Arcania

by Reya Dawnbringer

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Female Lead Magic Male Lead Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

A child dies in an alley, but it's not the end.
A mysterious entity known as Voice saves the child.
The child is reborn in a world named Arcania. A world where magic exists.
With a second chance at life, what will the child do in this strange new world?

Rebirth Arc (17 chapters - Complete)
Liara is reborn in the world of Arcania as a baby. She must grow, and learn of this strange new world.

Twilight Arc (Ongoing)
Liara makes a place of herself in the world and learns of Arcania and what will happen if she does not intervene.

Author's Note
What you can expect from this story
This novel is my take on the resurrection theme. I wanted to write a resurrection story with every element I liked about the theme, but without the elements I disliked. This is the story of Liara. MC's second go at life in a world where magic is real.
Arcania is not a nice place. It is my answer to the question "How would civilizations develop if powerful magic was real and widespread enough." I try hard to make a large consistent story in a large consistent world. There will be lots of characters and organizations built to various levels of depth. The story starts small and grows in size and scope.
I try to avoid plot armor as much as I can. You can expect at least MC to make it alive quite far in the story. It's the MC's story after all.
I spent time building the world before beginning with the writing itself. How continents are shaped, the evolutionary history of the species, the history of the world, the structure of the solar system, the rules of magic, etc... I have planned the whole overarching plot. I have a clear ending in mind.
There will be lots of battles and action. From large scale magic battles between immensely powerful beings to small skirmishes. Expect fights to be bloody. In Arcania, magic is just another set of law of physics. It's a natural phenomenon with clear rules to it. Gods exists, they are absolute being that see humanity like a human would see an ant. They are not just really powerful individuals. They act rarely, and indirectly.

What this story will not be
There will be no harem element and little to no romance or sex in this story.
There will be some comedy and comic relief, but Arcania in general is not a nice place.
Fights will be bloody, but I won't write gory descriptions.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: A Voice in the Dark ago
Chapter 2: Rebirth ago
Chapter 3: Baptism ago
Chapter 4: Revelations ago
Chapter 5: High Priestess ago
Chapter 6: Fall From Grace ago
Chapter 7: Consequences ago
Chapter 8: The Silent Forest ago
Chapter 9: Decisions ago
Chapter 10: Magic ago
Chapter 11: Bully ago
Chapter 12: Death ago
Chapter 13: New Year ago
Chapter 14: Rankings ago
Chapter 15: If we can't have her~ ago
Chapter 16: ~then nobody will. ago
Chapter 16.5: The Forbidden City ago
Chapter 17: The Cataclysm ago
Rebirth Arc: Ending and Recap. ago
Lore: Calendar ago
Lore: Geography: City of Victoria ago
Lore: Geography: Gloria's Temple Complex ago
Lore: Civilization: The Kingdom ago
Lore: Race: The Humans ago
Lore: Race: The Rat Kins ago
Lore: Race: The Moles ago
Lore: Magic: Aether and Entropy ago
Lore: Magic: Tiers ago
Lore: Characters (Y1500) ago
Lore: Characters (Y1502) ago
Lore: Spells (Y1502) ago
Author's Note: Writing ago
Author's Note: Chapter length ago
Author's Note: Consistency ago
Author's Note: Influences ago
Author's Note: Hobby vs. Job ago
Chapter 18: Tears ago
Chapter 19: Nobody expects Gloria's Inquisition ago
Chapter 20: Heal ago
Chapter 21: The Calm~ ago
Chapter 22: ~before the Storm ago
Chapter 23: Alba ago
Chapter 24: Alba 2 ago
Chapter 25: Inquisition ago
Chapter 26: The Silent Forest 2 ago
Chapter 27: Doubts ago
Chapter 28: Princess ago
Chapter 29: Master Arteficer ago
Chapter 30: Enchantress ago
Chapter 31: Intel ago
Chapter 31.5: Exodus ago
Chapter 32: Treasures ago
Chapter 33: Pilgrimage ago
Chapter 34: Looming Shadows ago
Chapter 35: Broken Things ago
Chapter 36: Prince Charming ago
Chapter 37: Intrigue ago
Chapter 38: Opening Moves ago
Chapter 39: Mistakes Were Made ago
Chapter 40: A Crusade for War ago
Chapter 41: A Crusade for Faith ago
Chapter 42: A Crusade for Greed ago
Chapter 43: A Crusade for Change ago
Chapter 44: Dawn of Gloria ago
Chapter 45: Glimpse of Truth ago
Chapter 46: Listen to Reason ago

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worth a read. Good Charactes in an interesting original world that the Author has spent alot of planning. 

The grammar

The Author has a hard time with verb conjugation,  but otherwise is quite good for having English as a second language. 


The mc reincarnates into a baby girl with a plethora of archetypalc personalities to act as an encyclopedia of modern knowledge. As of chapter 41 she still only about 3 years old .Even so plot and story progression happens,  with a surprising amount of intrigue and strong world building. And it feels like the author has a plan if the mc ever grows up.

  • Overall Score

I like it. I think the story is interesting and funny, I espesially like how you handle the other personalities. It's a novel way of doing it that I quite like :)

  • Overall Score

It's quite good, check it out :)

A well done story.

The author have taken already known elements and somehow made them seem new, (by adding twists and stuff). ambiguous, i know, but this is one of thoose stories in wich it fits.
If you like reincranating stories, this is a good one. 

It's also good if you're just neutral about reincarnation stories :)

  • Overall Score
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Good example of a reincarnation story

I like the story, it is interesting while not being totally over the top with some kind of evil demon lord or something like that.

The magic system is interesting, but we don't really get to know the details.
Which was a little disappointing especially since in the beginning when the MC started learning it was pretty well explained how she did it, but then she learned that her way of doing it is just the beginning/brute force way of doing it and then there is no follow-up explanation. I'm not sure if that is still to come but after that, the magic she uses is not explained only the effect that it has.

I really like the multiple personalities setup, is a good way to have a really smart and knowledgeable character without the ridiculous "he was a super genius before dying" setting.

The character is well made with the typical super smart toddler, but it still has some "she is still a little kid" moments that show the difference between her and own emotional development and all the theoretical knowledge she has from the multiple personalities.

The dialogues are great with the *actions* adding a whole lot of context and liveliness to interactions.

The grammar is ok with some mistakes in conjugation etc. but nothing major as well as a few typos (mixde lettres and missingspaces)

The only misgiving I have with the story is, that the progress of the MC has slowed down a whole lot in the second book of the story, with what feels like only about 1/4 to 1/3 of all chapters actually being of the MC.

And while I understand the desire to flesh out the world and show what else is happening I find most of these other character chapters very tiring and have started to just skim through them since I feel there is just a whole lot of unnecessary detail there and I would much rather see more of the development of the MC.
Which is going great in the few chapters where she is actually present.

Lastly, I would really like the author to fix the chapter list. I can understand that some people might like to be able to read up on certain things about the lore, especially when reading this periodically and not in one go like I just did.
But the fact that these lore chapters are last in the chapter list just messes everything up.
The fact that the latest chapter is in the middle of the list is very unintuitive, makes checking up on the progress of the fiction hard, and totally destroys the "continue reading" functionality as well as my own way of keeping track of "read" and "new" chapters. 
So it would be really helpful if author could move those to the beginning of the chapter list (and maybe put them together a little bit so that they don't make up 1/3 of all chapters)