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Turning your first follower

Random world travel.

You will have a divine clone which you will Take control of as you level the clone from its base monster race(monster will be based on compatibility.)

After an unkown amount of time Nico has awakend from the time he passed out. It seems he understood the reason why he passed out. Its because he overexerted himself by turning them. The turning into a vampire and unlocking ones abilities usaly takes alot of time, but if he really wanted to he could shorten it for the people he turns.

Nico shortened the time of lucys awakening and made her fathers half of what it should be.

When he was thinking this he was simultaneously getting up slowly, and looking around the room of where he awoke.

The room was lucys, the only difference is the bed which Nico was sleepimg on. Instead of the medium-sized bed before, there is now a huge sized bed which would fit him plus 3 others.

As Nico was wondering why he was sleapinh here for a totaly changed lucy walkes through the door.

Lucy looked stunned seeing Nico was awake, she stood there a breif moment until tears swelled up inside her droopy and mesmerizing blood red eyes. She immediately ran torward him and hugged him while crying.

"Thank god your ok, I dont know what I would have done if you hurt yourself helping my father and me."

"Shhhhh, its ok. How long have I been out." Asked Nico as he comforted the crying lucy.

"Mhhh( breathing through her running nose) you have been asleep for a week. Mhhh, I awoke within a couple of hours of you turning me, I was freaked out to see you both on the floor but i trusted you so I waited. A day later father awoke, he looked just like he did before he caught the virus. He was so happy when he felt young again that he couldn't stop smiling for days.

Our only concern was you, so we removed my bed and put a bigger one so I could take care of you."

Hearing what she did, Nico felt touched to have someone besides his family care for him so much. Right when he was about to tell her how much he cares for her and thank her for all she did, he felt a massive pain in his brain as he felt his mind split in 2.

[ beep. A.I chip has been forcefully removed, gone with the other half of masters soul. Beep. Turning off. Beep. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Beeeeeeep. Booop.]

[ your clone has been transported to another world as a snake, you are able to take its power from it and it from you.]

[It will countinue to develope as long as it lives, it will evolve and grow, once it gets enough power you could summon its avatar. If your emotions heighten, a picture of the snake will apear behind you. Usess many. The stronger it is the realer the picture looks and the more usess.]

[ can be remade as long as the main body is alive.]

Nico seemed stunned as everything around him is blurry and moving. He was also bleeding from his ears and eyes.

All Nico could here was  a very distant voice of lucy. He was so dizzy that he thought he was falling even though he was sitting.

Lucys anxious calling seemed to attract the guards which were prattroling the halls came. They entered the room to see their young mistress hugging a boy was bleeding everywhere.

Seeing the gaurds she yelled at them to go get a doctor. Hearing her yell they woke up from their stuper and ran to find a doctor while suppresing the urge to find out who dared get close to thier young miss.

10 minutes later a old man came in her room with her father. Her father also held an anxious look as he urged the doctor to hurry. The old man hurridly went beside lucy and told her to step back. Unwilling, but knowing she has to, stepped back with a look of reluctance.

The old man opened his briefcase which held his tools. The doctor put his stethoscope on and checked Nicos breathing. After 30 secounds of checking his breath he says "his breathing is erratic and he seems to suffer some damage to to cranium, that is why he seems to be bleeding. After further extermination i could tell for sure.

"Yes, please. Do anything to save him."

The doctor took at some more tools and checked Nicos eyes, ears, body.

"He should be fine after a short rest, he should only eats after the pain goes away. Well i should go but dont forget to properly check on him every now and then, and if his situation gets worse call me so I could take a look."

"Thank you doctor". Said Nicos father in law as he lead the doctor out.

Lucy stayed by his side and held his hand waiting for him to wake up.



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