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Chapter 59 a forgotten heart, unfulfilled dreams; Dream Plane and it’s horrors

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Yuki blinked as she stood stunned at the scene in front of her, the temple of gods in ruin. The angels corpses all over the ground, in front of her was Amelia and before them was Aki. She sensed unease, nervousness and guilt. This scene which she walked out from the forest unto left her stunned. Her heart told her this mess was made by her sister. This was odd, she felt hurt by this scene she had just saw with the angels. In fact she felt weird by the feeling but she knew it was from Hina.

“By the gods! What is this madness.” (Aquarius)

“I finally got revenge sister. I killed the gods whom made you suffer.” (Aki)

“With the exception of Luna the eccentric goddess of the moon who knows everything and the goddess of death Kana.” (Amelia)

 “Aki calm down. Hatred leads you no where. It’ll leave you empty. Without a place to go, it helps you in the short term goal. But what about after. What of your life after finishing your end goal. Instead live a life of happiness knowing your alive. Don’t be like the glass demon who was locked up by her own race. (Hina’s Experience and memories) Rather she lived her life in regret that she couldn’t escape the castle. What made things worst she was blind, alone and longed for the outside world. Her only companion was her music from her piano she played from time to time. 

Sadness only filled her heart at that time. She whom was locked up since her childhood wanted to roam the world outside. Instead she died inside that tower unable to leave to fulfill her dream. Is this truly what you also wish for.” (Yuki) 

 Aki blinked as she look at Yuki who gave her a tired smile. But her words caused Amelia to laugh hard. This person she mentioned was long forgotten over the centuries but Amelia never forgotten whom she mentioned then. 

“Riri Harts, the glass demon whom was isolated. She was the one who spread the old nostalgic song of the piano said to be lost in the ages. Her legacy was passed on in the songs yet her own name is forgotten by many. The pitiful glass demon sealed in the castle of Reverti. The meaning means glass hearts. Made of millions of demons hearts to imprison her in fear that she would one day bring a end to her own kind. That story saddens even the Phoenix who record all history down. She never did anything yet she was condemned and isolated.” (Amelia) 

Yuki blinked in surprise at her twin for knowing the story but Amelia only gave her a wink but her expression was one of a tired girl. One whom went through centuries and centuries of sadness. She knew it was true too since Amelia was Aries the Phoenix princess reincarnated. 

“Who are you to say I’m confined like her.” (Aki) 

“A wish unfulfilled, a spoiled brat whom wants attention from her dear sister. Say does this ring any bell. The one in the story wished for a mother’s love, this idiotic sister of mine you wish for Yuki to spoil you again. Say if your not narrowed minded then who isn’t. For one, it isn’t me. Plus mother died years ago. But yet you act and your actions says it all. You want her to spoil you. She your sister to love and care for you. To help raise and care for you as she did when you were but a child.” (Amelia) 

“Lies! I’m not a child anymore.” (Aki) 

“All things come to a end Aki. I have no time for this, if all I looked for you and that is all you wanted then this is something I have zero time for. I’m not here to search for you just to babysit again. Amelia I have a bad feeling. Can you look for something that can send me to my friends.” (Yuki) 

“Ouch and she’s just burned her own sister’s feelings.” (Aquarius) 

Aki stood there frozen, Leo flew out and tried to hug Aquarius only for her to swat his mini lion form into the ground. He sat there on the ground trying to be pitiful by crying earning a humph from Aquarius as she glared at him. 

“Sister how mean it’s me Leo.” (Leo) 

“Yes I noticed. It’s the pitiful bug named Leo who lost track of Undine.” (Aquarius) 

Amelia gave him a pitying gaze but she turned to Yuki as Aki cried emotionally like a child who found it’s parent. Both of them were now annoyed by her actions. 

“Yes I have a way to get you back home. Though the side effects is having the status screen here appearing over there.” (Amelia) 

“No worries I don’t even use mine.” (Yuki) 

“That’s what worries me you Baka. Your supposed to use it to tell you the information of your enemies, items, people, and place.” (Amelia) 

Yuki shrugged as if to say it had nothing to do with me.

“Ugh to think your also Hina. Fine. But my warning is to be warned you have to go through the Dream Planes. The said place that plays tricks to people’s eyes. Yet is more scarier to even gods and goddesses. This is the said place before the lowest worlds, universes where planets exist. It leaves humans frighten more so than anything else. Getting caught is not a option. It’s a dark place all dark summoning rituals call forth the monsters inside. If you get lost or caught you might end up insane, losing a portion of your soul (permanent damage), any damage there is permanent and no abilities can be used there. Often times unlucky humans that are reported missing end up there. Most cases human species gets called in through dreams. It’s actually a dark place more scary than a dead wasteland. Remember don’t get caught.” (Amelia) 

When hearing her words Yuki nodded as she headed to the other side of the portal that’s Amelia opened for her. But upon hearing her words the two spirits lost their souls and turned pale. Rather no sane person would go there if they had a choice. Even soul eaters were more likely friendly compared to those things inside the Dream Plane which looked white and plain yet happy. But in actuality it was even darker than night and had things that any race would avoid for dear life. Realizing this Aki shouted and tried to charge inside too. Amelia caught her by her light green dress. 

(Just imagine the place Yuki went to as a cheerful place that looks like a white winding path but in reality you’re constantly being chased down with happy cheerful music 48 hours a Day by unknown monsters daily. And they only leave you with 5 sec to breath. Humans never wants to go there. It starts out like a happy dream but ends with night mare for those sent there. The invitee is the monsters and the prey for them is humans that they send to inside the dreams. Also leaves you with a feeling like you falling inside the dream but you can’t remember the dream. If it happens too often it means your screwed is what Amelia meant.) 

“Oh no you don’t even want to go there. I also know for a fact you can’t do shit inside there. She’s also a soul race, the destruction Phoenix are OP race that has access to the soul system directly they can rival Abyssals. But they were a race long lost. You have 0.00001% in there whereas Yuki has 300% chance alone. Also if anyone else’s knows another way through it’s Luna.” (Amelia) 

Luna, the eccentric goddess of the moon whom has information on almost everything. The only troublesome side of her is when someone asks her for exact locations of a ruins or items. Her sadistic side makes her want to enjoy seeing the said person’s response. So she will use her words as guarantee but will be off by 200 or more kilometers of said location. Is also known for the fact she’s older than Zeus or any other gods. Her age is unknown, when asked her favorite phrase is: “Never bring up a lady’s AGE.” It’s a sore subject for even her. The goddess of death Kana is actually kind and sympathetic towards the dead souls. She has zero followers due to the fact that no mortal knows her unless they die. The Phoenix race only know about her due to seeing memory crystals recording actual holograms of the past events. Rather is goddess’s kindness is a double edged sword often misused by the older gods. So much so that it angered even Luna.

Amelia groaned at remembering the facts of the two goddesses that’s were an exception amongst the gods. Luna was the oldest goddess and Kana existed in all timelines at the same time to kill and guide souls. Rather she hated her job of killing and guiding. Since the other gods had more choices of where to send the souls and she had to follow orders. Ex. A innocent soul can end up in heavens where the gods who only cares for himself uses these angel souls for their own selfish gain. 

“If I were her I’d send them straight to demon hell. (Hell is seperated into two places: Hell, the home to certain demons burn there and goes to the other worlds to punish corrupt humans or other races who abuse power. Hell Circles: the higher the hell circle number the harsher the conditions for survival. The highest number of hell circles is unknown due to the fact it’s always decreasing or increasing at random.) Actually I would’ve snapped at Time human civilization started developing.” (Amelia) 

“Did you say something.” (Aquarius) 

“Nothing.” (Amelia) 

“Why wouldn’t you allow me to help sister.” (Aki) 

“You’re extra baggage to the current her.” (Amelia)

“But this is sister going in person inside there. Not in dreams like mortals who were dragged inside by some unknown beast there.” (Aki) 

“If she has a lot of chain nightmares afterwards it’s my fault then.” (Amelia) 

‘Symptoms for those caught: dazed or crazy due to loss of soul, having to reincarnate a lot of times to fix, permanent damage there is done to the soul. Ah, I nearly forgot being chased down until end of dream when you wake up too. As I recall from one of the victims of the dream plane he said the start of it was a three path, a Fate from the Greek myth asks them to choose one of three pathways. Then the chase and music goes turns on after that. And for those totally aware they will continue having those dreams of being chased down in the Dream Plane. Actually that place is dangerous even if your there in person or there by being pulled in by Soul by the monsters there. If you keep feeling the feelings of falling inside dreams too many time your pretty much screwed over already if it’s more than 2 times.’ (Amelia) 

Aki tilted her head confused at Amelia’s sympathetic look at Leo who had question marks on top of his head at her. Her hint was her looking at the closed portal then back at him. Aquarius realized what she meant and turned pale. 

“How to undo it.” (Aquarius)

“Kill the thing inviting you in. But since you can’t see it and can only hear it chasing you it’s pointless to go there on a killing spree since that’d be like a death sentence.” (Amelia) 

“So you’re saying he’s screwed.” 

“Hey don’t leave me out of the conversation.” (Aki) 


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