Today was more of the same. It’s exciting, exploring new ways to manipulate and create.

Towards the end of the day, I made a major breakthrough in refining the berries. Well, actually, it was more a bunch of minor breakthroughs finally bearing fruit. Tiny mana crystals, barely perceptible, had started to form in and on the berries. If I leave them to grow they will grow indefinitely, albeit very slowly. Or at least that’s the theory. As a side effect, the berries should never rot again.

Around lunchtime, Par came to me and started bragging about one of his underlings. A goblin had evolved into a variant hobgoblin, one with a talent for communicating with plants, no doubt due to my presence. He wasn’t able to manipulate plants in the same way I was, the new hobgoblin saying something along the lines of ‘they will only obey the master of the forest’, but he could offer his services, and the plants could ask for things. The plants could offer him boons for his service, like giving him a steady supply of mana.

Why have I never thought of trying to directly communicate with the plants in my grove? Yes, I have managed to get a feel for their overall state, and what would make them happy, but not direct communication. Something to try tomorrow I guess.

Anyway, Good Night Diary.


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Antice @Antice ago

Thanks for the chapter. Maybe the plants can tell her of some evolutionary changes they desire that she implements?


mjkj @mjkj ago

Thank you for the chapter Very Happy

...nice, breakthroughs :)