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Chapter 6

POV Elise

As we continue onwards through the cave there was not a single living thing, well... nonliving thing, to be seen on the entirety of the floor.
Well it is kind of to be expected though since we killed like 350 zombies on this floor.

When we finally arrive at the stairs that go to the next floor I noticed that Traun is panting and ask,
“Traun? Are you already tired?!” As I say it though I accidentally let out a bit of an angry voice since I expected better of him.

A bit scared he replied, “No, of course not, why’d you ask?”

“Oh, I didn’t mean to say it like that. I’m sorry but why are you tired, are you perhaps getting old, hihi.”

“No, not at all, I am as healthy as I was 1216 years ago! Ah fuck my back!”

“Eh… Are you sure?” Engardo asked.

“Engardo, are you kidding me? You can see his smile!”

Sometimes I wonder if Engardo is really just stupid, well it doesn’t matter.

“So we are going to need to rest eh?”

“Yes please.” he said.

15 minutes later we stood up again and continued. As we went down the stairs I heard a female voice saying, “Just give in already, you have a perfect male in front of you. Fall in love!

As I shook my head I asked. “Hey guys, did you hear that?”

They both looked at me weirdly when Engardo finally said, “What are you talking about? I didn’t hear nothing, did you Traun?”

“No, I also didn’t hear anything. Are you alright Elise?” He asked me with a worrying face.

“Yeah I just thought I heard something that's all.”

What the hell was that.

That was me my child now hurry up and fall in love!

What are you talking about and calling me your child. I think I would know if you were my mother.

Oh well, I am your mother though. For example, I know that you originally were a man. And that you have 3 blessings instead of 2. Hihi so funny how you are trying to hide it.

Who are you, and what do you want with me! If you want to talk with me, talk to me straight to my face.

Well fine if you really want to see me. But I have to transport you to me though, so say bye bye to your friends for a while!

“No, no, no wait!”

“Too late, hihi. Hello darling, my name is Cytherea the goddess of love. As I told you before I am your mother.”

As she stood there I was stupefied, she looked almost exactly like me.

“Now girl don't be so rude and stop staring.” Cytherea said a bit annoyed.

“I am sorry, but you are not my mother, my mother is still on my earth, I think.”

“Ohh you mean her, well you would be correct, but there is one thing you have wrong, you are my child and the woman who you are talking about is not your mother anymore.”

“Okay, I don't follow.”

“Well you see, you still remember the stuff from before you got here and that is because those are the memories of your soul, while I gave birth to your new body. Although you made this body, I made it so to speak.”

“I mean everything you said was fine and I understood, I think, but that last sentence completely lost me.”

“Well that is understandable, let me think of a better way to say it.” She said.

After a few seconds she finally said, “You remember how you made your body when you were still in your previous world? Well you made it but I had to give birth to your creation. Do you understand it now?”

“Yeah, I think I got it now. But can I ask you a question, why am I here? I mean in this world, I don't mean to be rude I like this world but can you please for the love of God send us back.” As I said that last sentence I put my hands on my mouth and said “I am so sorry, I didn't mean to say that.”

“Oh that's fine, I know that it this is your first period and you used to be a male so there should be some differences between a normal period and yours.” My ‘mother’ said with a little giggle. “But I am unable to send you back, you see in your previous world, you are dead.”

What the hell, so to come here I had to die in my previous world? What the hell is this bullshit? Calm down Elise, you have to think about this rationally. Now that I think about it, how is my father then? Why am I thinking about that?

“Well it isn’t as much as you died as your previous body will forever be in a vegetable state. I am sorry if this has caused you some inconveniences, but it wasn’t me who brought you here. Since you want to know how your father is, he is the one who asked if Enumra would bring your soul here.” She said with a apologetic face, “He is also the one who gave you the blessing of fire, I would imagine you know who I am talking about by now.”

“Yeah, you’re talking about…. hmpf” as I was about to say his name, Cytherea closed my mouth with her hand and said, “Don’t say his name or he will show up.”

A bit confused I asked, “What is wrong with saying his name? And why don’t you want him to show up?”

“Well he is a bit clingy and thinks that because I am his wife I have to always do what he says and if he hears his name he can tell where it came from, so please don’t say his name.” she asked me a bit pleading.

“Fine, but now that I think about it, where are we?” I asked while looking around. It looked a bit like the cave I was in previously but everything was still so different. Everything had a kind of glow to it that if you don’t look for it, it doesn’t stand out.

“Well, we actually are still where you were a moment ago but also not, we are in the exact same spot but than in the god world so to speak.”

“Well that explains the faint glow on everything. So just to recap, you are my mother and also the goddess of love, my father is the god of fire who pleaded to Enumra the goddess of the system to bring my soul here, and he is your husband but you don’t like how he treats you. Is that about right?”

“Well yes, but are you not angry at me? You know for adding that blessing of mine?” She asked.

“Well no, not really I mean I kind of brought it on myself for making my character a girl and you just trying to make it seem that I am a real girl. So now I can only ask if there is a method of changing genders in this world or if I am stuck with being a girl forever.”

Cytherea was shocked that I didn’t hate her and said with a apologetic face, “Well I am truly sorry, but we can’t turn you into a guy, we simply don’t have enough authority for that. That is also why I chose to give you my blessing.”

Oh well, doesn’t matter anyway. Wait what am I thinking, it doesn't matter that I am a girl, like hell it doesn't matter.

After a few seconds of silence Cytherea suddenly said, “You know, your friend, Engardo, looks really good. Why not give in to your lust and marry him afterwards?”

“Yeah, I don't know why I … no what am I saying, please just make it stop!”

Cytherea gave me an evil smile and said, “You know there is another reason from me to bring you here, since you are in the realm of the gods, every blessing is much more powerful. So, well no need to explain you understand right? I’m gonna have a grandchild real soon!!!” In that moment she went from an evil smile to a pervert’s smile.

“I will never let you see my children!! Wait what did I just say! Ahh just kill me!” I said while crying a bit.

“Ohh so you are going to have children eyy? Well go on then, fuck with Engardo, if you want to, you could also choose Jack, but I would rather have you choose Engardo who is much more of a gentleman.”

“Fine you win, I’ll be a woman and have children. Now happy!?” I said while crying out loud until the snot came out of my nose.

As Cytherea saw me sobbing on the ground she kind of felt guilty and said, “Wow, is it really that bad begin a woman? I mean, it’s not like you are going to die from it.”

“Well no, not in that way but it’s the principle. I am a man on the inside and am forcibly changed to a woman and then being told that my mind will change to that of a girl. But now that I think of it, it doesn't really matter I mean I get to have kids and be with my husband.” I started to sober up as my mind began to be almost completely that of a girl.

“Now that's the spirit, don't let yourself get thrown back like that. Now go back to Engardo and love him with all your heart.”

“Yeah, that seem like a good idea, but first let me at least slap you. You who are my mother! Forcibly made me a girl, so the least you can give me is that.”

My mother looked a bit dejected but then said, ”Ok, I do at least need to give you that.”

As she put her face forward, close her eyes and braced for impact, I gave her a kiss on the cheek to tell her that is okay. I mean it has already happened and nothing can be changed.

As of now I have completely settled as a girl.


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Ancient Sage @Ancient Sage ago

0_0... that was... unexpected...

But cool, thanks for the chapter, been a while, yet I can understand the reasons.

Though honestly, it kind of feels a little forced, too fast in my opinion, but that is probably because I myself am already halfway mind-broken and wanted to see further confusing events... especially with him (now her) losing her shit from time to time. Also, wouldn't such a sudden change in character become obvious to the other comrades around her? She distances herself the whole time, and now she is suddenly defenseless?

Anyway, I am just ranting, so you can ignore it, I have a rough time with RL.

Hope to see you again soon.


    brandist @brandist ago

    Well i understand that you find it forced, because it kind of is but kind of isn't. The part that it went a bit fast yes, but I initally wanted her to instantly be fully woman but I think that this is better. (With instantly i mean from the start of the series) But as for the confusing events, believe me there will be more.

    As for obviousness of the changes, yes and yes and definitely yes.

    And thanks for reading


Irina_Akashira @Irina_Akashira ago

Thanks for the update


I don't consider rational, being either body-swapped, transmigrated or forced reincarnated (dependong of the PoV), original body died so even the MC find a method to return to Earth, it would be with the elf body, spirit or a zombie


And she accepts like this?. If I was in MC's place I would kill myself, just to prove that no people, even gods, will decide my life

Jaffa @Jaffa ago

I'm disappointed that the MC didn't use the God's Judgement spell. Also, forced memory change is no beuno.

nematoda @nematoda ago

thank you for the chapter ~

glad you are back ~

honestly... i like this outcome more... rather than many chapter just to see MC's Inner Monologue just about her being struggle to stay as a Man while she already a Woman... its boring... many Novel already do that... and sometimes its pain to read that almost the content of the chapter is just about that rather than main story...
and prove that MC is just a 'Mortal' not some Cheat being that suddenly can overpower God's Blessing... and beside... it just as the MC said, its her own fault that she make Female character... so its stupid to blame Gods because of her own mistake. and the Gods just help her to live more comfortably by give her blessing to make her accept her new life as Woman not living just to struggle to stay as a "Man".

so don't worry about negative comments about the "Forced acceptance" of MC's Circumstances... if there's Negative thoughts... then there's Positive thoughts about your story ~ thats already World's Law ~ so don't be discouraged and keep the Story of Yours going as you wish ~.

    Irina_Akashira @Irina_Akashira ago

    I don't pretend to criticize. It is author's decision how write it's own story

    I just say that I don't consider credible that the MC accepts so easily

      nematoda @nematoda ago

      i didn't mention specific person on my previous comment...

      i say that to people who read the story and feel "its not feel right"....

      negative comments not just about "Rude" comments...Negative can be said about how the readers who feels disappointed and write the comments about that...
      and on my comment that not everyone feel "Disappointed" with the Author's Story... and i'm one of them who like the story with my reason and support comments.

      and about MC accept easily is prove that she already an Adult, accept the mistake she made (about make Female character and lied to your party members) and get over it. struggle over something that cannot be change and drag people around you to your own problem and useless struggle is childlish one. she Already dead/comatose. she should be grateful that she got second chance. albeit become woman, not reject it with all her might.


    brandist @brandist ago

    thank you, I actually started to think that people might not like it but then I thought my story my choice. And I kind of liked it.

kydomos @kydomos ago

It was unexpected but I like this outcome.

Nekomimi @Nekomimi ago

her-his mother is god of love and father god of fire why she is not god to? and how her real father becomes a god? maybe make a supplementary chapter about this.

Deathlord876 @Deathlord876 ago

Just like that I expect the MC to at least resistant the idea of having children for a while in order to adjust to being a female for the rest of their life.

Azaira @Azaira ago

"Oh well, doesn’t matter anyway. Wait what am I thinking, it doesn't matter that I am a girl, like hell it doesn't matter."

Oh well; doesn’t matter anyway.
- the comma vs semicolon (ignorable change, but can look it up anyways)

Wait; what am I thinking?!
- Run-on sentences. Try to avoid those. Commas are used to build a bigger sentence with linked subjects. While each of the three sentences are related, they are not intrinsically linked.

It 'doesn't matter' that I am a girl?
-You are relating the subject matter to a previus sentence, so you need to relate that somehow. Using 'apostrophe's' will allow you to emphasize(and quote yourself) on what that is. Without that, the meaning of the sentence changes. This is especially important because you use it in a run-on sentence that skews the meaning into something else entirely.

Like hell it 'doesn't matter'!
-Basically same as above, but as an exclamatized sentence - the character is basically yelling.

Punctuation changes how the words are expressed. Readers can't see the character's face, so our perception is limited to this. It's subtle, and a hard subject to accurately work correctly(if even possible), but the meaning of a sentence can change drastically with a single punctuation mark.


“Well no, not in that way but it’s the principle. I am a man on the inside and am forcibly changed to a woman and then being told that my mind will change to that of a girl. But now that I think of it, it doesn't really matter I mean I get to have kids and be with my husband.” I started to sober up as my mind began to be almost completely that of a girl.
- The final sentence is basically stating what the characters' spoken words are heavily hinting at. While it's not exactly wrong, you should avoid doing such. You got your point across with what was "spoke", so there is little reason for you to restate what happened.

"I stepped on the spider." I killed the insect.
-Basically what you did; gave indication of what happened, then confirmed it, basically saying the same thing twice.

Mastersgtjames @Mastersgtjames ago

sooooo, do they eventually become gods? is that what happens when they get to a certain level? What is with the level cap... why is that even a thing... are they unable to max all their stats then? seems lame...

NovelFr3ak @NovelFr3ak ago

Love your story

but why is there a lvl cap?

does it mean you can't go further or it takes like 10 times more xp to lvl up.