Mass Effect and Kara (Completed)

by Kestix

Fan Fiction COMPLETED Action Sci-fi Short Story Female Lead Gender Bender Multiple Lead Characters Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Many years passed since Dexter reincarnated into the body of Naruto. And these years brought changes. What didn't change was his love to Kurama and his penance to chicken, as well as his tendency to change into a woman and have fun by messing with people.

But who would have thought that the Naruto universe was the same as the Mass Effect one? Read how our chicken fanatic will influence the world of Mass Effect.

Plays during Mass Effect 2.



Link to the Cover, I do not own it, as well as any content from Mass Effect and Naruto.

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Live for the cake, even if it's fake!

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If you're reading this, then you've probably read the prequel, as 1 chapter stories fly under most readers' radar. But this one chapter! *[insert eating a good cake sfx]*

To like the story you must know Mass Effect 2 and Dex's adventure through the elemental nations (story prequel). What's good or bad about the author generally stay the same. There's only 3 points I must state:

1- It's better! Did I tell you this is one hell of a chapter? 267 pages without any superfluous cliffhanger/side-story/... The author never lacked any inspiration.

2- The character introductions could still be better. I had to use google to picture many character that I didn't know/remember (I played ME3 and decided that 'lone survivor' storyline sounded cool or something like that).

3- Need some proof-read. This is one huge chapter, so everyone understands it needs some time. But how can any of us, readers, wait?

5/5 will eat cake again.

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is good

please read

is tasty one-off 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

am gramer bad