Hello everyone! I presume you have already read the subject, but I thought it would be appropriate to give a bit more background information as to why I'm going on a hiatus with 'Dark blood'.

First of all, I'm sure some of you have already noticed this, but I'm not uploading a lot and not on a regular basis. I have been busy with work and school, making it so that I have very little time to actually write. When I do have the time to write, I almost never have any inspiration or even the gall to put words onto the paper. It seems like my head is filled with everything but 'Dark blood', which can be quite frustating and dreadful.

Second, I don't really have a goal for Daelyn, nor a direction for him to go. I haven't done enough world building to have him roam around the world and explore it, nor do I want to simply set him off into the wilderness and keep killing things, as that would get boring quite quickly. There is something of a setup for political schemes, but it mostly involves a large scale conflict, which doesn't have the same intrigue as exploring a dungoen, crafting supplies and generally improving a character.

Third, the foreshadowing has been too much and I have been making constant changes to the one thing that I had already decided on, Daelyn's powers and his minions. This is part of a bigger problem, but it boiles down to the fact that I have been unable to plan anything out and made constant changes to both the story and underlying concepts. Everytime I published a chapter I felt like I had done something wrong, as I knew I hadn't thought everything out, I knew I was just making things up and I knew that the plot would most likely settle in a run down latrine after it had been sent in every direction but the right one.

Lastly, I had the wrong goal in mind when I started writing. This may be the most important flaw of the story, as it is my own fault. I made this story because I was hyped up by other stories, I was entranced by their themes, captivated by the protagnist's powers and hung up on the hangover that came after a bingreading. I wanted to make this story an eternal adventure, something that never stops, yet this is not what it is. It plays in a finite world, it portrays a protagonist with finite power and certain weaknesses, every story needs to have an end and I hadn't planned for mine at all. I was simply too excited by the stories other's created, that I failed to find a goal for mine.

I don't know if any of you have read this rant, but I wanted to thank all of you for your support either way. It has been an amazing experience to see so many people be interested in something I made, it has been a joy to discuss concepts with readers and I have learned a lot from the criticism I have received from my reviews.

I will review the novel and make an actual goal for both Daelyn and the novel. So, while it may take some time, don't think that Daelyn nor anyone in that plane of existence will disappear from it, it only needs to make sense.

I wanted to thank humble reader, Jasss22 and Azaer for their reviews and continuous support!

If you have any questions regarding the novel or if you guys want to talk about the novel, the hiatus or any of the characters in particular, leave a comment! Depending on the amount of people, I might make a discord server, as RRL comments isn't the best place for a discussion.

Again, thank you all for your support and adieu



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Bio: An avid fan of fantasy novels and an interest in dwarves. If you have any recommendations or any criticisms please PM me.

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JuliusSneezer @JuliusSneezer ago

How many chapters were you actually planning to have?

Jasss22 @Jasss22 ago

Thanks for the announcement, and good luck.

Thraydyne @Thraydyne ago

Good luck! I look forward to the future and you future plans for the story 😀