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   “Where is Orfa-Chan’s location?”

   When my urge to massacre all of the adventurer and the man who seems to employed all of them is at my peak. I must finish my goal first before I execute my plan.

   I’m trying to figure Orfa-Chan’s exact location from rooftop of this factory building. When I’m trying to ignore all of the conversation between the adventurer who make a cunning yet disgusting smile, I see a new figure from the shadow. A man with a white headband and his green cloth appear from the shadow. From his clothing I can guess that he is an adventurer and a higher level one if you compare to the other adventurer in here.

   Is he their leader? Wait, more importantly where is Orfa-Chan? …Ah! Its her!

   After more than 10 minutes, finally I find the exact location of Orfa-Chan. But, when I look at it carefully, I figure that Orfa-Chan is inside a huge cage. An animal cage.

   Really just from this sight alone is enough reason for me to massacre them.

   I think they still not figure about the condition outside, huh.

   While I think about it, once again I cast [Breeze]. I cast it 10 times. My first priority now is to save Orfa-Chan. So, I make it enough to free her from the cage. Before, I send this spell to break the cage, I cast a simple illusion type elementary magic.


   With this magic I can make a simple illusion so they can get distracted. The illusion that I made for this magic just the same situation as they can see right now. the situation that exactly same from 5 minutes ago that will looping in their mind for several times. I cast it more than 10 times for every person except the children inside the cage. I do it like this to prevent some unwanted situation.

   When I feel like the situation is already safe I make the [Breeze] to annihilate the cage completely. I must free all the children as fast as possible so they can’t get in my way. Of course I don’t want Orfa-Chan to see my torturing section later.

   My [Daydreaming] magic can only last for 7 minutes, so I don’t want to waste every second I have. That’s why, in the same time when the cage is gone, I jump from the rooftop with my [Wind Enchance (weak)] to minimalize the sound and the mass of my body when I make my landing around the abduct children. I make a gesture for “sheesh!” pose with my right hand to prevent the children make a noise.

   I think… all of the adventurer here still unaware of this condition after they got trapped by my illusion, huh.

   The reason I make my illusion so simple is to prevent the other adventurer to figure it out. After all, the nearest thing that lay beside you is the most difficult thing that you can figure it. I remember this quote from a certain someone in my past life.  

   Carefully I use my [Breeze] that I hold before jump to the inside of this factory to cut the rope that tie their both hand and leg. After I do that, suddenly I see Orfa-Chan’s crying and trying to hold her sound.

   I see… it seems she is very scared, huh. How cute….

   When I approach Orfa-Chan, I pat her head and trying to comfort her. While Orfa-Chan crying in my chest, she hug and hold my shirt very strong with both of her small hand.

   “Don’t worry, Orfa-Chan… you’re fine now.”

   “*hic*… *hic*”

   She hiccupped several times before calm down.

   Around 1 minutes after that, I give an order to Orfa-Chan to bring all of the children to the outside of the factory and to find Bard-Ossan to come here.

   In the meantime Orfa-Chan already outside of the building, I closed the iron door with my wind magic.

   Chapter 9 Illustration by RFTaurus

   “Oi! Don’t pretend to be an idiot! I already figure it from the very beginning that you didn’t even caught in my illusion magic, right?!”

   “Hyahaha~ I don’t think the one who will infiltrate this base is just a kid. Really… what the guard doing right now, but… from what I see it, I can say that you beat all of my underlings outside because you didn’t even think about walking home the children and purposely closed the door. Really… you take it so lightly”

   The man who didn’t get caught by my illusion magic is the man that came from the shadow while I’m still observing the situation. Just standing in front of him, I can guess this man is really skillful. The weapon that he used is a sword… a long sword with the green color in the blade.

   From what material that sword is made?

   While I’m still thinking and admire his sword, without realizing it, this man already in front of my face. Maybe our distance is about 30 cm.

   Shit! My [Breeze] didn’t caught him!

   After I failed with my assassination tactic that I set up while he still talk to me, I realize that its completely a blunder on my side. Because this urge of mine to torture all of them slowly, make my decision full of flaw. And the result, is my current condition.

   To say it bluntly, my fatal weakness right now is my lack of experience in real fighting. From what I assume if I must face all of the guard outside that I already killed very easily to fight me face on face, I can fully guarantee that I’m already dead right now.

   I can’t believe that I made this kind of mistake now, Shit!

   While I’m trying to dodge it, I use my wind magic, [Gust Ball], to hit me from the right side. In result, I can avoid any major damage in my body because of his attack. But, with this method is enough to make me vomit all of my food in my stomach.

   “*Hoek*… ha~… ha~…”

   “Hyahaha~ I don’t think you will use your own magic to hit your body directly”

   “Ha… ahahaha~… its… about what you… said before… actually, I didn’t beat… any of your underling….”

   “So, what do you mean about that, Kid?”

   “As I said… Ha~… I don’t beat any… of your underling… Ha~… *Hoek*… I only turn them… into lump of meat… aha… ahahaha~….”


   When I say that, I can see some vein pop out around his face. Without fail… he will snapped soon, after hear my provocation. But, it is enough to buy time for me to cast more than 50 [Fireball] around my surrounding.

   I control all of the shape of my [Fireball] into an arrow and release it in the same time.

   Die you bastard!

   I cursed him while I shoot all of the arrow to his direction.

   I make use of the dust that thick enough to hide my position from his eyesight. After that, I cast and cast again while hiding in place where there is a lot of box around me. From my point of view, I can call my cast technique as a Gattling Cast. I trained a lot to use it while I’m still 5 years old to prevent this kind of situation.

   “Hey, Kid! Not even a single attack hit me though! Don’t just hide and show yourself to me! Hyahahaha~”

   What! He still didn’t figure it?! Then….

   “Try to look to your surrounding! …and tell me, what happen in there?!”

   “Even you say th—!”

   Before he finish his word, it seems he already figure what happen to his surrounding.

   My real target except for hiding my position is to kill of all his companions that still get caught in my [Daydreaming] magic before the time limit is over while pretending to attack him and make he think that I miss all of my attack.

   After all of this situation, I figure that… if even one of his teammates break my spell, I’m seriously in a pinch at that time. That’s why the best choice is to kill them before I’m the one to be killed by them. I use my [Fireball] arrow to pierce their brain twice and with the 14 arrow left I intentionally hit the floor so I can distract him to figure my real aim.  

   “Kid! You really piss me of, now! Seriously, I won’t be easy on you anymore!”


   After he say that, I finally realize that from the beginning he didn’t show his true power. Not even 30 second past, he appear in front of my face and swing his sword in my direction. Once again I use [Gust Ball] to hit my left side because my right shoulder is still hurt.



   But, different from before, he successfully make a wound around my kidney. Its very hurt. It makes me remember the pain I got before I’m dying and coming to this place. Not just that, he swing his sword to my right hand joint and crushed my right arm completely.

   Even with cheat ability I hold, Its not as easy as in the movie I watch! Real fight is very different… shit! If this goes on like this… I’ll be dead for sure!

   “*Cough*… *Cough*… argh! *ack*…”

   “Kid! I’ll slowly send you to the underworld right now! Hyahaha~”

   After my body hit the wall very hardly, I can feel my body is light. Very light until I can’t feel it anymore. I think some of my bone already break. I can see that I vomit blood from my mouth… a lot of it. My right hand already turn blue and I can’t move it or even feel it.

   This kind of pain is not a joke for 7 years old kid like me. Shit! It is very painful!!!

   But even so, I will not waste every second. That’s why, I use my chance while he still talking something that I can’t hear anymore to cast my magic while trying to ignore this pain.


   For the first layer and,


   For the second until seventh layer in front of [Fireball] magic circle.

   I cast two type of my magic until this room full with magic circle. Because currently there is no children in here, I can use my magic without any restraint.

   “*cough*… *ack*… I—”


   Hehe~ really… it seems I screw up this time… enough with some complicated tactic, I don’t have anything in my head right now. even for breath is already hurt for me. Hand… I think I can barely move my left hand, but… it is enough for now.

   When I make a very provocative yet weak smile, I feel like this guy in front of me who I didn’t even now what his name, make his eyes wide open. It seems he already realize how bad his situation is.

   Right now, my eyesight already blur so I can’t get a clear image about his face or what his clothing are. I can’t even look straight at him because I can’t move my head anymore. Really… just because you’re a cheater, it doesn’t mean you invincible. One misstep can lead you directly to your graveyard. But,

   “Die! You Kid!”

   It doesn’t mean I can give up right now.

   “—Got you! *Ack*… argh! SHIIIIT!!!” 

   I’m trying to defend his sword attack that he used to pierce through my heart with my left hand to bend the direction of the sword. It seems my provocation successfully make him want to quickly kill me by thrusting his sword to my heart. But because of that I can successfully defend myself from his attack with my left hand. But, the cost itself is too great for me. I must sacrifice all of my left hand to got pierce from palm until shoulder. The shocked from this attack make me scream without holding back anymore. I can feel my scream echoing through this building. While I’m crying and screaming because of the pain I feel, I didn’t miss this chance.

   Only one type of combo magic that I already finish creating it after I hit the wall before. It’s the time for me to releasing it. If I will die from all of this wound I got, without fail I will bring him down with me. But, if I really die now… Mogu will definitely laughing at me.

   Not waste any more time, I releasing my [Fireball] magic that the shape already change into a sword that created from the fire and fly straight to the [Wind] magic circle so the fire become more and more bigger than before. In simple way, I use this [Wind] magic circle as a boost type magic that normally people in this world didn’t know about the theory to increase the attack of my [Fireball] magic.

   All of the sword that I created from the fire magic go straight and hit… pierce the body of the man in front of me. Not stop at that, I make the sword fire stop inside the man’s body and greatly pour the magic to make the fire run wild.

   I can’t really see what happen to him after that, but… I can smell a roasted meat from in front of my direction. Really—

   “*Ack*… Is… he… Dead?”

   Ah~ my head feels really dizzy and I can’t move anymore. It seems I lost too many blood. My body is really hurt, maybe some of my bone is broke permanently… Shit! If I didn’t cast [Wind Enchance (weak)] and [Heal] every time, I might already dead. After all, too arrogant is not good, huh. It seems, the one that got tortured… is me.


   —I hope… when I awake, My Plan already goes to the next stage.

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