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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

A young woman just starting out in life is killed tragically in a car accident. However, she soon regains consciousness as a baby in a fantasy world. But... she's an Orc?!

It would be good if she could just enjoy her new life quietly, but the young woman has a meddlesome personality that can't help but aim for better things. But how will she fare as a member of a monster tribe in a fantasy world?

#CityBuilding #SomeFighting #SomePoorlyWrittenEmotionalScenes #WeaktoStrong #IDontKnowHowHashtagsWork #:P


Arc 1: 571 pages (complete)

Arc 2: (in progress)


Ultimately, I'm writing this for enjoyment. If you enjoy it too, fantastic!

Gore: Extremely infrequent, but moderately intense.

Profanity: There are a few swear words here and there, as well as some more creative insults.

Traumatizing Content: While I'm at it, there are some questionable morals displayed (mostly after chapter 77). So far we can check off slavery, brainwashing, war, and genocide. 

This story is very Light Novel-ish because I love light novels, but it does have a planned plot, goal, and ending, and I intend to see it through. You'll see my writing style change somewhat as the story goes on, thanks to constructive feedback from the readers.

New readers, please keep in mind, chapters written from the main character's perspective are in the first person.  This is a story with a so-called "unreliable narrator."

My story accepts donations, but it is free to read and I've only uploaded it here. 

Lastly, Orc Lord is now a member of the WriTEr's Pledge, which means I have sworn to see it through to a satisfying ending.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
0. Prologue ago
1. Born in the Orc Village ago
2. Prodigy Child ago
3. Singing and Frog Hunting ago
4. Preparing for a Hunt ago
5. Hunting Ceremony (Part 1) ago
6. Hunting Ceremony (Part 2) ago
7. Challenging the Chieftain (Part 1) ago
8. Challenging the Chieftain (Part 2) ago
9. Ruling a Village ago
10. Magic Beast Hunt ago
11. It's Possible to Lose Skills ago
12. Human Encounter (Part 1) ago
13. Human Encounter (Part 2) ago
14. Human Encounter (Part 3) ago
15. Human Encounter (Part 4) ago
16. Human Prisoners (Part 1) ago
17. Human Prisoners (Part 2) ago
18. Human Prisoners (Part 3) ago
19. "Releasing" the Human Prisoners (Part 1) ago
20. "Releasing" the Human Prisoners (Part 2) ago
21. Goblin Subordination (Part 1) ago
22. Goblin Subordination (Part 2) ago
23. Learning Some Geography ago
24. Returning Home (Part 1) ago
25. Returning Home (Part 2) ago
26. The Goblins Settle in ago
27. Village Construction (Part 1) ago
28. Fiara Joins the Hunt (Part 1) ago
29. Fiara Joins the Hunt (Part 2) ago
30. Day Ten in the Village ago
31. What Summer Means for Orcs ago
32. Village Construction (Part 2) ago
33. Literate Orcs ago
34. Alchemy Advancement ago
35. Finishing the Room for a Thousand Orcs ago
36. Experimenting With Skills and Curses ago
37. Rigdam's Village ago
38. Battle Royale ago
39. After the Fight ago
40. Mating Season (Part 1) ago
41. Mating Season (Part 2) ago
42. The Four Aspects of Sapient Beings ago
43. The First to Evolve ago
44. Skill Effects ago
45. Departing for an Investigation ago
46. The Law of Halfs ago
47. Evil Spirit ago
48. The Decision is Made ago
49. Another Departure ago
50. The First Meeting with Expansionist Orcs ago
51. A Reunion Goes Poorly ago
52. Making Up ago
53. Meeting Up By Coincidence ago
54. Touring the Orc Village ago
55. Touring the Fields ago
56. Guests in the Village ago
57. Setting the Terms ago
58. Dominance Orc ago
59. Wing Training ago
60. The Sartiella Knight House ago
61. Knight's Battle ago
62. What's in the Scroll? ago
63. The Journal of Iyanu Ezravalia ago
64. Magic Engineering ago
65. Rudan Departs ago
66. Enchanting Practice ago
67. Mind Seed ago
68. My Best Friend's Secret ago
Q&A Session ago
69. She Told Me I'm the Orc Lord ago
70. Appraising Momma ago
71. Learning From Adelai ago
72. Traveling West ago
73. War on Three Fronts ago
74. Nostel's Sister, Nori (Aside) ago
75. The Racial Skill of a Dominance Orc ago
76. Tanking the Enemy ago
77. Naïveté Breaks ago
78. No More Nonsense ago
79. We Will Need Wagons ago
80. Cleaning House ago
81. Orc Exodus ago
82. The Destination ago
83. The First Village ago
84. Acting General Vyra ago
85. Magic Cores May Be Something With Potential ago
86. A New Race: A New Language ago
87. The City Has A Name ago
88. City Blueprints ago
89. A Golden Egg ago
90. Flight Practice? ago
91. Courage ago
92. Ashtante's Blood Oath ago
93. Chance Meetings ago
94. The Difficulty of Fomor Villages Has Increased Slightly ago
95. What Happened in the Winter? ago
96. Live Captures and New Gear ago
Aside: A Peek Behind the Mask ago
97. New Slave and New Spells ago
98. The General and Her Army ago
99. Earning a Title ago
100. Standby ago
2-1. Life Goes On ago
2-2. Discovering Loss ago
2-3. The First Tourists of the Great Wall of Babylon ago
2-4. The Opposition Gathers ago
2-5. What Did I Miss? ago
2-6. From a Fish to a Chicken ago
2-7. An Unfulfilling Kind of Day ago
2-8. It Can be Hijacked / Visitation? ago
2-9. The History of the Orc Lord (Part 1) ago
2-10. The History of the Orc Lord (Part 2) ago
2-11. Preemptive Meteor Strike ago
2-12. Azza vs "the Orc Lord" ago
2-13. Internal Discord ago
2-14. The Thunder Before the Clash ago
2-15. The Great Battle (Part 1) ago
2-16. The Great Battle (Part 2) ago
2-17. The Great Battle (Part 3) ago
2-18. The Great Battle (part 4) ago
2-19. The Great Battle (part 5) ago
2-20. A Mother's Love ago
2-21. The End of a Blood Feud ago
2-22. The Seed of Ambition ago
Let's Do an Activity! (Not a Chapter) ago
2-23. The Worst Person ago
2-24. Money Troubles ago
2-25. Thousands Grieve ago
2-26. Superseding Laws ago
2-27. Evolutionary Shift ago
2-28. Intervention ago
2-29. Non-Human Relations ago
2-30. A Strange Family Has No One Normal ago
2-31. Morning Errands ago
2-32. Strong Blood and Stronger Will ago
2-33. It Wasn't a Halucination ago
2-34. Preparing for a Reunion ago
2-35. Honest Feelings ago
2-36. The Beginning of the End ago
2-37. The Last Raid ago
2-38. A Ruler’s Burden ago

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A very good Reincarnation, into a monster story

Just like my title says this is a very good Monster Reincarnation story set with a female lead that knows whats on the up and up about how to get around her new monster lifestyle.

Style: 4.5/5 
    The author is working with the short novel page length releases that are well detailed and not bogged down or bloated with useless information or big blue boxes. It might not be for everyone who enjoys longer chapters but is good nontheless.

Grammar: 5/5
    I am not an english teacher, but I do read a lot and I have not noticed any glaring mistakes in the writing.

Story: 5/5
   The story starts off with your typical death in the real world but it skips the talking to a god/goddes part and gets right to being born, as an orc. Not just any orc but a fat pig orc common in Japan and different than western versions. The first few chapters have the MC come to terms with her new race and other things you must learn to do as a baby. She quickly grows up over the couse of 7 days and begins training in earnest with the village cheif. The story progesses and has a common system the orcs use to have children instantly become adults after killing a strong magical monster. The story quickly moves on from there and expands what the MC can do and her limitations.

Character: 4.5/5
   Our MC is our only POV so far into the story(chapter 12) but what we get from her is someone who is just naturally determined to get stronger even without themselves knowing it. She does regret dying but has not let that hold her back from careing about her new mother or become dead set about her old life. I would just like to see the other characters get some sort of development as well(this happens like 3 chapters later).

Overall: 5/5
   It is my personal belief that this story will make it into the top 20 list just for it's good writing and the basis of this story idea, that has been tried multiple times, but this one seems to take it into a different, but also a better direction than others that are obviously just trying to copy others work.

I am really looking forward to where this author takes us in their journey.

  • Overall Score

I agree that the beginning (the first 18 chapters) is quite solid. It's the same reincarnation in an alternate world that is done a lot, but it doesn't feel stale. I feel like it has some charm and isn't just a soulless rehash. I'm looking forward to reading more and I hope that it doesn't start unraveling like some stories can once they get out of the initial stages.

Mighty Moushie
  • Overall Score

I started this on a whim because several chapters were posted, and I am really glad I did. It has a good progression without getting bogged down in random details, and I am very excited to see where this will end up going. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

The story isn't reinventing the wheel so far, it's a  familiar feeling a story but but it's doing everything well. So far it honestly has no glaring weaknesses, the story feels fresh and fun even with a premise that feels "done before", I find no fault in the grammar and the style has that inner monologuing found in many Asian novels but doesn't feel trite or overdone. I expect this to be one of those stories that's start showing up on several different list, it's just too solid so far not to.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

writing is one dimensional.  you write as if you're translating another book, line for line, and thinking of the sentence in the moment, not the larger picture.  "MC did this. now he did this.  now he did this.  then he evolved.  then he got stronger. then he built this"  lacks emotion and in depth thought.  ALTHOUGH - huge disclaimer - people wlil like this because this is the quality that people on here enjoy.  they want to read something that essentially just plods on, not real writing, but the IDEA of a video game/fantasy world.  not to be immersed in it, just to have the idea in front of them and pretend they're playing a game, not in the world.
Story isn't terrible, nothing we haven't seen before.  the progression of the story is thought out, but isn't quality.  there are no undertones, just a stead progression of story.  it's not terrible, but not good.  except for the evolution tree. that shit's fucked up, an orc getting angel wings? okay... I think there should be limits on creative freedom
Grammar is decent.  he doesn't make use of higher writing punctuation, but neither does he misuse it.  a few homonym mix ups, but otherwise not bad. 
character is decent.  not two dimensional.  She shows some depth, but the writing takes away from her and she seems robotic in nature.  "oh, now i will be sad.  okay, now I will be angry.  okay now and only now will I show my yearning to be with my sister" as oppoesd to having these integrated within her actions.  not sure if that made sense but tl;dr- characters are robotic with some depth.  roboticness is due to style of writing.

All in all, if you like litRPG, you will like this work.  If you like good writing, you will not like this work

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Ok, I just gotta tell you how amazing this story is. The grammar is good, very easy to understand, the character creation is pretty damn amazing. Background and fleshing of the world is awesome. The main character is strong but still has to work for the strength not just given at beginning of the story. All in all its one of the best stories I have read so far here and I hope that this story continues long into the future.

  • Overall Score

A rather competent "I reincarnated as an orc in RPG world" story. The MC is actually a female for once, and has no interest in building herself a harem like your typical MC of such a story.

This story is also not as dark as your typical orc reincarnation. The MC's tribe seem to be stick to their own plot of land and hunt animals instead of raiding humans. They also actually mate among each other rather than capturing and raping human women. Although they are from the "neutral" faction rather than the "devil worshippers" or "expansionist" factions, neither of which was seen yet.

The grammar is great, the story feels almost like slice of life at times. The system is a bit more interesting than usual compared to the typical fare from such stories.

MC is a bit too op though, she feels like she is playing on easy mode. Which I feel detracts a bit from the story.

  • Overall Score

Avoids a lot of clichés.

EDIT: As of about chapter 77, the story takes a sharp tonal swerve for a while and starts dabbling in things like mind-rape, slavery, and suchlike, which rather soured the tone for me. Not that I totally object to such things in stories, but since the tone was a good part of what I enjoyed, and the serve felt hamfisted and pointless, I'm downgrading my rating to two-and-a-half; pretty much meh. It doesn't go totally grimderp or something, so I haven't dropped it.


If you want a story about a reincarnator that is only slightly overpowered, not angst-filled, doesn't have an instant win cheat, isn't an asshole, but still manages to get a fair amount of stuff done and tries to do good with the circumstances they've landed in, this one's for you.

It's not particularly deep or intricately plotted, but it's pretty enjoyable and it dodges a lot of the annoing clichés that these stories seem to pick up. The characters are not two dimensional, and the plot events have some thought put into them. The MC's previous life is not totally brushed aside, either; it has an effect on her character going forwards. The spelling and grammar aren't perfect, but they're totally readable, so I'm not bothered.

Oh, and female MC is different, so that's cool. Although it also surprised me because 'Orc Lord', not 'Orc Lady' or something.

This is definitely better than average in my opinion, and it has potential to be even better than that, if we start seeing some deeper plot work and character development. Updates have, so far, been pretty fast, which is always a plus.

Thanks for writing, Author!

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Spectacular, hopefully the first of many novels

My review scores are in relation to the average on Royal Road.

My first comment is thankyou for a wonderful diversion.

The content, grammar, and style are all a cut above.  This is easily as good if not better than many novels I've paid for.

I won't spoil the content because you should just read it.  I will say as an overview that the game mechanics of this being in the litrpg genre feel organic to the story, and do not interrupt the flow, which is a problem many writers in the genre do not solve.

Again bravo, and I hope to read many many more stories by the author.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Humans Drool Monsters Rule!

I love this story and it needs more attention. It's a simple reincarnation story but the characters and relationships between them are AMAZING to say the least. I never liked being a mere human in any game where I am given a choice. Most reincarnation stories use a goblin or dragons because they are popular and Re:Monster helps flesh out their potentials. This perspective of an Orc is great though and a simple twist that actually impacts the story. 

Stlye/Character: I combined these two simply because of how one relies on the other. Characters here are realistic in their goals and routines. Even their speech and chains of thought are relatable. In fact this is one of the few novels where I can tell who is speaking JUST from their dialogue choices. The brutes are dumb and use simple words. While the more educated speak complete sentences. The portrayals are great here, so easily a 5 star for me.

Grammer: As someone who activly is an editor for stories on this site I am rather surprised how polished this is. Mistakes are few and far between and often times they are there to help distinguish who is speaking (see above). 

Story: This got a 4.5 for me only because there are still a lot of mysteris to be discovered. But that's fine for me. Often its these minor details that can truly make a story stand out from the crowd and mark it as a true succes. The pacing is great though and makes since. A creature within the first few months of its life no matter how taltned should be razing villages to the ground unless it's a god or similarly powerful beast. 

I am hopeful of where this story goes as I cast my lot like I always have for the Monsters of the story. May the humans drool in awe of Vyras majesty!