A note from cuttime

Since somebody guessed something and asked for it...Donny will appear in Sassa's Questline

Yes it is short. But anything more at this point would contain too many spoilers. So let's just say Donny will be Donny in all his OP idiotic glory

It was not forbidden. Maybe that was an oversight, but nobody said that only the spies were allowed to go to the new world outside their territory. The only rule about the outside was that one had towear a permanent invisibility tool and avoid being seen full of giants.

But nobody said that he was not allowed to go. So if he didn't tell anyone nobody would find out! 

Thus after the conference ended he put on his invisibility earring, jumped over the first circle to land on the second circle table, gave the bowl of apples a good kick and raced towards the stables. 

He thought he heard somebody shout something involving Donny, catch and spanking, but that was probably an auditory hallucination. Due to long experience he was fairly familiar with those imaginary shouts. If said imaginary shouts got a hold of him he would certainly be in trouble, so Donny ran even faster. 

Rpg endurance was amazing, Donny decided, more than happy to have chosen a class with lots of it, though some more speed would have been helpful. Fortunately some kind Soul had left his giant eagle at the takeoff range next to the stables. Bless Cassandra for her foresight. Donny did not have to wonder who it was because Cassandra was always happy to help when it came to mischief, though sometimes she seemed to know what was going to happen before the maker of mischief even got the idea for said mischief.

Thus certain idiot took off to explore the new world without permission.


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