Ancient Cultivator in Modern World

by TheAdventurer

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Psychological Sci-fi Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Secret Identity Slice of Life Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Khan Paradyne, one who once stood at the apex of the Cultivation World, gets tired of all the killings and schemes, and decides to seal himself. 

A hundred thousand years later, Khan woke up to find that the world he once lived in had changed. 

Strange vehicles dotted the skies, skyscrapers that pierced the heavens itself, with the advancement of modern technology. How can an ancient cultivator like him, find a foothold? 

Hello, everyone, since many of you guys are doubting that this novel has too many flaws, I created a google document that would answer the lingering questions in your mind. 

However! Even if you don't read this, the answers will eventually reveal itself in the later chapters, so only read this if you want to spoil yourself or if you're becoming extremely irritated about the flaws that you see...

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Awakened. ago
Chapter 2: Melancholy. ago
Chapter 3: Modern World ago
Chapter 4: Divine Pills Sect[Calm Before the Storm] ago
Chapter 5: Divine Pills Sect[1] ago
Chapter 6: Divine Pills Sect[2] ago
Chapter 7: Divine Pills Sect[3] ago
Chapter 8: Divine Pills Sect[4] ago
Chapter 9: Divine Pills Sect[5] ago
Chapter 10: Divine Pills Sect[6] ago
Chapter 11: Divine Pills Sect[7] ago
Chapter 12: Divine Pills Sect[8] ago
Chapter 13: Divine Pills Sect[9] ago
Chapter 14: Muspelheim[1] ago
Chapter 15: Muspelheim[2] ago
Chapter 16: Muspelheim[3] ago
Chaper 17: Muspelheim[4] ago
Chapter 18: Muspelheim[5] ago
Chapter 19: Muspelheim[6] ago
Chapter 20: Muspelheim[7] ago
Chapter 21: Muspelheim[8] ago
Chapter 22: Muspelheim[9] ago
Chapter 23: Muspelheim[10] ago
Chapter 24: Muspelheim[11] ago
Chapter 25: Muspelheim[12] ago
Chapter 26: Muspelheim[13] ago
Chapter 27: Muspelheim[14] ago
Chapter 28: Muspelheim[15] ago
Chapter 29: Muspelheim[16] ago
Chapter 30: Muspelheim[17] ago
Chapter 31: Muspelheim[18] ago
Chapter 32: Muspelheim[19] ago
Chapter 33: Muspelheim[20] ago
Chapter 34: Muspelheim[21] ago
Chapter 35: Muspelheim[22] ago
Chapter 36: Muspelheim[23] ago
Chapter 37: Muspelheim[24] ago
Chapter 38: Muspelheim[25] ago
Chapter 39: Continent of Pride[1] ago
Chapter 40: Continent of Pride[2] ago
Chapter 41: Continent of Pride[3] ago
Chapter 42: Continent of Pride[4] ago
Chapter 43: Continent of Pride[5] ago
Chapter 44: Continent of Pride[6] ago
Chapter 45: Continent of Pride[7] ago
Chapter 46: Continent of Pride[8] ago
Chapter 47: Continent of Pride[9] ago
Chapter 48: Continent of Pride[10] ago
Chapter 49: Continent of Pride[11] ago
Chapter 50: Continent of Pride[12] ago
Chapter 51: Continent of Pride[13] ago
Chapter 52: Continent of Pride[14] ago
Chapter 53: Continent of Pride[15] ago
Chapter 54: Continent of Pride[16] ago
Chapter 55: Continent of Pride[17] ago
Chapter 56: Continent of Pride[18] ago
Chapter 57: Continent of Pride[19] ago
Chapter 58: Continent of Pride[20] ago
Chapter 59: Continent of Pride[21] ago
Chapter 60: Continent of Pride[22] ago
Chapter 61: A Love that Leaped Through Time. ago
Chapter 62: Modern Magic ago
Chapter 63: What a God! ago
Chapter 64: Settling down on a Path ago
Chapter 65: The Internet is a Scary Place. ago
Chapter 66: Holiday ago
Chapter 67: Why push me to the pit? ago
Chapter 68: Schemes are nothing before Absolute Power ago
Chapter 69: Adamantite Class Magicians ago
Chapter 70: Four Basic Elements ago
Chapter 71: Mutants[2in1] ago
Chapter 72: Greed ago
Chapter 73: Okay, I'm dead ago
Chapter 74: Our home, your home. ago
Chapter 75: No Other Choice ago
Chapter 76: Having the Prey, Lure the Tiger ago

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Improve your writing style.

 You have such a good premise to work on. Your idea is brilliant but your story writing lacks alot of things. Also, please dont follow the pattern of chinese authors to stack in more words and make more chapters. 
A shorter story would be better if it is relevant. Also, the the modern world isn't as savage as the ancient one he came from. That is all well and good if it was in an ancient chinese world, but if you are writing about the modern world, make it so that the people act like modern people do. 
Now we do have a lot of assholes around but there are good people around too. Killing someone isn't that common and it isn't condoned either. 
Also, please don't mind my criticism. This is my first time telling an author my point of view and even that is because I am absolutely in love with idea you have put forth and I wish to read something extremely good rather than something mediocre.

  • Overall Score


Keep it up. Madami kami sumusuporta sayu :)


  • Overall Score

The cover isn't stolen, and that instantly makes this better than most book on rrl.

Meng Jan
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Review that came from a Fellow Daoist Sect on FB

First i will be giving all 5 star Reviews. This one will be first taking the first review. This one is likes the sexual content novels. Hehe please don't disappoint this one. That's all i want to say and RR please don't delete my review again. Almost all my review are being deleted. I think they have a grudge on me?????

  • Overall Score

Started reading cuz of da cover

The story has a lot of potential, but the cover is perfect, don't change it please :)