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After that small ordeal, Khan moved without any hindrance, before him. A scenery of lush greens followed by a burst of cooling wind welcomed his presence. Before him, was a place untainted by the modern world.

Sounds of birds and tolling of bells echoed in the area. He smiled and moved forward before him was an ascending path towards the fifth peak. His eyes slightly closed, his movements fluid as the sun basked his body, giving him a pleasant feeling that spread throughout his body.

Scents of medicinal pills were present in the area, on his left and right, he could see several houses created with reinforced bricks. None of them were comparable to the dilapidated state of the Outer Disciple's residences.

As he walked, the scene before him gradually turned rowdy. As a marketplace full of hawkers and stall vendors appeared before him. Judging from the robe that they wore, all of them were Inner Disciples.

On their stalls were several kinds of pills and Artifacts, of course, the ranks of these Artifacts weren't enough to enter the eyes of Khan. But for those with lower cultivation, they could be useful.

He passed by the marketplace, as he walked. He stood out like a phoenix among the chickens. The reason was his tattered robes and his disturbed hair which looked like a birds nest.

The people around him looked towards him as if looking at a lower species, their eyes full of disdain. Khan, of course, felt these stares, however. He could only dryly laughed.

In his several thousand years of lifetime. Khan had, of course, saw all kinds of people, even the good-natured one could become the devil in a single course of an event.

He could care less about the people who stared at him like daggers. His paced unhindered without a hint of impatience and indignance. He gave off a presence of royalty. Unfortunately, because of his tattered robes and stained appearance, the people around him could only associate the aura that emanated from him as being pretentious.

"What a show-off!"

"The hell is that guy doing?"

"He must've forgotten to drink his medicine."

They could only shake their heads and sigh. Especially the girls who looked at him retched at the sight of his pretentious air paired with his current demeanor.

"Who let him enter here?!" They cursed in their minds.

Khan, who decided to stop caring about these guys didn't even bother to eavesdrop on what they said about him as he moved. His hands clasped behind his back, his head in a 45-degree angle towards the horizon. His eyes gleamed with incomparable wisdom.

The people around him stared speechless, as they hurriedly walked off and cursed in their mind.

The current Khan had an aura of deterrence. As he continued walking, the people around him naturally evaded him, as if the area several meters around him was a danger zone that would infect them with a contagious disease that could not be treated.

This continued on for about thirty minutes until he arrived before a jadestone tablet. He stood there, staring at the jadestone tablet which had a yin-yang image of a phoenix and a dragon surrounded by numerous incandescent talismans.

His eyes emanated a hint of sorrow and longingness. His fingers traced the words carved below the images, his movements flowed like water, he caressed the words before him with his fingers, as if caring for his beloved one.

Since he suddenly stopped in the middle of the path. The who walked towards the peak saw his actions. At first, they couldn't help but become affected by the sorrowful aura that emerged from him. But when they paired it with his outfit and his body which looked like it had just become a punching bag for someone.

Their admiration turned into disdain as their paces became swift as if they didn't dare to stay there any longer. Once again, the area around Khan became a forbidden zone where no living being could approach, but of course, they actually could. But they do not dare.

Khan sighed, he recalled that when he had just established his own position in the apex of the cultivation world. A war between the Divine Talisman Sect and the Thousand Sword Sect had erupted. Khan who had just consolidated his position was helpless against the enemy who had several thousand years as a foundation.

The people who helped him was the first patriarch of the Divine Pills Sect. Willheim Longinus, and the first patriarch of the Divine Dragon Sect, Hazwell Dragnil.

Both were his bosom friends. Together, they shouldered the incomparable burden as they fought as one. They endured countless life and death battles and at the end, decided to join their sect as one.

The three of them formed the renowned three-man Yin-yang Talisman formation which shook the entire cultivation world in the past. Khan smiled, his smile filled with bitterness and satisfaction.

He shook his head, clearing his mind. He regained his bearing and continued on his path towards the peak. He was about to move when he felt a presence that followed him on his tracks. Khan snorted as he moved towards a desolate area where traces of people couldn't be detected in a hundred meter diameter.

After waiting for a moment, Khan decided to move further inside the forest but failed as he felt a hand clutching his shoulders, stopping him on his tracks.

His eyebrows frowned, as he felt that the hand that touched him had sent a probing qi towards his body. He turned his head behind him and glared. There, he saw a man with an amiable smile. Hidden in his smile was a vicious intention of murderous intent.

The man had hidden it well, if Khan was an inexperienced youngster, he would have fallen for this man's pretentious nature.

The man before him wore a fiery robe, on his left chest was a pill surrounded by a golden flame. His demeanor gleamed of fierceness hidden behind his amiable smile. His eyes gleamed with wisdom and the freeness of nature, if one would look at first impression, one could say that he was quite good looking and of course, good-natured.

"This brother, may I inquire of your business towards the fifth peak?" The man spoke in a tone filled with disdain. The way the man spoke didn't escape Khan's hearing, especially his tone which was filled with disdain towards him.

As for the reason why Khan could only wryly smile. He, of course, knew about his current appearance and the state of his body. But thanks to his miraculous acupuncture techniques, he was able to somehow, endure the pain, and temporarily stop his injuries from worsening.

Normally, he wouldn't have walked outside without making sure that his body was operating at its peak. If not for Lily having been taken by the Punishment Elders of the Fifth peak, he wouldn't drag his bedraggled body towards an arduous task.

The man, thanks to the probing qi that he sent, also knew about the state of Khan's body. His vigilance disappeared as he directly asked about Khan's intention without even asking for his name.

For he already knew that he was called Reggis from the disciple who Khan had defeated earlier.

"I am a merchant that came from the city of Muspelheim, I was sent here by the head to find an elder in the Punishment Hall to talk with." Khan gave a small smile and spoke.

"To talk with? Do you really think that if someone comes over here and says that they have some business with the elders in our sect that we would welcome him with open arms and say, okay then, come and enter? " The man gave a mocking smile as he spoke without pause, his words enunciated word by word.

Khan's eyes slightly closed. 'I hate this kind of people the most!' However, he also shook his head inwardly. If Khan was in the position of the man, he would, of course, do the same. For the current, him really looked extremely suspicious.

"Of course not, you jest. I came here with proper business regarding pills." Khan spoke with an amiable, yet fearful smile. He waved his hands like a eunuch trying to please his emperor.

The man appreciated Khan's flattery as his smile became mirthful. His eyes moved towards Khan's right hand. His eyes widened in shock as he felt a familiar spatial aura that came from the ring on his right-hand finger.

'A Spatial Ring! I've hit the jackpot this time!' The man inwardly shouted. On the outside, his demeanor was still the same, as if nothing could shock him in this word.

Khan thought to himself. 'This guy's an expert in the art of pretentiousness.' He could only give a slight smile towards a headache that was coming towards him.

"Junior, I wonder what is that ring on your hand is, may take a closer look?" The man didn't even bother to mask his intentions as he moved forward. His cultivation of the Spirit Tempering Realm covered Khan's body as he tried to pressure him into submission.


A creaking sound echoed inside Khan's body as Khan's bones simultaneously creaked in defiance to the aura which came from the man's body. The hint of Divine Emperor Qi in his body roiled as if something had stepped on its dignity. The Divine Emperor Qi exuded its own deterrence, nullifying the pressuring effects of the man's Spirit Tempering Realm Qi.

The man looked towards Khan in confusion as the scene where Khan should be kneeling on the ground in pain, did not happen. Instead, he was still standing there with a slight smile on his face.

'So you're trying to force me into submission with your pressure, eh?' Khan muttered under his breath, as he roused the meager amount of Divine Emperor Qi in his body to suppress the man before him.

The Divine Emperor Qi didn't give any resistance towards Khan's will as it manifested in a form of colorless Qi. It enveloped the man's body in an instant as the man could only feel an incomparably strong presence pressure his entire being.


His wild instincts kicked in as he tried his best to suppress the majestic deterrence that the youth before him had given. He forcefully raised his head and at the same time, gave off a miserable shriek as he could see that the youth before him had become an enormous giant that looked towards him with disdainful eyes.

Khan's figure had become his nightmare. A nightmare of which he could never forget in this entire lifetime.


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tmdark @tmdark ago

Thanks for the chapter

kronosxviii @kronosxviii ago

"The who walked towards the peak, saw his actions." -- wtf does this even mean?

["This brother, may I inquire of your business towards the fifth peak?" The man spoke in a tone filled with hidden disdain. The way the man spoke didn't escape Khan's hearing, especially his tone which was filled with disdain towards him.] -- disdain disdain disdainnnnn. I disdain Redundancy.


    TheAdventurer @TheAdventurer ago

    I see, thank you for having the effort of correcting all of these mistakes that I made about 3 months ago, I'm actually thinking of rewriting the earlier chaps, but what do you think?

      kronosxviii @kronosxviii ago

      I think some portions should be... rewritten to re organize them? It feels like you have an idea of what you want to write from a -> b -> c ->d etc but at times you miss step b or c in the chapters, which breaks up the continuity / flow of the story. 

      Or it's not properly explained in a direct enough manner to understand what you're going for.  I have noticed sentences where you try to explain things and end up "over explaining" disrupting the sentence and paragraph of the story.


      TheAdventurer @TheAdventurer ago

      I'm currently in the middle of editing all chaps, but I'll consult my fellow authors first before I make any drastic changes... :) But thanks for the information about how the flow of the story was broken, I'll look into that and improve upon it in my latest chapters


      TheAdventurer @TheAdventurer ago

      I see, so that's the reason why some are complaining that I'm too wordy when it comes to explanation, I'll try to reduce all the unnecessary information in my latest chaps, thanks :)