Not All Heroes

by Rhodenworks

Original ONGOING Action Drama Psychological Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead Cyberpunk Female Lead Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Secret Identity
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

"Thirty years ago, the world went mad. Today, it continues to fall apart."

The year is 2061. The Golden Age of empowered heroes ended in the cataclysmic fires of The Collapse. Costumed demigods brought the world to a dire precipice and individuals and institutions are still picking up the pieces, still walking the precarious tightrope of a world-shaking paradigm shift.

The world is not as it once was. The relics of the Golden Age, natural and artificial both, stand as monuments to a period of history that some wish to forget. All across the known world, individuals and institutions try to guide the new world towards salvation, preservation or destruction.

In a city on the verge of collapse, Sabra Kasembe dreams of being a renowned hero, even as her idealistic efforts draw her towards a future where the only crowds calling her name are her victims. Pavel Fisher is a weary ex-hero, bereft of powers and costume in the wake of horrific trauma, listlessly searching for purpose.

When their lives intertwine with that of the iconoclastic mercenary known only as Leopard, whose murderous associates threaten to usher in an apocalypse, the trio realizes that maybe — just maybe — three people can change the course of history.

But heroism and villainy are matters of perspective — and narrative.

Not all apocalypses are cataclysmic. And some say apocalypses don't merely end.

Not All Heroes began on August 29 2017. Updates Tuesdays and Fridays weekly. Visit the Wordpress site for further information on the world. Comments and feedback are encouraged!

“The greatest folly of any hero is not recognizing the tension between salvation, preservation, and destruction.”

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Things Fall Apart

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1.1 (Leopard) ago
Chapter 1.2 (Sabra) ago
Chapter 1.3 (Fisher) ago
Chapter 1.4 (Leopard) ago
Chapter 1.5 (Sabra) ago
Chapter 1.6 (Fisher) ago
Chapter 1.7 (Leopard) ago
Chapter 1.8 (Sabra) ago
Chapter 1.9 (Fisher) ago
Chapter 1.10 (Leopard) ago
Chapter 1.11 (Sabra) ago
Chapter 1.12 (Fisher) ago
Source 1: IPSA Email (dated 2043) ago
Subject 1.1: Ironheart ago
Subject 1.2: Bushranger ago
Chapter 2.1 (Sabra) ago
Chapter 2.2 (Leopard) ago
Chapter 2.3 (Fisher) ago
Chapter 2.4 (Sabra) ago
Chapter 2.5 (Leopard) ago
Chapter 2.6 (Fisher) ago
Chapter 2.7 (Sabra) ago
Chapter 2.8 (Leopard) ago
Chapter 2.9 (Fisher) ago
Chapter 2.10 (Sabra) ago
Chapter 2.11 (Leopard) ago
Source 2: Court Extract (2052) ago
Subject 2.1: Esmer ago
Subject 2.2: Desi ago
Chapter 3.1 (Leopard) ago
Chapter 3.2 (Sabra) ago
Chapter 3.3 (Fisher) ago
Chapter 3.4 (Leopard) ago
Chapter 3.5 (Sabra) ago
Chapter 3.6 (Fisher) ago
Chapter 3.7 (Leopard) ago
Chapter 3.8 (Sabra) ago
Chapter 3.9 (Fisher) ago
Source 3: Subject 463 (?) ago
Subject 3.1: Sergeant Vega ago
Subject 3.2: Great Barrier ago
Chapter 4.1 (Fisher) ago
Chapter 4.2 (Sabra) ago
Chapter 4.3 (Leopard) ago
Chapter 4.4 (Fisher) ago
Chapter 4.5 (Sabra) ago
Chapter 4.6 (Leopard) ago
Chapter 4.7 (Fisher) ago
Chapter 4.8 (Sabra) ago
Chapter 4.9 (Leopard) ago
Chapter 4.10 (Fisher) ago
Source 4: Dossier 9-0138474 (2061) ago
Subject 4.1: Ironforge ago
Subject 4.2: Ironforge ago
Chapter 5.1 (Sabra) ago
Chapter 5.2 (Fisher) ago
Chapter 5.3 (Leopard) ago
Chapter 5.4 (Sabra) ago
Chapter 5.5 (Fisher) ago
Chapter 5.6 (Leopard) ago
Chapter 5.7 (Sabra) ago
Chapter 5.8 (Fisher) ago
Chapter 5.9 (Sabra) ago
Chapter 5.10 (Leopard) ago
Source 5: Exarch's Foreword (2051) ago
Subject 5.1: Aegis ago
Subject 5.2: Gate ago
Chapter 6.1 (Fisher) ago
Chapter 6.2 (Sabra) ago
Chapter 6.3 (Leopard) ago
Chapter 6.4 (Sabra) ago
Chapter 6.5 (Fisher) ago
Chapter 6.6 (Leopard) ago
Chapter 6.7 (Sabra) ago
Chapter 6.8 (Fisher) ago
Chapter 6.9 (Leopard) ago
Chapter 6.10 (Fisher) ago

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Moist Nugget
  • Overall Score

Grammar issues are almost nonexistent, the the style is unique for RRL (which ties in to the characters), the characters are well developed and fleshed out and I'm really not sure about the plot.

I'm on Ch. 2.8, plot doesn't really exist in this novel rn. There are hints of what things are leading up to, but this book doesn't seem to be the right fit for RRL. (it's a slow buildup) 

What I mean by that is that almost all the other novels on this site are balls to the wall when it comes to power-ups/plot development/and action. This book has all the above, but it's significantly spread out.

(there haven't been any powerups or shows of extreme power from any of the mc's, and I doubt there will be any) 

This is less of a light novel and more like an actual NOVEL. Something that you take your time to read through on paperback in a library or when you're relaxing. 

There are 3 MC's and the Author actually took the time to flesh them out, so 24 chapters in and I've basically read 8 chapters of 3 stand alone stories that have just barely begun to mix together (ch. 2.8)

Can't stress enough that this is NOT at light novel, it should be counted as a full fledged book. You will burnout if you try to rush through. 

The author should keep up the good work. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Jerks in Capes and the Future

This story is absolutely AMAZING so far. The characters are all interesting, I was even able to get attached to one or two of them at this point. The concept is incredibly fascinating as well as the setting.

You write so well and I love this story to pieces.

Keep up the good work!

  • Overall Score

Surprised it doesn’t have a bigger following

Not too much to criticize. There are next to no grammatical errors. Each character feels unique to the world, each with their own aspirations and identities. 

Talking about the world, it is has been fully thought out and developed with the past of the world fully affecting the characters actions. The author fully understands the idea of showing and not telling when it comes to figuring out the history and tensions that exist because of it.

The only unfortunate part about this novel is that it has a very small following. Partly because it hasn’t had enough exposure and partly because it’s a slower paced novel which lacks both instant power ups, op characters and isn’t based in a video game world or system.

Would highly recommend that anyone checks this novel out and not only that but gives it a chance for more than a couple of chapters.